You must bring your photo ID with you. This year upon entry to the event, your tickets will be checked against it. We also assume a duty of care, to ensuring that minors are not consuming alcohol, and reserve the right to check if in doubt.


You must bring all your food and drink for the event, storage for your supplies and any cooking equipment you require. 


Please plan to bring your own water solutions for drinking and cooking. Large reusable water containers for carrying water onsite with you are very cost-efficient and the waste-friendly. We recommend up to 5 or 6 litres per person per day, which takes into account drinking, cooking and  washing. Alternatively, you might wish to explore the option of a water purification system, for utilising existing natural water onsite.

Although we hope everyone will plan according to the principle of Radical Self-Reliance, Nest will have an emergency supply of drinking water available to participants who run into trouble. Core team volunteers are also negotiating the supply of non-potable water for showers and hand-washing. More updates soon.

Note that the use of non-biodegradable soap and chemicals is not permitted anywhere on site.


Theme camps that gift food or drinks will expect you to bring your own plate, bowl or cup.


Our participants bring their own soft drinks and alcoholic beverages as there are no vendors on site. 


Smokers are required to carry and use a portable ashtray and be respectful of other participants. Smoking is forbidden in all enclosed spaces. 

Recyclable and Non-recyclable bin liners

Please ensure you bring adequate rubbish and recycling bags. Please take responsibility for your own mess and set a good example to others.


Water receptacles, pots, pans, biodegradable dish soap, scrubby, portable stove & gas, BBQ, snacks, and storage containers. 


Tent, sleeping mat/air mattress
Bedding: sheet/duvet OR sleeping bag; pillows/pillowcases
Things to decorate or theme your personal space with.


Your standard toiletries - toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, lip moisturiser, wet wipes, condoms, tampons, prescription medication, contact lenses.

Toilet rolls, wet wipes, sunscreen, towels, first aid kit.


It can get cold at night - but can also be hot during the day with occasional rain and resulting mud.

Coats/jackets/gloves – decorative and protective
Hats & sunglasses – decorative and protective
Rain gear/ Wellington Boots
Swimwear – for the on-site wild swimming site

Other fun costume items.

A torch or head lamp is a minimum requirement to make you visible at night. Other items may include el-wire, blinky flashers, glow bling, etc

Note: Loose Glitter and poorly glued feathers are not permitted at Nest.


Including but not nearly limited to: skills and services; memorabilia items; food and drink; art; music


Umbrellas; foam ear plugs; torches/lanterns; camp chairs/inflatable furniture/hammocks; extension cords and power strips; utility belts, solar powered lights.