Site information and updates from DPW

A personal note from Roofie, Department of Public Works Co-Lead: 

Wowee guys! In just a few days your faithful DPW (Department of Public Works) are heading out to go and start building all the infrastructure for our little Burning Nest Glade that we call home. Did you miss it much? I know I did. I feel honoured this year to be leading the extremely talented motley crew that are DPW along with Co-Lead Xavier. We’ve had an incredible response from volunteers, keen to help build so thank you if you signed up. The DPW form is now closed so if you have any questions please email

As a burner of some 7 or 8 years, it took me a long time to understand why burners say to come to each burn with no expectations. Eventually I learned to appreciate the beauty of the varying shifts in our temporary communities each time we come back together. Immediacy is one of our 11 principles and it teaches us that it’s nice to look back fondly yet important not to stay there too long since we only have the now. That soon to be now that we’re about to embark upon together will bring some changes that I wanted to share with you. 

More fun! – The biggest and most noticeable change of course is that the event has expanded in number from around 400 to about 600 people – meaning EVEN MORE FRIENDS!!! As a result we decided to move The Point this year to the louder zone and provide sound equipment. The community has responded so positively with so many events that we have a completely full programme!

Water Project – Another one of the fantastic things we’ve seen this year is from one of our Theme Camps – Buildy McBuildface who were inspired by news of the growth of the event and applied for an Art Grant to install extra water taps for the community. They intend to install a system of pipes and pumps from the single existing tap connected to the natural spring water pump house at the bottom of the hill. 

Using a one horsepower pump and a flow tank with ball valves, the pump is capable of 175m of uphill pumping – but as it only needs to go about half this distance it should only reach about half capacity. It’s not a pressurised system, the pressure is maintained by a header tank, the tap pressures are regulated by flow restrictors which are pressure balanced. There should be a steady flow of around 6 litres per minute but if all of the taps are on at the same time then it may drop to 4 litres a minute. There are helpful quarter turn taps for easy turning. Much better than lugging the water up and down the hill.

If water and plumbing is your jam, why not pop into Buildy McBuildface during the event and talk to Tom and Stephen more about the project. 

Licensing –  Part of DPW’s job this year was to work with Edge of Chaos (they do the legal and H&S stuff) to look at what we need to do differently now that we’re licensed. 

Since the majority of burners are already caring, safety conscious and practise CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY we already have a lot of unwritten cultural agreements already in place. The licensing means that we have to just make them written this year and put them on signs and mark out areas with a bit more hippy herding tape. 

Early Entry – We brought in WAPs this year (work access passes)! First entry to gate opens at 8am on Monday 30th May so if you need to come in before then for a working reason – Theme Camps, Artists and Key Volunteers etc then please fill out a form here.

Site entrance – entry is only via the entrance off the lay-by on the A380. Please do not try to come in via Ugbrooke House itself. Please come in via the Gatehouse. Directions are here.

Gate & Greeters – this year they’re pulling out the stops at Gate and have a fabulous Greeting experience for you all. When you arrive, you will be given the option to pull in and be given a warm welcome home. But it doesn’t stop there – this year Greeters will also be a new Hub, somewhere to come and hang out but also to come and find out a bit more about volunteering and burner culture. If you’re new to Nest, this is a great place to start if you want to know more about how everything at Nest works. It will operate between 8am and 12 midnight. Gate will be manned 24 hours.

Volunteers Welfare – this year DPW will run its own kitchen for build and strike (previously run by Desanka who sadly can’t join us). We have decided to keep the kitchen open for anyone who volunteers during event. 1 shift = 1 meal and you’ll be able to pop in and get something to eat when you are tired from your volunteering or just sit and have a brew and some snacks.  

Toilets – This is the first year that Nest has COMPOSTING LOOS!!!! 22 of them!!! Not only do they smell nicer (mmmm sawdust pine fresh) but they have no nasty chemicals and are better for the environment. Win win!! 

We have asked people to adopt a loo and decorate them. If you didn’t get in touch and want to decorate a loo don’t worry there’s still some that need loo-jazzle-ing! And we are asking all participants to please care for the loos by keeping them clean and topped up with consumables.

Free Camping area – Yes there’s more of us coming but there’s still plenty of space. We’re laying the field out a little differently this year, with vehicle access routes and toilet blocks in two locations so we can all spread out and not have to worry about a long walk to the loo in the middle of the night. 

Live in vehicles can still park in this area, cars can still unload by tents and there is still a car park to pop your car back into. We have some community safety agreements that you can read here with regards to Free Camping and vehicles. 

Fire pits and BBQs – just a reminder that all fire pits and BBQs must be raised and kept a safe distance away from tents. Please bring a fire extinguisher if you are bringing a fire pit.

The Site in General -We are very lucky to hold the event at Ugbrooke House in such a beautiful location. It has lots of fields, hills, protected grasslands, a spring and a lake so we need to caretake and leave it better than we found it. 

The landowner, Alex, has planted a small Nest Garden on site where previous participants gifted seeds. Participants are invited to tend and take care of the garden and to contribute to it with seeds. Please bring any seeds to LBT as planting will need to be done in conjunction with the landowner’s agreement. Come and speak to LBT or find out more at the Hub.