*Burner Bio: 2018 membership registration now open*

Once again, all adult members will need to create a Burner Bio as part of the membership process. This Bio is personal to you and is essential for purchasing your membership, applying for grants and registering interest in volunteering opportunities, art, music, theme camps and other projects.

**You will need to follow the link from your 2018 Burner Bio registration email (from Quicket) to purchase your membership.**

By purchasing a membership, you are agreeing to contribute to the creation of Nest gatherings as community spaces. Anyone who commits to doing so in line with our principles, can buy a membership.

This year we also have a Burning Man/Nowhere style Secure Ticket Exchange Platform (STEP) in place. This enables our members who can no longer attend, to return their membership so we can allocate it to someone on the waiting list. Memberships are tied to your Burner Bio and cannot be sold privately. All memberships will be checked against ID at the Gate.

Sign up for your 2018 Burner Bio below. (Just click the button, then follow the prompts to register, or use an existing Quicket login.)

ADULT Membership
from £95

General membership for adults (18+) earning a full-time wage.

Prices for 1st wave, from 24 Nov 2017:

200 "Super Early-Bird" memberships at £95 each. Remaining "Early-Birds" at £110 thereafter. 

Prices for 2nd wave, late Jan 2018:

200 "Early-Bird" at £110 | "No Bird" £125 thereafter.


Optional membership for adults (18+) who would like to further support Nest arts.



Optional membership for adults (18+) who would like to support even more community initiatives..


TEEN (13-17) MEMBERSHIP - £50

Reduced membership rate for those aged 13-17.



Free membership for those aged 12 and under.

Applications for reduced-rate memberships open in December.

Allocation of these memberships is means tested and requires both evidence, and a pre-registered 2018 Burner Bio.

Watch this space for more details on low-income, accessibility, scholarship & carer options.

Email memberships@burningnest.co.uk with any queries.