Once again, all adult members will need to create a Burner Bio as part of the membership process. This Bio is personal to you and is essential for purchasing your membership, applying for grants and registering interest in volunteering opportunities, art, music, theme camps and other projects. You will need to register for an account with Quicket before you gain access to create your Burner Bio for the event.

**You will need to follow the link from your 2019 Burner Bio registration email (from Quicket) to purchase your membership.**

By purchasing a membership, you are agreeing to contribute to the creation of Nest gatherings as community spaces. Anyone who commits to doing so in line with our principles, can buy a membership.



Create 2019 Burner Bio

After you created your Burner Bio, you will receive a link for ticket purchase on the day of sale. Make sure to check your Spam folders.

Membership types

Adult memberships


General membership for adults (18+) earning a full-time wage.

Prices for 1st wave, from 11th Dec 2018:

200 memberships total (comprising Adult, Starship, Flagship and Thundership).

Prices for 2nd wave, from 7th Feb 2019 at noon:

200 memberships total (comprising Adult, Starship, Flagship and Thundership).


Optional membership for adults (18+) who would like to support even more community initiatives..


Optional membership for adults (18+) who would like to further support Nest arts.

Youth memberships

TEEN (13-17) Membership £50

Reduced membership rate for those aged 13-17.

CHILD (12 & UNDER) Membership FREE

Free membership for those aged 12 and under. Children 12 and under will still need to be counted, so please email us when you have bought your adult ticket, so we can add children to our gate list.

Inclusion and accessibility memberships


Inclusion memberships are in place to ensure that all community members are able to attend regardless of current financial situations. There are three types of inclusion memberships:

Low Income Membership £70

Very Low Income Membership £30

Carer Membership £1

To apply, you will need to register your Burner Bio and fill out this application form, the application will then be reviewed and you will be sent an access code to purchase your ticket.

Family memberships


Bringing the family along just for the weekend? Fantastic! We have a new membership type just for you:

Family Weekend Membership £50

There is no application process for this type of membership, please just email us at and we will arrange everything for you. This membership type is valid for one adult, wanting to stay from Thursday 23rd May. Child tickets will need to be purchased separately.


When can I update my Burner Bio and Register for membership?

Burner Bio and Registration is NOW OPEN.

Can I use my Bio from last year/previous years?

The registration page should remember your log in details (you can reset your password if you can’t remember it by clicking on the link on the log in page and using your previous email address). However, you will need to enter your information from scratch. Annoying but the database doesn’t hold personal info long term for your security… And you may have transformed into another version of yourself within a year, so it’s good refresh your profile!

Why memberships? What happened to “tickets”?

Without Membership fees we wouldn’t be able to create Nest. Your financial contribution through purchasing Membership is what enables us to fund the art and all the amazing experiences you’ll have when you get there. We don’t believe that Nestlings ‘buy tickets’, in fact we know that we are all co-creators and we strongly encourage everyone to contribute more than just Membership fees. So you don’t just ‘buy a ticket’, you take part in the creation of Nest with your Membership.