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To quote Nowhere, a theme camp is a group of people pooling resources to contribute to a community.

To register your Theme Cabin please complete this formYou do not have to apply for theme camp grant in order to form a theme camp, but you do need to register so that we can arrange your placement!

So, at Nest we decided as a community, to honour where we had started in our previous home in Wales, we would maintain the description of Theme Cabin to describe the camps created by the Nest Community.

We’ve had an enormous number of Cabins register so far, and here’s a little taste of each Cabin, what they will offer and whether they’re accepting new members:

Intergalactic Häus of Mojo 
A cosmic dive bar on the edges of Neo-Orleans. A relaxing space during the day, with music in the evening. Not accepting new members at the mo but Mojo will be a great space for anyone with accessibility requirements and they will be hosting some fab workshops.

Camp Flim Flam
Here to provide Nest 2018 with immersive theatrical experiences. Be transported from the constraints of material reality to the theatrical possibilities of imaginarial realms. The Flim Flammers will bring you a series of morphing, shape shifting characters and experiences. Accepting new members and family friendly, Flim Flam are your go-to for day time delights.

The Kinema in the Woods
A lovely chilled space for people to experience a pre-millennial life-style when television only had three channels and VHS was considered an advanced technology, with a nice cup of tea and a biccie for anyone dropping by to chat … Remember those times? They’re currently full for members but definitely open for visitors.

Flight Academy
Our super brilliant family friendly home of excitement. With disco, storytelling, puppet theatre, Fairy Camp, foraging walks and mini costume camp, it’s a delight for young and old. Inflatables for the water and general amusement will also feature. More of a chilled out cabin, open to all with the caveat that there will be children. They also have hot drinks and Mom snacks. What’s not to love? If you want to join, contact camp lead and Family Lead: Jackdaw

A wonderful fluffy centred place. Tea service, Cuddle puddles, Yoga, meditation, sharing circles. Definitely accepting new members and will be lots of super workshops and activities going on here.

The Flamin’ Merkins
The best margaritas you’ve ever tasted. Ever. You don’t need to know anything else.

This sound camp is all about funky music, trippy lights, comfy vibes and swinging hips.  The Psychedelephants are planning some epic interactive activities, they are also family friendly so do stop by and contact if you’re interested in joining this cabin!

A wonderfully cosy forest themed chill out space! Cwtch will be hosting fun and chilled out workshops and games in the afternoons and more.

One Foot in the Rave 
This epic sound-camp will consist of a school disco style marquee and a giant purple sound system, focused more on the heavier end of the dance music spectrum. They also have a side order of harm reduction and cool daytime workshops.

Formerly known as Mystic Encounters, Desanka will be providing nourishment at both breakfast time and of a spiritual nature! Find lovely body, soul and spirit rejuvenation at this four-tent theme camp.

Loose Leaf Cuddle Infuser
Offering tea, cake, cuddles, china cups and craft workshops, this warm, inviting space brings Nestlings some home comfort and the occasional cuddle puddle.

In a nutshell, RasGard are all about Food, Fire, Art and Beats. Running relaxed audio in the day providing partial dry (but ideally sunny as heck) space for workshops, along with juggling and circus skills sessions. Late afternoons they’ll be upping the tempo with some dinner gifting (limited portions. Bring a bowl). In the evening they offer beats and amplitude parties, with potential for bar and DJ takeovers upon request.

Camp Crumpet
The lovely sex-positive cosy playspace is back at Nest! Camp Crumpet will help Nestlings explore intimacy, sensuality and sexuality in all their forms. Our ethos is sex-positive, consent-positive, body-positive and inclusive. We will be offering a large, soft-furnished space that will function both as a chilled social space and as a play space, without rigid division between different activities. The space will be supported by camp members to ensure that everyone is comfortable and playing safely and consensually.

Les Sauvages 
This group of crazy climbers will be building an interactive gaming climbing wall. With a dome and a sound system, their parties also have a strict No Psytrance policy!