A landing page for safety-related links.

Code of Conduct

Find our full Code of Conduct at this link.


Consent is not optional. We are all responsible for caring for one another and creating a culture of consent at Nest. Check out the Consent page to know what to do if you if you have any issues before, during or after Nest.

Find information about the Consent Team, Code of Conduct, safety information, and incident reporting procedures.

Community Agreements

Our Community Agreements page includes items about safety, where to camp, items to avoid bringing/using, and how to take care of the land, etc. Please click through and read all of it!


Responding to Covid-19 and other highly transmissible diseases is a part of event organising now. It is not going away. Burning Nest will always comply with local laws, and encourages participants to stay informed and act responsibly.

Check out the current Covid-19 policy.