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Nest is a celebration of human creativity, a spontaneous community and a place for radical self expression.

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Theme 2018: Portals of the Multiverse

For millennia humanity has gazed into the night sky and wondered at what they observed. Even today we continue to speculate about all that is unknown in the universe.

Are we one of many worlds, each with their own unique physical laws? Will we someday travel hyperspace and explore the edges of black holes? Might we encounter inter-dimensional beings? Is there another version of you in a parallel universe? And would you be friends, if you were to meet?

Come play with the boundaries of interstellar existence. Invite your friends to other planets. Navigate a cruise across the planes of reality. Bring galactic secrets back through wormholes that connect past with future. Compose a sonata for string (theory). Become your own doppelganger from another cosmos. Teach people to dance in zero gravity. Fall through the holes in space and time and programme a simulation behind the stars.

The gate to Nest is a portal to the alternate realities of your dreams – start dreaming!

Outside (credit to: Simon a.k.a. Cheese)

Nest 2017

Nest is an officially recognised regional event associated with Burning Man.



Nest 2018 will take place from 4 – 10 June.


At Nest, you don’t buy a ticket, you contribute to the feathering of Nest with your membership. Without our member contributions, we won’t have a Nest.

Memberships are available to purchase:
24 Nov 2017 | 12 PM GMT.


A beautiful part of the English countryside on an independent site near Exeter. The exact location for Nest will be shared with membership holders only well in advance of 4 June.


At Nest we have no visitors, no spectators. We only have participants. Our Nest is determined by the participants who create it. And all members are invited to be part of the creation.

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