During the Event

Every one of us makes Nest - find out how!


By purchasing a ticket, you’re committing to participate in the ongoing creation of this community, along fundamental principles & guidelines.

Want to be a Ranger? Help out at Welfare? Welcome new arrivals at Gate? Cook in the Event Kitchen? Or join one of the many other teams at Nest?

This year, we are trialing a new digital system for volunteer shifts. Watch this space for details closer to the event.

While signing up for your shifts, do bear in mind the less desirable time slots… are you brave and generous and chivalrous enough to take on tougher shifts? Your peers will be EXTRA grateful!

Sign up for Volunteer Shifts! (Not open)

Detailed Team Descriptions

See below for more information about some of the teams you can get involved with during the Burn at Nest. Everybody is recruiting so don’t hesitate to sign up using the Mega Volunteer Spreadsheet (not yet open for 2024)!


Rangering is an ideal way for newbies and old hands alike to et to know some new people! For a four-hour shift, you will be paired with another Nestling and will be in charge of patrolling the site, lending a hand to anyone who needs it. This may involve bashing in a stray tent peg, advising on the best way to dispose of rubbish, or simply pointing people in the right direction. You will always have an experienced Ranger Lead on call, as well as our on-site Security and Paramedic teams, in case anything more serious should occur.

Applications not yet open.

Build and Strike

Who puts all those amazing structures up, and takes them down again after you leave? The Build and Strike team, of course! You won’t find a harder-working group of people, and they are always looking for new recruits. Whether you have a relevant skill (carpentry, DIY, power or logistics), or want to learn, WE WANT YOU!

Applications not yet open.

Gate Team

Where’s the party at? Baby, it’s at the Gate! Welcoming Nestlings as they arrive is rewarding and essential – who else is going to help out newbies who need to know where the loos are? You’ll be helping us give out wristbands, check tickets and direct Nestlings to the right place – first impressions count!

Applications not yet open.


Whether you’re feeling under the weather, flying high above the clouds, or feeling like you could use some company and a cup of tea, Welfare has you covered. Join the team of open hearted, caring individuals who support all fellow Nestlings in their times of need.

Applications not yet open.

Fire Wardens

Don’t burn, baby burn! Protect any wayward Nestlings from danger during the Effigy Burn and Temple Burn. Nestlings can be like moths drawn to an open flame. You’ll also help prepare the Burns before folks arrive. You might even get to light one!

Applications not yet open.

Leave a Better Trace (LBT)

One of our guiding Burner Principles is to Leave a Better Trace. That means that on top of leaving NO trace (LNT) on the land from our individual and group activities, we should be running initiatives to IMPROVE the site and the world through the Burn. Sign up for LBT shifts to participate in on-site activities like Sweeps of MOOP (Matter Out of Place), Waste and Recycling (WAR) Zone Shifts and LBT initiatives.

Applications not yet open.

Event Kitchen

Welcome to kitchen! Anyone can jump in to make sure our volunteers stay fed and watered during event week.

Applications not yet open.


Join teams installing Decor around site, Building and maintaining the Point, Constructing the Effigy and the Temple! And then at the end, take it all down. (Not the Effigy and Temple. They will be ash.)

Be sure to sign up for Early Access if you’re arriving on site before the Monday at the start of the event.


Join the Consent team for shifts on duty during the Event. You’ll be a point person on call to help support individuals, resolve issues, and keep people feeling safe. Shifts will be allocated within the team.

Applications not yet open.