A repository for Consent information for Burning Nest.

Consent at Nest

Ongoing respect of others’ consent and boundaries is fundamental to enjoying a space like Nest. It means allowing everyone, including yourself, the right to feel comfortable and safe whilst we express ourselves in this hedonistic environment. With such a beautiful and infinite variety of personalities out there, we can all have different levels of vulnerability. So, it’s important to take careful consideration of what actions or statements might make someone feel uncomfortable, especially when meeting for the first time!

For more information on consent at Nest please look at the participant Code of Conduct to understand your responsibilities towards other Nestlings!

What is Consent?

At Nest, we agree to engage on the 11 Principles. Underpinning these is the philosophy of consent.

Consent can be transformative as a mindful practice that allows us to have and create opportunities for authentic engagement in our actions and with others. Every person is an individual, they have their own mind and body, and have the right to decide what they do and have done with both. 

We encourage using the FIRES model of consent: 

  • Freely given – consent is not assumed or coerced,
  • Informed – consent requires knowing what is involved,
  • Reversible – consent can be withdrawn at any time,
  • Enthusiastic – consent should be a yes not a maybe,
  • Specific – consent to one thing does not mean consent to another.

Consent Cafe at Nest 2024

There will be a Consent Cafe in Free Camping 11am-2pm from Wednesday. This is a relaxed and sober drop-in space where members of the Consent Team will be available for chats, discussions and questions. This is not a replacement for Welfare, but we do have tea, coffee and biscuits.

Nudity and Sexual Expression

Nudity is a form of self expression and is allowed anywhere on site (but please bear in mind health and safety considerations). However, sexual activity should be kept to the adult theme camps or private tents/live-in vehicles.


Not everyone wants to have every moment captured and immortalised on the internet… You must get explicit consent from all individuals before photographing or videoing them. You must also confirm their permission to use the photo/video publicly, whether it’s online, print or social media.

Be mindful that even taking someone’s photo may negatively impact someone’s burn.

No photos or videos may be used for commercial purposes.

Theme Camps

All theme camps at Burning Nest are expected to read and agree to the Theme Camp Consent Risk Guidance. Adult Theme Camps or camps hosting higher consent risk workshops are expected to liaise directly with the Nest Consent Team where additional guidance and training can be provided


Anyone offering a workshop or similar interaction with other participants is expected to read the Workshop Facilitator Consent Risk Guidance, regardless whether the workshop is published in the What Where When guide or is spontaneous. If there are any questions, facilitators can contact the Nest Consent Team

Reporting Incidents

Online Consent Reporting Link:

If there is an immediate risk to life or limb, you must first notify a Ranger who will escalate to the Site Lead. Rangers move around the event site and can be contacted via an event radio.

If you wish to report a consent concern or incident to the Nest Consent Team, use one of the methods below (those marked with a star* can be used fully anonymously but we will also maintain your anonymity if you request it no matter how you contact us):

  1. Online Consent Reporting Form*:
  2. Nest Specific Consent email:
  3. In-Person: Consent Response volunteer available via event radio 9am-9pm.
  4. Written report drop boxes*: 1) top of site near Gate, 2) middle site near Camp Crumpet, 3) bottom of site near Welfare. Forms, paper and pens are provided at each drop box.
  5. Consent Cafe: Pink Gazebo in Free Camping 11am-2pm, Wednesday-Sunday.

What Next?

What happens when after report a consent-related incident?

The Consent team takes reports very seriously, and follows up each one to the best of their ability.

Possible outcomes include:

  • Education/advice given to theme camps, workshop facilitators, artists, participants, etc.
  • Intervention or mediation
  • Eviction from site
  • Restrictions/agreements established before returning to future events
  • Banning from future events

See the annual Consent Reports (started in 2023) to view the summary information on reports of consent-related incidents each year and the organisation’s response.

The Burning Nest 2024 Consent Team

All Consent Team members have been vetted and have agreed to a stricter Code of Conduct than any other participant. Team members will act with a high level of integrity and be accountable for their actions.

If your concern or incident involves a member of the Consent Team (see the consent volunteer bios below), do not use any of the above reporting methods. Instead you should escalate to CK the Consent Lead (all for him directly).

If the Consent Lead is involved in your report then you should escalate to a member of the Nest Board of Directors. During the event you can ask for these people over the event radio; before or after the event email

What we do

We are here to inform and educate the community on a broad range of consent related subjects to help make a safer Burn for all participants.

We will review all reports made to our on-site drop boxes and the online form.
We will escalate where needed especially if there is a time sensitive nature to a report.

Several times a day, we update the Site Lead with any new information and are available to conduct further investigation and/or run mediation sessions.

We can also support participants wishing to run consent related workshops if requested.

What we don't do

We will not be working or on-call 24/7 during Nest – a decision was made early in the planning of Nest 2023 to not risk overstretching a team that had yet to be recruited.

The existing structures for escalation and reporting urgent issues via rangers/welfare/site lead/security already exist but will be complimented by the consent reporting procedure.

We will not be involved if there is a conflict of interest in handling reports. If reports are made against any of us, they will be escalated to be investigated impartially.

CK (he/him)
Consent Lead

CK is the Consent Lead for Burning Nest as well as MicroBurn and London Decom. He brings 16 years of kink and BDSM experience including safeguarding work in some of the largest fetish clubs.

