Directions for Burning Nest will be emailed to all membership holders closer to the date


A large private landholding, featuring:

  • Two large, beautiful lakes
  • Sheltered glades, sculpted gardens, and forested walking trails.
  • Vast open fields for theme camps, big art, free-camping & camper-vans, and lots of fire and fun.
  • A large stand of trees, marking the location of Copse Camp.
  • Room to grow.


London: 183 miles, Bristol: 88 miles, Birmingham 169 miles, Leeds 289 miles, Edinburgh 454 miles.
As previously, directions will be emailed to each member ahead of the event.

Public Transport

Newton Abbott & Exeter train stations are 6 and 12 miles away from site respectively.


  • Nearest general shopping, 2.5 miles
  • Nearest hospital, 6 miles (Newton Abbott)
  • Nearest major centre for niche supplies or specialised treatment, 12 miles (Exeter)



Upon arrival, the greeting team will direct you to The Point (previously Centre Camp), your theme camp location or an appropriate camping area if you are free-camping.

Our free-camping area is HUGE and FLAT and often creates its own, quieter atmosphere than the rest of Nest. It has space for both tents and live-in vehicles, but please remember we have no hard standing areas, so larger vehicles may not be suitable on muddy ground.

If you have questions about accommodating your family, email family@burningnest.co.uk or if you have accessibility requirements, get in touch at inclusion@burningnest.co.uk

Inclusion and Accessibility on Site

Radical inclusion is one of the principles of any Burn, and this year we’re trying something new to support participants with access needs. This Inclusion and Accessibility on site PDF [click to download] has been drafted by members of Nest core, and includes a review of the site itself (particularly with participants with mobility needs), and the general event. We’ve used industry best practice guidelines from Attitude is Everything to inform the contents (but we know there are gaps in our awareness of access needs, and also knowledge of the site). It’s been reviewed by the community (Community Embassy) team, and the infrastructure (DPW) team, and participants with access needs. This document is a work in progress and will be updated annually. We’re open to feedback, to keen to make this document another tool to help participants be Radically Included and Radically Self-reliant.

Water Supply

Please plan to bring your own water solutions for drinking and cooking. Large reusable water containers for carrying water onsite with you are very cost-efficient and the waste-friendly. We recommend up to 5 or 6 litres per person per day, which takes into account drinking, cooking and  washing. Alternatively, you might wish to explore the option of a water purification system, for utilising existing natural water onsite. Consider pooling with other Nestlings to source large water containers for communal use.

Although we hope everyone will plan according to the principle of Radical Self-Reliance, Nest will have an emergency supply of drinking water available to participants who run into trouble.


Waste Disposal

Leave No Trace principles stipulate a “pack-in, pack-out” approach. Nestlings who remove all evidence of their passage, and dispose of it in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, will be lauded as shining pillars of the community.


Nest also has a community initiative to manage waste in a communally responsible way, which prevents dumping of waste en route from the event. It is hugely reliant on reducing volume of packaging in advance of arrival, and reducing the weight (even more importantly than the size!) of the wast that is generated at our gathering


This year we will have a pit for biodegradable food waste only (peelings, rice, cooked food etc). Bring your own bin bags (clear for recycling, black for everything else).


I’m sure we all know by now: CONSENT IS SEXY.

At Burning Nest we take consent very seriously – even though we allow freedom of self-expression, we don’t tolerate anyone behaving badly. We follow the consent guidelines as set out here (please read!), and if at any time during the event, you feel your consent has been ignored, or you have a complaint about anyone, please visit us in Welfare and we will help.

The Point

The Point is where you can find all necessary information you might need on-site. This includes: areas where participants’ help is needed, programme updates, lost and found. The Point is clearly marked on all our maps and signposted throughout the site. You’re invited to make this a welcoming space with your own activities and workshops, performances, as well as your presence and creative flair. Do contact programming@burningnest.co.uk if you want to reserve the space for something great.


We have a large parking area for those Nestlings arriving by car. From Tuesday onwards, you will not be permitted to drive down from the car park to the lower areas of the site, due to the main road also being used as our footpath.

If you are camping in a van or car, you are welcome to park in our free camping space at the top of the hill – you will find this area has the most space for you!

Those bringing Theme Camps will be permitted to drive onsite to drop off materials after Tuesday’s cut-off, but only very slowly, and with someone walking in front to usher errant hippies out of your way.

This year the charge for parking is £10 – you can purchase your parking pass at hte same time as your membership, on Quicket. No pass, no parking!



We have security on-site to safeguard our community and home. Our security team is well experienced with alternative events and Nest specifically, and does not want to spoil your experience of the event. However, our participants are reminded that  the law of the land still applies at Nest.


Experienced medical staff are on-site 24-hours during peak gathering dates. If you develop medical needs while on-site, please alert a Ranger for immediate attention, or make your way to The Point or to Welfare.



Children of all ages and radically self-reliant parents are very welcome at Nest. If you’ve ever taken them camping then you’re halfway there! Read through the Survival Guide – all tips count double for kids!

Children 14 and under can attend for £1, children aged 15 – 18 are £50. To purchase a child’s ticket, please email memberships@burningnest.co.uk.

We have a Facebook group! Email memberships@burningnest.co.uk  if you’d like to be added and kept up to date with the goings on.

Lost children will be taken immediately to The Point. Rangers will then locate the child’s carer(s).You must ensure your child has an identification item that specifies where you are camped and also knows where their family camp is. Immediately notify a Ranger if at all concerned about the whereabouts of your child.

Email memberships@burningnest.co.uk  if you have questions about attending with children.


What is the exact location / postcode of the new site?

In order to protect the participants during the event, as well as the landowners, the exact location of the event will be revealed to all Nest 2019 membership holders well in advance of the event. Look out for more information in the forthcoming months in our newsletter and make sure you provided us with the correct contact details upon your Burner Bio registration.

Can I bring my pet to Nest?

No. Out of respect to the landowner’s wishes, we cannot allow pets at Burning Nest.