A repository for Consent information for Burning Nest.

Consent at Nest

Ongoing respect of others’ consent and boundaries is fundamental to enjoying a space like Nest. It means allowing everyone, including yourself, the right to feel comfortable and safe whilst we express ourselves in this hedonistic environment. With such a beautiful and infinite variety of personalities out there, we can all have different levels of vulnerability. So, it’s important to take careful consideration of what actions or statements might make someone feel uncomfortable, especially when meeting for the first time!

Check the Code of Conduct to understand your responsibilities towards other Nestlings!

Reporting Incidents

Online Consent Reporting Link:

If you wish to report an incident related to the Consent Team, you can contact the Consent Team directly in person, via the above online link, or via two physical drop boxes. All reports will be treated with confidentiality and respect by the Consent Team. Requests for anonymity will be respected.

Note: Incidents that require immediate attention should always be raised to a Ranger and escalated to Site Lead as required.

Drop Boxes

There are two drop boxes on site located next to Welfare and Gate. Submit written concerns and incident reports for the team to manage; with investigations and escalations taking place if required.

In person

The Consent Team will be wearing fetching pink hats for easy identification. When on duty, they are happy to take questions and have discrete conversations. Note that the team does not have 24/7 coverage during the event. If no Consent Team member is available, find a Ranger or go to Welfare.


Report an incident using the online form (click the big button above!), or by email at You can also use these methods to reach out to the team before or after the event to report issues or discuss concerns.

What Next?

What happens when after report a consent-related incident?

The Consent team takes reports very seriously, and follows up each one to the best of their ability.

Possible outcomes include:

  • Education/advice given to theme camps, workshop facilitators, artists, participants, etc.
  • Intervention or mediation
  • Eviction from site
  • Restrictions/agreements established before returning to future events
  • Banning from future events

See the annual Consent Reports (started in 2023) to view the summary information on reports of consent-related incidents each year and the organisation’s response.

Consent Culture

Consent Culture – It’s Important!

At Nest, we agree to engage on the 11 Principles. Underpinning these is the philosophy of consent.

Consent can be transformative as a mindful practice that allows us to have and create opportunities for authentic engagement in our actions and with others.

Every person is an individual, they have their own mind and body, and have the right to decide what they do and have done with both. The way we allow for this is is by creating the opportunities for a yes and a no when we are interacting with them. More than this, we allow for this to be a rolling permission structure with withdrawal allowed at any moment.

At Nest, adherence to this philosophy is non-negotiable. We have this year a Consent Team to help engage with this and mediate/act where there is non-compliance. The team also hope to educate and inform, and help you engage with the philosophy.


Not everyone wants to have every moment captured and immortalised on the internet… You must get explicit consent from all individuals before photographing or videoing them. You must also confirm their permission to use the photo/video publicly, whether it’s online, print or social media.

No photos or videos may be used for commercial purposes.

Safety and Wellbeing


The Consent Team is not an emergency response team.

If you need urgent help, contact the Rangers on site. They will escalate to Security, Medical, or Site Lead.

If it is a Consent issue, the team will be looped back in for follow-up actions if needed.


If you need emotional support, head to Welfare Enough. Enjoy a cup of tea, some supportive words and a moment of calm away from it all.

Know your limits! Take care of yourself. The members of Welfare are trained in substance harm reduction if needed.

Take care of each other! Be kind and gentle with yourself and others.