2020 Membership Refund/Roll-over deadline is this Sunday!

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Thanks to everyone who has already got in touch about 2020 memberships. Please remember that you have until 17th May (this Sunday!) to let us know what you’d like to do with your 2020 membership – any Nestlings missing this deadline, will have their memberships rolled over until next Nest. Please check your details carefully when completing this form – log in to your Quicket account to make sure you are using the same email address as your registration, and include your parking pass, if you opted for one. 

We have already refunded some of our 2020 memberships, but we aim to have the rest completed by 31st May. If you have any questions or issues filling in the form, please get in touch.

We still have a few Nestlings who haven’t contacted us about their memberships – let everyone who might miss this email know that time is running out! Some figures for you:

Membership requests confirmed: 171/261
Transfer: 114
Refund/Donation Requests: 57
Refund/donations processed: 46

We also wanted to thank everyone who has left a comment or note when contacting us about 2020 memberships – we’ve received so many messages of love and support, it reminds us just what an awesome community we have. We love you all 💖

Welcome Home 💖

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And here we are. Last Nest News before Nest itself. Here’s where you get some sneak peeks of what is going down!! The Portal… wait, wasn’t that last year? What?!!! Where… Errr… WHEN?

Get IN

If you’ve got a membership, you will have had your secret instructions to get to us by now. If you haven’t, please email us! Getting in is through the Gate – hereafter known as The Portal.

Open 8am-Midnight, Monday to Saturday, it is the place to get zapped and RADICALLY WRISTBANDED. Even if you manage to materialize at a time when The Portal is dark, make sure you return to The Portal to be processed. If nobody appears to ever be there, maybe check you’re in the right field…. Do Bring the PDF from Quicket. Do make sure it has YOUR details on it. If you’ve had your membership transferred, person you got it from MUST ALLOCATE IT TO YOU via Quicket, not just forward you the email.

After Midday on Tuesday, vehicles will not be allowed past gate to drive down to the festival site. You will be able to park in the free camping car park space and carry items down to site. Exceptions to that rule include camp infrastructure vehicles, access vehicles, and theme camp camper vans. These exceptions will be issued with a pass and instructions to use a different entrance by The Portal Posse. There will be limited passes for vehicles to drop off infastructure – you may need to be patient.

Some Portal FAQs:

‘Will it take me to Narnia?’ No, no, wrong narrative. No turkish delight for you. Hop along to your library for some CS Lewis shit.

‘May I have a banana’ Probably

‘This looks like fun! Can I join The Portal Posse?’ Well actually, fuck yeah you can!!! We’d love to have you!!

Portal Vols! There will be lots of tools at The Portal for you to create memorable entry experiences for other Nestlings. To make the right life choices and Exist in The Portal, check out when you might take a ‘shift’ space on this handy spreadsheet and then email The Mistress Of The Portal with slot request to earn yourself a little space in Ms Puddles small, charred heart. No, special privileges of allowing your mates in sans wrist band do NOT exist in the Portal Posse. We are responsible (also we have legal shit to adhere to so.. you know).

GROUP BOOKINGS for shifts is wildly encouraged, get as many Nestlings together as poss FOR A MONUMENTAL GATE RAVE where you can positively engulf new arrivals with your vibes!!

Once you are.. err.. in

Well, what are you going to do with your time? They say Burners are divided in two: those who like to wing it and read this on the way back to default life to find out what they missed, and those with colour coded sharpies to plan everything to the last second… So, for you, Sharpie Penned freaks, here you are. SNEAK PEAK WWW GUIDE!

We have limited analogue versions to go around in the Glade, so in the interests of Immediacy download to your phone and then switch to aeroplane if that’s your thang. And as well as your WWW guide… here’s the Official 2019 MAP!

Getting Involved

So we’re still on the look out for odd volunteers. Rangers and LNT especially. Volunteering is literally the most fun you can have outside of Camp Crumpet, so please do do do sign up. Get those smug warm saintly feelings free of charge, by emailing Mands.

We’ll be having a Community Meeting to talk about how we are evolving and growing as a Community so don’t miss that. On Saturday at The Point.

AND if you want to do some other crazy shizzle, then actually, you can bring it to The Point. Yes, the WWW guide might be printed, but there’s still loads of opportunity to bring something to our central hub of activity.

You can exhibit art at The Pointed Gallery, the smallest to most enormous 2D art along The Point walls, or bring a last minute workshop – don’t be shy – bring what you have to make this YOUR community space in the Glade.

For interactive things, it’s a 12mx12m pointed pavilion for you to take over the gaps in the schedule. Check the programme and if you see a free slot, do a POINT TAKE OVER! Be random and spontaneous or share your plans on the board that day to make something happen. Only condition is if it’s during the day, make sure it’s ok for kids to see.

If you can dream it, then you can probably do it at The Point.

