300 more tickets are now on sale – hit the button below to grab yours now!

If you rolled your 2020 ticket over, you should have received an email telling you how to activate it for 2022. Please follow the instructions by 30th April, or your ticket will be added back to the pot for resale and you will not be refunded.

Ticket types

Adult ticket: £130

These are our standard adult tickets. If you are bringing a child, you can add their ticket to your own, during the checkout process.

Child under 14: Free

Child between 14 and 18: £50

Inclusion tickets: £75

Inclusion tickets are priced at £75 and are available to anyone who is on a reduced income, underemployed or unemployed, a full-time student, a full-time carer*, eligible for benefits, or those struggling financially. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, so even if you don’t see yourself on this list please do get in touch via the application form and let us know about your personal circumstances.

Carer tickets: Free

We define the work of a carer as:
Provides care, paid or unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction would not be able to attend Nest without their support. This work goes beyond the expected collaboration between cabin members and Nest participants (outlined in the 11 Principles).

We are now at capacity for Inclusion tickets for 2022 – if you have any questions, please email us.

Starship, Thundership and Sparkleship tickets

If you would like to donate more than the cost of a standard membership to Burning Nest, we have created our Starship, Thundership and Sparkleship tickets. Purchases of these higher-priced tickets will allow us to offer more Inclusion tickets, as well as fund grants for art and theme camps during these events.

Starship ticket: £145

Thundership ticket: £200

Sparkleship ticket: £230

Parking Tickets: £10

If you want to park in our car park (car, motorbike, van, tank?) or camp in a live-in vehicle, you will need a parking ticket. They are available when you buy your ticket.