Theme Camps

Our Nest would be nothing without its Theme Camps!

Theme camp applications are open! Planning to bring a bar where everybody knows your name? A sound camp to get people stomping to some dirty electro-bonk psyquack ‘n’ bass? Or maybe a yurt oozing tea and (consensual) cuddles? Fill out the application form so we can help you make your vision a reality and promote the heck out of it before the event. The form’s introduction also includes a bit of information about what theme camps actually are if you’re new to Nest and curious.

You can submit the form once you have filled in the basics, such as contact details, and return to add to it later but we need all details by 20th March. This is a real deadline, not a hippie deadline! The earlier you submit, the quicker we can send you important need-to-know information that will help with planning your camp, so don’t delay!

We have tried to make the form as clear and accessible as possible but if there’s anything you’re not clear on, please contact

Check out some of our previous Theme Camps for inspiration!