See you all there, you gorgeous Nestlings xxx

Membership sale this Friday – 24 November

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Beautiful Nestlings!

Hope you’re all having a splendid week. We’ve got more spills and thrills for you in this week’s Nest News:

Contents for this week:

Community Meeting Details

So excited to be seeing so many of you at our Community Meeting. If you don’t know anything about it, check the Facebook event page and come along and share your thoughts, ideas and desires about YOUR Nest.

We are – as aaalllways – on the look out for people to support the facilitation of the meeting. We would LOVE people to get involved with the following areas. It’s not a community meeting without your community contributions!

Greeters. Exactly as it sounds: meeting folks at the door, and especially making sure first time Burners/Nestlings are welcomed. If you have those magical powers, make yourselves known.

Décor.  for sure it’s a Burn event without decor, but honestly it’s more fun with it. Think throws, cushions, and the decor that makes a space super tasty to be in. Can you help make our Community Meeting look and feel delightful?

Tea & refreshments.  Is there a theme camp willing to host the tea nook? You can offer whatever hot/cold beverages you can bring, and serve them however your theme camp might at Nest…? Could be great practice for Nest Week.

Transport. We’re bringing mattresses so people can opt to sit/sprawl on the floor while we chat. Can you help transport them from NW10 to Waterloo (and back again)?

Tranquillity space hosts. Sometimes, being around people is a bit much. Or maybe you need time to process a feeling, or focus on an idea. We’re looking for a couple of folks to host a space for such noble silence.

Build and Strike Crew. You know the drill. LNT, and all that. Let’s be sterling guests at The Living Space!

If you’re a newbie, this is the perfect way to get to know your fellow Nestlings, so don’t be shy – we would love to see you volunteer.

Art Grant Applications

For all you budding Duchamps, Emins and Hirsts, on 11 December we will be opening the first cycle of our Art Grant applications.

So start thinking about what you would like to make, do and contribute NOW!

Further details will be coming in our next Nest News.

New Site

Haha! You thought we meant our new location didn’t you?! Well, no – we mean our fantabulous new WEBSITE! 

Yes, that’s right our amazing Technical Nesters have been slaving away over a hot computer to bring us a brand new website platform… some things might look the same and some different, but one thing is fo sho, it will give us a much better centralised hub for all the information you will need to navigate your metaphoric journey to Nest, in one cosmic place.

Still the same URL and location, but with a different feel much more aligned to what you have all asked for. Your wish is our command!

Memberships Open This Friday

Dum-dum, derderder-dum-dum, derderder-dum-dum, dum-de-DUM!

Please listen carefully to this announcement. Your multi-pass to enter through the Portals of the Multiverse can be obtained in less than 1 parsec after 12:00 of your Greenwich Mean Earth Time; verily, as our single sun hangs directly over the western equator in the Anno Domini 2017.

You will not be permitted to travel back in time to catch one of those limited wormholes if you do not manage to fledge as a Super Early Bird.

In other words:

Super Early Bird Memberships
On LIMITED availability sale

12:00 (GMT) Friday 24 November

Don’t be late.

You CANNOT sign up for Membership without REGISTERING. So do that first.

See you on the other side for the Community Meeting!

Any questions, please consult the FAQ and if you don’t find the answer to your query there, drop it into this form, where it will make it’s merry way onto the aforementioned as a Frequently Asked Question in itself!

Love love love

~ Siren ~
Nest Central

Community meeting and Early bird memberships

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Hello, hello!

And welcome to this fortnight’s Nest News! Well, after the excitement of last Nest News, I bet you’re all worried that this one will be a damp squib when you’ve had fireworks all week.

But sit tight my fluffy darlings, because there’s plenty of the good stuff for you right here!

Contents for this week:

Community Meeting: You, and me, and everybody

As we always say – Nest is run and created by its participants. Participation from all of you sexy beasts is absolutely KEY to Nest being as amazing as it is, and making it better than ever.

So between that and the fact that we miss all your faces, we’ve scheduled an essential Community Meeting! Whoop! Deets as follows…


Sunday 10 December
14:00.  (That’s 2 of the clock in the PM!)


Living Space, Waterloo
1 Coral St, Lambeth, London SE1 7BE

Get there nice and early, hippies, because there’s a lot to get through. And then afterwards, we can have gin. Hoorah!


This can only be your friendly announcement that you will be able to register your Nest Profile from 13 November. Oooohhhhh!

That can only mean one thing…

Cheap, cheap, cheap – said the Super Early Bird!

In case you’ve forgotten (and if you have, how very dare you?!) Super Early Bird memberships are open for purchase on 12:00 GMT – 24 November! That’s right – just after pay day. How convenient!!!

Put it in your diary NOW!

Our New Facebook group

We’ve realised it’s actually quite difficult for Nestlings to navigate needs, requests and interactions on our Facebook Page, so we have set up a Burning Nest Community Group on Facebook, where you can share stories and talk about how wonderful we all are. Awwwhhh.

