Event Programme

Wondering who'll be headlining at Nest? Find out more here!


Nest is a burn-style event, which means everything you see before you in our little slice of heaven is co-created. The epic workshops, amazing performances, and quirky community hangouts that are on offer throughout the week are all gifted by our incredible attendees. No headliners here!

What Where When Guide

A digital copy of the Programme is available only to ticket holders. Keep a close eye on your emails! We’ll be sending out a link where you can download a PDF and mobile-friendly version of the programme closer to the event. Make sure you’ve added our email address to your contacts so you don’t miss it.

Physical What Where When guides will be available at Gate and placed at key locations around the Glade. In the interest of saving paper, there will not be a guide for every participant. Share with friends and camp mates, or use the digital guide!

Submitting an Event

This is your invitation to advertise your events in the What Where When Guide!
Every event needs a name+description, place, and time. There are few ways to get this info into the Programme… read this guide to find the right channel for you!

If you have any questions about the process or need support, contact Joe at community@burningnest.co.uk.

Where do you want to hold your event?

  • At a Theme Camp. Check the list of Camps hosting events on the Theme Camp page and communicate with them directly so they can submit your event. Deadlines vary. Sometime before April 17th. 
  • Host at the Point! Open to all. Fill out this form. The Point is First Come, First Served.
  • Host Somewhere Else, or at a Theme Camp that isn’t using an events spreadsheet. Submit your application directly to the Programme with this form before April 17th.

Guide for Theme Camps

  1. Check out the Theme Camp page and confirm your information is correct and clear. Email comms@burningnest.co.uk to make changes.
  2. Publicize some form of contact information so participants can contact you to submit a workshop. A Google form, an email, a PO box…
  3. Set a deadline so you have time to schedule your Camp’s programme and sort through any issues.
  4. Submit your Theme Camp Event Excel sheet (you can make a copy of https://tinyurl.com/NestWWW2024) to community@burningnest.co.uk by April 17th. (I recommend sending it in earlier to allow time for questions)

Event Guidelines

Your gifts and creativity and authentic expression are welcome at Burning Nest! There is a HUGE range of offerings in the What Where When Guide. Some events are more mainstream, while others are really niche. some are very well attended, others draw just a few people. Or even nobody at all! And that’s ok too. There’s a place for everything.

Nest is a great place to share a passion, try out a new offering, or do things you don’t really get to do in the default world. It is a welcoming environment.

When offering events, please be mindful of safety and consent. If you have any doubts, ask for advice from somebody with experience holding events, or consult Nest’s H&S team on the Edge of Chaos Circle  and the Consent Circle.