The first wave of  memberships has sold out! Please create your Burner Bio on Quicket, ready for the next wave to be released on 15th March at 11am (UK time).

Create a Burner Bio for Burning Nest 2020

Once again, all adult members will need to create a Burner Bio as part of the membership process. This Bio is personal to you and is essential for purchasing your membership, applying for grants and registering interest in volunteering opportunities, art, music, theme camps and other projects. You will need to register for an account with Quicket before you gain access to create your Burner Bio for the event.


Can I use my Bio from last year/previous years?

The registration page should remember your log in details (you can reset your password if you can’t remember it by clicking on the link on the log in page and using your previous email address). However, you will need to enter your information from scratch. Annoying but the database doesn’t hold personal info long term for your security… And you may have transformed into another version of yourself within a year, so it’s good refresh your profile!

Why memberships? What happened to “tickets”?

Without Membership fees we wouldn’t be able to create Nest. Your financial contribution through purchasing Membership is what enables us to fund the art and all the amazing experiences you’ll have when you get there. We don’t believe that Nestlings ‘buy tickets’, in fact we know that we are all co-creators and we strongly encourage everyone to contribute more than just Membership fees. So you don’t just ‘buy a ticket’, you take part in the creation of Nest with your Membership.

Membership types

Adult memberships: £130

These are our standard adult memberships. If you are bringing a child, please email and we will handle these memberships separately.

Child under 14: £1

Child between 15 and 18: £50

Inclusion memberships: £30 – £70

Low Income Memberships: are priced at £70 and are available to anyone who is on a reduced income, underemployed or unemployed, a full-time student, a full-time carer*, eligible for benefits, or those struggling financially. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, so even if you don’t see yourself on this list please do get in touch via the application form and let us know about your personal circumstances.

Very Low Income Memberships: are priced at £30 and are for individuals who are in financial hardship due to circumstances outside of their control. We are continuing to trust our community members to apply for the membership that they are able to afford (a bit like an honesty box). We have a limited number of Super Low Income memberships available, directly linked to the number of Standard, Starship, Flagship, and Thundership Memberships we well, so please only apply for these if finance is a major barrier to attending the event, otherwise it might prevent someone else from being able to attend.

Carer memberships: £1

We define the work of a carer as:
Provides care, paid or unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction would not be able to attend Nest without their support. This work goes beyond the expected collaboration between cabin members and Nest participants (outlined in the 11 Principles).

To apply for an Inclusion Membership, please fill in this form as soon as you can. Someone will contact you before the second wave of memberships are released, and provide you with a code to enable you to buy a reduced-price membership.

Apply for an Inclusion membership


Starship, Flagship and Thundership memberships

If you would like to donate more than the cost of a standard membership to Burning Nest, we have created our Starship, Flagship and Thundership memberships. Purchases of these higher-priced memberships will allow us to offer more Inclusion Memberships, as well as fund grants for art and theme camps during these events.

Starship membership: £150

Flagship membership: £175

Thundership membership: £225