During the Event

Areas to get involved in


The BANANA Crew (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) is our own department of public works. This comprises areas of key infrastructure, and includes build volunteers who’ll spend anywhere up to a week onsite ahead of the event. This is the team who rig up The Point, build our Gate, mark out Free Camping, assemble domes, bridge streams, erect signs & lighting, & much more. And while we count on all Nestlings to spend a few hours contributing to our post-event pack-down (Strike!), our brightest shining stars are those still loading trucks two days after a Seriously Good Time.

We’re very happy to hear from enthusiastic members interested to join us for additional pre- and post-event efforts. We have further core team roles available for volunteers to act as points of contact for all our build crew and post-event strike teams even sooner. Just drop a line to our BANANA lead Paul and his team at build@burningnest.co.uk


Nest’s heroes in high-vis are the eyes and ears of our community, patrolling the site with radio in hand, and responding to Nestling needs of all kinds. Active right through the event, Rangers get a LOT of love from the community over the course of a day-time or night-time shift of several hours. This year, Nest has become part of the global Regional Rangers Network, meaning the beginnings of some neat integration for those who attend various Burns and have a special love for this vital community role. Or if you’re just dipping a toe in the water, it’s simply the best way to meet your fellow Nestlings and make a real difference to the safety and wellbeing of all.

Working with Sam as the frontline of the Edge of Chaos department, you’ll liaise by radio with core team members, security staff and medics, on behalf of participants in need and the community at large. To get involved, fill out our form here.


The Nest core team utilise the talents of community members with interest in technical areas, for the likes of distributing power & lighting, rigging at heights, wiring sound systems, and staying awake while looking at spreadsheets, just to name a few. If you’re attending the event and have a skill-set or interest of any kind that you might like to offer to your event, tell us about it here: vols@burningnest.co.uk

Decor & Signage

How do you decorate a huge green lush valley, you ask? We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with too! What we can say, is that there are a number of unlit fences, water-lines, road-use areas and no-go zones, which would all benefit greatly from having creativity and colour sneezed all over them, rather than safety tape and traffic cones.

We’ve already received a number of brilliant proposals, but whether spearheading one of your own or simply jumping in with a paintbrush, there’s no practical limit to the number of community members who could get involved. Is this you? If so, get in touch vols@burningnest.co.uk

Fnugging (previously Fluffing)

For the nurturing souls amongst our early arrivals, there’s a vital role in sustaining the build team with good food and good cheer. Does curry-for-40 just sound more like your kind of challenge than hammering stakes and bolting dome struts together? Let us know about it! There are roles for meal planners and cooks alike, and we want to hear your creative solutions for keeping the crew energised and enthusiastic! Get in touch – vols@burningnest.co.uk

Leave no Trace

Also within the public works realm are our Leave No Trace and All Things Loo teams. Leave No Trace is a key principle of our community’s events, and we engage a horde of veracious Nestlings to educate and assist in MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) sweeping across our village site.

We are ready to accept expressions of interest in this vital taskforce, once again spearheaded by Stacy. To help out, please fill in our form here.

All Things Loo

A brand new initiative for Nest with our move to wider open spaces! With sanitation infrastructure being led by the heroic Fred, the Nest community has begun rallying to make our toileting experience as creative and enjoyable as possible.

Join the brilliant participant-led Pootopia group here if you’d like to ingratiate yourself to each and every Nestling onsite!

Gate & Greeting

We are once again putting out a call to a creative group within the community to adopt our Gate area, and turn the Nest entry process into an interactive greeting experience that touches on this year’s theme.* In any case, we know that fluffy-greeting and whip-crack-processing of event arrivals are popular ways to get involved, so if you’d just like to put your hand up for a shift or two, get in touch at vols@burningnest.co.uk

*Would it be even more fun for all involved if each carload to arrive was transported through a vehicle-sized wormhole, with a gaggle of friendly alien beings waiting to greet arrivals on the other side of the dimensional portal? (Yes, it would. Over to you.)

The Point

The Point (previously Centre Camp) is the new beating heart of our village. Watching over the rolling hills of Nest, this shaded-and-partially-dry communal space will offer room for lounging and impromptu gatherings, scheduled workshops and performance, information sharing boards, lost property….. and whatever else you choose to fill it with!

We’re also hearing of plans for an enclave of hammocks, huge shade sails, and a fire pit to burn throughout the week, to name a few. And so accordingly, volunteering in this area will mean pointing your fellow Nestlings to lost property, message boards, and scheduling info, and literally tending the home fire.

Good gig, right? vols@burningnest.co.uk


The brilliant participant-led Welfare Enough team will be gracing us once more this year, providing comfort in a safe and dry space for the exhausted and the over-stretched amongst us. Burning veterans in harm reduction, they are now ready to accept signups for shifts from all you caring and sharing Welfairies. Pop on over to their submission form here.

Participation Form

Whether you had found the role or area you want to participate or not, please do get in touch! From many years of Burning experience, we can assure you that participating in the organisation and setup of the event makes you feel more at home and at ease especially for new Burners, when you arrive. Plus, it helps the community, as with more hands involved, it helps the co-creation. So really, it’s a win-win.