Please remember that we all ascribe to the Nest principles and we are guided by them in our interactions with each other, including those online. Inclusion, civic responsibility and gifting are as important as self expression.

There will be some guidelines coming out for you all to reference if you’re wondering and should you ever be puzzled.

Right, that’s your lot. I’m off to make new wings for Decom… oh yes DECOM! And AfterParty!! Much excite!! I’ll be there with a good few of the Core Team. We’ll be in attendance at the chat on Participation at midnight (you know how we feel about Participation!) and we’d love to see you – come and get a consensual hug!

If you’re not Decomming we’ll be at Burning Pub on the following Thursday. And the Community Meeting after that… bloomin’ ‘eck you’re going to be sick of the sight of us by Christmas!

Lots and lots of love,
Nest Central

Theme 2018 and November membership sale

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All the amazing!

Yay, Nestlings! We’re so happy to be in regular contact with you all again! Ok, even by my standards, there are a LOT of words on this email. But also a lot of important info. Please make sure you read it all, hippies!

After last Nest News, we realised that there are some new people who are maybe a little bit OMG WTF? about everything… If you are new, we are so happy to have you. If you’re not, do invite some noobs to Nest News!

Ours is a perfectly formed Burning Man regional event which takes place in the UK in Spring… we’ve grown massively in the last couple of years and we are full of super cool and loving people and participants. We follow the same Burner principles and we’re the perfect place to start for engaging with the UK Burner community. If you’ve stumbled across us: WELCOME. If you want to know more, check out the Burning Nest website, our Nest Facebook page and keep reading!

There are so many incredible announcements to make, I honestly don’t know where to start.

So, hold on to your asses, Nestlings. You need to prepare for this one.

Contents for this week:

…There’s no place like HOME

Guys… You all need to buy a hat. Because we reckon this might be The One.

Not much more than 20 minutes out of Exeter, alongside lush woodland and fields and several waterways… super easy to get to alongside having the all serenity and privacy we desire… catering to our infrastructure needs, better for our families, better for sound camps, for installations, for the beautiful rolling English countryside.  And hosts who are super excited to have us.

Again, like last year, we will NOT be publicising the venue. This is to protect YOU… so suck it up, buttercup! We promise you will be given the information you need as and when you need it and more besides but not the address on a public forum.

A key piece of that info is that to accommodate moving to our new Home, we’ve had to shift the dates slightly for 2018 only. Burning Nest 2018 is now scheduled for 4 – 10 June. Yes, we know you might have to juggle other EU Burn events and that we miss out on the Bank Hol … but you know it’s going to be worth it.

A site visit by the Core Team is but weeks away. We will bring photos and videos and more besides back to share with you all.

Theme 2018: Portals of the Multiverse

For millennia humanity has gazed into the night sky and wondered at what they observed. Even today we continue to speculate about all that is unknown in the universe.

Are we one of many worlds, each with their own unique physical laws? Will we someday travel hyperspace and explore the edges of black holes? Might we encounter inter-dimensional beings? Is there another version of you in a parallel universe? And would you be friends, if you were to meet?

Come play with the boundaries of interstellar existence. Invite your friends to other planets. Navigate a cruise across the planes of reality. Bring galactic secrets back through wormholes that connect past with future. Compose a sonata for string (theory). Become your own doppelganger from another cosmos. Teach people to dance in zero gravity. Fall through the holes in space and time and programme a simulation behind the stars.

The gate to Nest is a portal to the alternate realities of your dreams – start dreaming!

Membership Sale – End of November

I mean, how do you follow that? As if there could be more exciting news this week?!

Well… Hahaha! Guess what?! There is.

Nest Core is on it, like a car bonnet, for 2018. As you know, we are a community event. Membership is integral to making Nest happen. As much as we hate to make it about money, in order to enable all the amazing art that’s going to take us through the Portals of the Multiverse, we need those who are committed, to sign up for membership and help us with the funds to support our artists and our camps.

The early membership responders will land the cheapest cost bracket for standard membership, as well as the honour of being fundamental to kicking off what is set to be the best Nest on record.  Membership purchasing for Super Early Birds will open on 24 November for the bargain price of only £95. Just before you start all your Christmas spending… Oooh, how convenient!

This is the cheapest price you will be able to get for standard membership so don’t delay. We will release the full breakdown of membership tiers and prices in our next Nest News.

Well, I dunno about you, but after all that, I’m spent.  More than enough excitement for me for this week. …I’m off to sit on my rock and lure in some sailors.

If you need me, holla or catch me on the Facebook page.

We have loads of other brilliant things to share with you in a fortnight… we thought maybe one change of underwear was more than enough for this Nest News. See you in two weeks!!

Lots of hot, hot love
Siren ~
Nest Central