Theme Camps

Our Nest would be nothing without its Theme Camps!

Theme Camp applications are now closed!

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch to register their theme camps – we’re excited to announce them all below! Camps looking for new members will have a link under their description – please contact them directly for more details.

If you want to contact any of the camps listed to co-host events, and they don’t have a contact email, please get in touch with us and we will connect you!


Welcome to Panravia, your home away from home. A cosy spot where you can put your feet up and relax with your fellow travelers. You are invited to join us to awaken all of your senses. From our daily tea service, to frequent cuddle puddles and workshops exploring conscious connection – we create a friendly space to chill and recharge.

The Twerkin’ Gherkin

Come along and get down to some groovy tunes and experience some fermentation demos! Beats and beets!

The Intergalactic Häus of Mojo

You’ve travelled for what feels like, many light years. Isolated in space, restricted and unable to visit far away loved ones. You spot a bar, on a strange and primordial planet, and land in need of rest. As you approach it, you are overcome with a sense of familiarity. It appears to be no more than a shack. You see a traveller sauntering over to a taxi, they’re singing at the top of their lungs as they are whipped away. What is this place? You smile and walk through the door. It might look murky, but there is a rack of home brewed cider, strange cocktails and other refreshments. It is well lit aside from the odd dark corner… The atmosphere is warm, relaxed and the bar person is grinning ear to ear.

You step up to the bar, the sound of laughing, cheering, and music fills you ears. Another traveller seems to recognise you, embraces you and pushes a drink into your hand. Welcome home, traveller.

Camp Costume Camp

Camp Costume Camp will be bringing hundreds of costumes and a makeup station to set up a fashion hub in the lush green fields!

Packed the wrong things for the entire marvel you are faced with at Nest? Come and see us and we’ll find you something wonderfully unsuitable!

Are you looking for inspiration and pieces for your fabulous walk over the grounds? Come and see us for combinations beyond your wildest fashion dreams. Sparkly and unique garments made of the finest fabrics that have all been preloved!

Is your mood changing throughout the day and your outfit no longer represents how you feel inside? Come and see us and we’ll transform you to align with your new vibe in no time!

Magic Shack

A family friendly space with daily workshops, to juice the mind, body and soul. Chill but vibey, with games, comfies, chats and more. Come make a dream catcher, get immersed by ecstatic dance or just get plain silly. We got you!

Essex in the Glade

Coffee & classics in the late mornings, accompanied by classical music.

A shot after dark – coffees after midnight, accompanied by dance music. Other hot beverages will also be available. We hope our Amphibian themed area will be used during the days and in the evenings by fellow Nestlings looking for a space to do their thing in.

The Antiquarian Speak-Easy

An eclectic hangout zone based around interesting dialogue, word games and fascinating antiquities. Occasional theme parties too…

The Snug

Somewhere to feast your feet, gird your eyes and rest your loins after a long day/night/what is time, at The Snug we will hand you a burrito and make a blanket burrito of you.


A small and chilled space for tea, biscuits and midnight soup!

Accepting new members – watch this space!

The Hot Mess

Hot Mess is the place to play with fire. See flames dance in time to music, rake patterns in flaming sand or lie down and let yourself be mesmerised by the rolling curls and whorls of our upside-down fire. We’ll also have a pile of marshmallows and toasting forks, plus hot chocolate for the ultimate campfire experience.

Camp Crumpet

Come to Crumpet for the banging tunes, also the… banging. Camp Crumpet will be playing excellent music and burning twinkly lights Wednesday to Sunday night. It’s a great space for dancing, chilling and play. Nothing is compulsory, everything is permitted, just don’t bother anyone else. During the day, we will be running workshops and performances, check out our notice board for the schedule.

Accepting new members


Skill sharing and inclusion for anyone who wants to build things! BuildyMcBuildFace is for anyone, of any build ability who dreams of wielding power tools with confidence (almost wrote abandon, but safety third people!), have ambitions worthy of a desert, just love Build, or casually want to pick up a new skill here with some other fabulous humans.

Accepting new members

Escape Box

Come and see if you can solve the puzzles of the Escape Box before the time runs out!


Come one come all and jiggle and wiggle your gelatinous selves with the swarm! The Psychedellyfish returns home after 2 years adrift on the ocean currents. Expect funky tunes, much dancing and merriment, and our usual plethora of hippy-trap lighting. If you’re lucky (and we have the sea dollars) we might even run a bar too. Available for daytime workshops.

The Temple of One Duck

A bearded drunkard propped heavily against the Mojo bar once told me…

“Listen closely enough laddie, and the wind whispers a tale of a temple long since lost to the world of men. A shrine deep in the jungle built in the honour of the Great Duck, a being of unimaginable volume. Legends say this lost haven has the most immaculate vibes, the sweetest beats and the finest turbocider in Devon.”

I looked askance at the swaying man. “You mean to say One Duck are doing a hippy-trap chill space!?!” The man gripped me, wide eyed and teeth exposed. “Thats exactly it laddie. The Lost Temple! The Temple of One Duck”

The Imaginarium

Roll up, Roll up! Prepare to enter The Imaginarium: a place for the mind to run wild and reach out deep into the Universe. An artistic, musical, recreational and spiritual kaleidoscope to transport you through the looking-glass. Gratified Ignorance or Self-fulfilled Enlightenment? The choice is yours for the taking.