CK is responsible for any disciplinary issues within the Nest Consent Team as well as general supervision of team members and escalation where members have a conflict of interest with a consent report or investigation.

cknam AT hotmail DOT com


I have been involved in the kink scene for many years and I have also run various LGBTQ+ support groups. I have been attending burner events since 2018 and have been involved with Camp Crumpet and many of their events.

I work in education and have experience running workshops both online and in person.


I have been part of the poly/ kink community for a number of years. I’m new to the burner community but it has been part of my radar for another number of years. 

I work in education and with social care. I am also a lover of consensual hugs.


I started my burner journey in 2017 and recently became more active in the UK burn community. I want to help provide safer (or braver) spaces for everyone and bring this awareness of consent in and outside burns. Other than this I’m mostly found in a climbing gym, roaming the outdoors or in a queer boogey.


I am new to the burn scene, but I am looking forward to the new experience, being part of this community and assisting in keeping burners safe and informed. I have been a regular festival goer in the UK and abroad (and volunteer) for many years. When I am not chained to my desk working, I love going out in my VW camper van, exploring the Devon and Cornwall coastline, and trying whatever comes my way.


I started burning in 2023 and the fire hasn’t gone out. I’ve enjoyed various ranger and welfare shifts at three burns and was site lead coordinator at Decom. I work behind the scenes at Nest and other burns. Previously a staff council rep. acting as a confidential interface between staff and management to raise and resolve concerns. I am on a wonderful adventure discovering new worlds and you’ll probably see me at a few parties and events.


I’ve worked at a wide range of festivals and events over many years – from running art and craft workshops for kids to crewing at sex positive parties. Community safeguarding has been of paramount importance at these events.

I have attended a few burns and burner adjacent events but recently became much more involved after joining the Consent Teams for Nest, MicroBurn, and London Decompression in 2023. 

Consent and creating a caring and inclusive community have always been essential to me. 

I’m a mother and grandmother to queer and neuro-divergent humans, and like to spend my time crocheting, making costumes and hanging out at my allotment.


I am a musical gardening granddad, and a lifelong festival volunteer. I am a professional youth worker in my day job and have spent over 25 years nurturing, educating and safeguarding the wellbeing of vulnerable and marginalised groups of young people. I have been a member of the Consent Teams for Nest, MicroBurn and London Decompression since joining the burner community at Nest 2023.


My burner journey began in 2022 and I have been involved behind the scenes in Decom 2022 and 2023 as the Wristbands and Schwag Lead. Festivals, music gigs and the beach are my happy ways to escape from the default world. I am also to be found out and about on my mountain bike and exploring fab new places, preferably with amazing and lovely people.


I’m the current consent lead for Borderland 2024 having been co-lead last year and I’ve worked with welfare/consent at burns consistently for the past five years or so.

I’m a BACP psychotherapist and I only work with male clients.. I also have ample experience working with individuals accused of transgressing others’ boundaries both in a burn setting and within my job.


My favourite principle is radical self expression. My favourite food is potato. 

I’m a clinical sexologist and psychomotor therapist. I’ve studied trauma, sex and relations. 

I’ve been part of awareness work and consent teams many years. Most recently I co-created the awareness training at Celtic burn and next year I’ll lead the consent team at the borderland. 

Now this is sounding like a CV which I dislike; since I’m not of the opinion that you need a long list of education and training to be good at holding space for people. I believe, presence and the ability to listen from a non-judgemental place, is the core of any work related to consent and safer-spaces.

Howard aka Budgie

I am a long time festival and scene event attendee/volunteer, albeit this will be my first burn. Frontline worker with an emergency services charity for the past 14 years by day.  Also, former UK Police in specialist roles – now fully ‘rehabilitated’ into the Community. Big advocate of consent, freedom of expression and hedonism.  I’m relishing the opportunity to make new friends and assist all those Burning to have a great,  fun, and safe time. 

Greg Benson

A longtime social worker working in homelessness, I regularly discuss consent with friends and clients, attend consent workshops wherever available and have been with the consent team since the beginning of the consent network.

Please come find me for talks on consent, or any other subject that might make you feel safe to express yourself at Nest

I’m a firm believer in active bystanding, and believe we all have the ability to help others when we sense they may be in trouble.


I’m originally from Brazil, living nomadically for a few years now. Nest 2023 was my first Burn. When I decided to join this community, I could feel I was joining something special and intriguing. By the end of event week, I knew I was home (and that’s a lot to say for a nomad!).

I believe issues around consent are at the core of many of the challenges we face as social beings, and I’m inspired by the way these issues are being talked about and dealt with within the Burners community. I’m excited about the possibility of supporting the Consent Team during Nest 2024 and learning practices and approaches I can take with me beyond the Burn.


I am new to the burn scene, but I’ve been to several smaller festivals and been part of similar communities I’m looking forward to combining both. I’m helping out with consent education so that more people have delicious connections and play. I’m a freelance facilitator for work, mostly training managers on people skills. I also volunteer as an organiser of public events on inclusion topics. I love socialising over food, and consensual hugs.

Lucy (she/her)

Patricia (she/her)

Oleg (he/they)

Safety and Wellbeing


The Consent Team is not an emergency response team.

If you need urgent help, contact the Rangers on site. They will escalate to Security, Medical, or Site Lead.

If it is a Consent issue, the team will be looped back in for follow-up actions if needed.


If you need emotional support, head to Welfare Enough. Enjoy a cup of tea, some supportive words and a moment of calm away from it all.

Know your limits! Take care of yourself. The members of Welfare are trained in substance harm reduction if needed.

Take care of each other! Be kind and gentle with yourself and others.