Survival Guide

Whether you have been to Burning Man, Nowhere or any other burner gathering, this guide is a must-read for all participants.


Nest is a non-profit organisation that runs solely on the energy and enthusiasm of its volunteers: everyone who attends is co-creating the space and experiences they wish to explore. No one gets in for free or gets paid for their contribution  – from carpenters, artists and musicians, right up to the organising crew and board members. The more you put in the more you get back.

Applying the Burner Principles

Civic Responsibility and Education

Burning Nest is up to us. We co-create the environment and community and experiences we want to see. It is our responsibility to do so in line with the Burner Principles and our own integrity. Yes, Nest is an amazing party full of ridiculous absurdities. Yes, people can be very, very silly. But we can only have so much fun because we create the container to support it all.

It is also our job, as Burners, to educate new Burners about our values. And to hold everybody to account for upholding our principles! Let’s create a great Burn. Let’s have a great time!

Self-Expression and Inclusion

Bring your true, authentic self. Show off your many different sides. And welcome others who are doing the same! Burning Nest is an inclusive and tolerant environment.

The community is diverse. Not everybody will be your cup of tea. But everybody has a right to exist and express themselves.

Remember that if you express strong controversial opinions, others may think that you are a jerk. That’s fine. Just try to respect each others’ humanity, and find values you both agree on. This goes both ways.

Non-Commercialisation and Gifting

Nest is an experiment in community and economy without money – none changes hands between community members, and there’s nowhere to spend it onsite. Spend this time without having to worry about your wallet (or phone, as there is no signal on site either). And come prepared!

Nestlings gift freely without any expectation of recompense. Bring extra supplies to help anyone who has forgotten something! Offer massages, body-painting, food treats, themed bling, or get more creative still! Gift your time and volunteer. Gifting is fully unconditional – it is not bartering!

Immediacy and Participation

You are welcome. This is your invitation. Everybody is just waiting for you to join in! Talk to strangers. Just turn up at the start of a workshop. Follow your nose. Say yes to adventure!

And if something in you no, that’s ok too. Let it be a no, and find joy in calmness and rest. Participate exactly as you should.

Self-Reliance and Communal Effort

Burners are responsible for taking care of our own needs. Remember, there’s no chippy or supermarket in the Glade! And you can’t expect others to take care of your stuff for you.

But that doesn’t mean we need to do everything individually. We can achieve great things by working together. And we can enjoy the fruits of our collective labour!

Leave A Better Trace

Historically the principle was to Leave No Trace. Your individual environmental impact is your responsibility. The Burn’s collective impact is everybody’s responsibility. This means if you see something on the floor – PICK IT UP – even if it wasn’t you that dropped it. Minimise your packaging in advance. Utilise the facilities provided by the LBT team. Take your rubbish away with you when you leave.

Now, we also aim to Leave a Better Trace. Our community has such potential to leave a positive trace? Examples of LBT include planting trees in a place that has been desertified; creating art or facilities that can be used by locals after you leave; awakening people to take further actions to protect and improve the environment or become activists.

Preparing for Burning Nest

How do I get involved?

No matter what you’re passionate about, we guarantee there’s a way for you to get involved – and meet some other A+ humans while you’re at it. Whether toting a radio with our heroic ranger team, building essential infrastructure, greeting the Nestling arrivals, creating décor and signage, offering a workshop, guiding an experience, or drafting genius web content, participation is the best possible way to immerse yourself in the Burn experience.

Check out the Participation page for all the details.

Packing list

Stumped for what to bring to Burning Nest? We’ve put together a handy packing list to get you started – check it out here.

Need Inspiration?

There is no “right” way to do the theme. It is just a prompt; a cue. What does it stir up in you? We welcome your own interpretation of the theme. Show us what a Cosmic Carnival means to you!

Enjoying Burning Nest


There is no right way to do Nest. Follow your heart, your nose, your curiosity. Meet interesting people. Visit different corners of the Glade. Have your own unique Nest experience.

What's On?

Check out the What When Where Guide to see the schedule of activities on at any given time. You’re welcome to drop in and join anything on the programme (unless otherwise stated) so see what tickles your fancy and go check it out!

Where to go?

Each of the Theme Camps brings something different to Nest. Swing by and check out the vibe!

Check out the art installations on display all across the Glade.

Visit the Effigy before it goes up in flames on Saturday! And leave a message in the Temple before it burns on Sunday night.

Safety and Wellbeing


If you need help, contact the Rangers on site. They will escalate to Security, Medical, Consent or Site Lead.

Do not swim in the lake. There is no lifeguard on duty.

Carry lights with you at night.

Be careful around fire. Respect the Fire Wardens’ instructions during the Burns.


If you need emotional support, head to Welfare Enough. Enjoy a cup of tea, some supportive words and a moment of calm away from it all.

Know your limits! Take care of yourself. The members of Welfare are trained in substance harm reduction if needed.

Take care of each other! Be kind and gentle with yourself and others.