Burning Nest Code of Conduct


As with other Burns, a primary goal of Burning Nest is to be a welcoming home for anyone who wishes to be part of the community and to provide a safe and inclusive space.

This Code of Conduct outlines clear standards of behaviour for the community in line with the Burning Nest 11 Principles.

These standards of behaviour are expected to be respected by all participants and volunteers at all Burning Nest events (including community meetings, organisational meetings etc.), Nest online spaces (Nest Loomio, Nest Facebook Group etc) and any other online or in person communication for Nest organisation.

We value and respect all members of our community and expect you to do the same for each other.

We would also encourage you to learn more about Consent on Dusty Consent Wiki.

Encouraged Behaviour:

  • Consent should inform all interactions with other participants.
  • Participate in an authentic and active way. In doing so, you contribute to the health and longevity of this community whilst helping it to grow.
  • Exercise consideration and respect in your speech and actions to others.
  • Show respect and consideration for the diversity of fellow participants by using appropriate language, including asking someone their pronouns rather than assuming.
  • Listen to and consider the needs, feelings and opinions of other community members.
  • Consider your own safety and that of fellow participants. Ensure activities/performances allow space for free, prior and informed consent of participants.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and of your fellow participants.
  • Alert Rangers if you notice a dangerous situation or someone in distress.

Unacceptable Behaviour:

  • Violence or threats of violence directed towards any other  person.
  • Discriminatory behaviour – including based on gender, race, religion, sexuality etc.
  • Inappropriate photography or recordings. Ask before taking photos or videos of people.
  • Harassment, intimidation, stalking or following.
  • Inappropriate physical contact: you must have someone’s consent before touching them.
  • Sexual Harassment – Including inappropriate sexualized language; inappropriate touching or persistent un-welcomed sexual advances or comments.
  • Sexual Assault –  a sexual act inflicted on someone without their consent.
  • Sexual Activity in Public Spaces – Nest is a family event so behave accordingly in public areas or where children may be present.
  • Abuse or neglect of Burning Nest or the site owner’s property, physical or otherwise, such as vandalism, theft of event property, abusing the ticketing process, or impersonating a lead or event organizers.
  • Disrespecting the community surrounding the event such as dumping rubbish in local bins, trespassing, or repeated violations of the event’s sound ordinance
  • Wanton, flagrant, or repeated disregard for one’s own safety or well-being in a manner that demands the intervention of other participants, community members, volunteers or outside agencies, such as intervention by security/medical or LEO.
  • Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behaviour is also unacceptable.

Consequences of unacceptable behaviour

The unacceptable behaviour defined above is not compatible with the space we are collectively creating. Incidents of this nature may be grounds for exclusion from the event.

Anyone asked to stop unacceptable behaviour is expected to adhere to the event teams request, and may be given an official warning

If a participant engages in unacceptable behaviours the event organisers may take action they deem appropriate to ensure the safety of the community.  This action may include eviction from the event without refund, revoking tickets for upcoming event, removing a volunteer from their shift, removing a volunteer from their volunteer role, removing from online space (eg Facebook, Loomio) etc.

If a participant’s behaviour is found to be a danger to participants or the event itself, an exclusion for the present or following years may be instituted.  There may be an opportunity to appeal and show progress towards resolution of these issues after the following year’s event.

Burning Nest, the site owner, or individual participants may pursue legal action if a crime has been committed.

What to do if you are subjected to or witness unacceptable behaviour

During Burning Nest event your first suggested point of contact is Rangers or Welfare. Both of these will have radios and can radio others as needed and are trained to provide emotional support. Or feel free to talk to any other member of the Nest Team you feel comfortable talking to. If you want to make an official report and/or it is a emergency situation then this will typically be escalated to and handled by the Site Lead on duty and/or the Consent Team.

If you need urgent help, we have trained and qualified Security and Medics on site at all times during the event who can support emergency situations as applicable.

Outside of the main event email consent@burningnest.co.uk to report an issue or discuss a concern.

All reports will be treated with confidentiality and respect by the Consent Team and anyone else involved, and we will make best efforts to speak to all parties involved before making any decisions on next steps.