A Regional Burn in Devon, UK

Burning Nest is one of the UK’s officially recognised regional Burner Events, associated with Burning Man.

Join us for a week of co-created discovery and adventure! We seek and find ourselves, connection, and the secrets of the universe. Throughout the week, you can join workshops and ceremonies, witness performances and perform yourself, party hard and dance all night, relax and enjoy good vibes with good people.

Check out the Event page for more details. Check out the Event page for more details.


Monday, May 20th to Monday, May 27th


At Nest, you don’t just buy a ticket, you contribute to the feathering of Nest with your presence, creativity, participation, volunteering, organization and support.


A beautiful part of the English countryside on an independent site near Exeter. The exact location for Nest will be shared with ticket holders only, well in advance of the event


At Nest we have no visitors, no spectators. We only have participants. Our Nest is determined by you: the participants who create it! Bring your creativity and expression. Be celebrated for your full, authentic self.

Burning Nest’s Values

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Burning Nest 2024's Theme is:
Cosmic Carnival

Hello humans. We invite you to (become universal at) the cosmic carnival. We have transcended. The universe is here, now. You have always been. The real you (is) The whole universe.

On the [unconfirmed] guestlist is who you really are. Untether the ethereal forest elves, sea spirits hailing from fabled depths of Atlanta, Astral Artisan ancients, retro realm representatives, and Interdimensional Fire Dancers igniting the cosmic dance floor.

You are creating it. What realms will you, we, the universe, bring? Any world is possible.

Mood Board (TBD)
(credit to: Simon a.k.a. Cheese)

Burning Nest 2023 Lipsync Video: Everybody’s Gay

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