How to get involved before the Burn

You are invited to join the team and help organise Nest 2024!

Do you want to see something specific at Nest? Help make it happen. We are a Do-Ocracy.  Whether you’re an old hand at something, or always wanted to try it and think you could pick it (with guidance, of course!), volunteering with Burning Nest is rewarding and fun!

There are many ways to contribute! All open roles are listed in detail below. In order from most to least involved:

  • Become a Link or Co-Link in charge of coordinating a Circle and its Leads.
  • Take on a Lead Role in charge of one specific aspect of the Burn.
  • Join a Circle

If you want to volunteer during the event, go to the During the Event page.

If you want to lend a hand but still aren’t sure how, please get in touch with us at or fill in this form.

2024 Organising Team

Take a Lead Role

All Lead roles at Nest are filled by people like you. Some roles have a broad remit. Others take charge of one specific area of the burn. Different roles require different qualities, and there’s a position for every set of skills. Do you feel like stepping up and taking some responsibility? See below for the full list of open roles.

Open Roles

If you are interested in any of these roles, get in touch with our lovely cat wranglers at!


Lost Property Guru (DPW)
For those interested in helping absent-minded burners reunite with their treasured possessions! There will be a Lost Property box on site, which the Gate team will help manage. At the end of the event, the Lost Property Guru will help people collect their lost property on the way out of site. Anything else that is left or found during strike will need to be collected and either reunited with its owner or donated to charity.
Fire Safety Team (Edge of Chaos)
Looking for all burn-lovers out there! The burning of the Effigy and the Temple are a moment of connection and reflection that we cherish at the end of Nest, but we still need more volunteers to help Kati, our new Fire Marshal Lead, making sure that we can burn while caring for the safety of our community:
Perimeter co-lead: help wrangle the volunteers who will be guarding the perimeter during the burns (this includes pre-event planning and being on shift during at least one of the burns)
Burnable Arts co-lead: liaising with the Temple & Effigy teams (everything happens before the structures burn, remotely or on site)
Fire response co-lead: supporting with general tasks and liaising with the fire safety team (this includes pre-event planning and being on shift during at least one of the burns)

Decor team (Art)

Would you like to help beautifying public spaces around the cosmic carnival theme? We are looking for anyone who has an interest in art or decor to help organise and take part in making workshops, meetups, and charity shop raids in the lead up to Nest.

Circles are recruiting!

Do you want to help organize as a part of a team? If you want to help out, but don’t want a Lead role, contact the Circles below, who are recruiting general team members.

Department of Public Works (DPW)

DPW need YOU! Department of Public Works are the team that organise all the exciting infrastructure stuff to get the event ready in time for all our wonderful theme camps and participants to enjoy – lighting, power, gate, waste, toilets, logistics, storage, workshop, kitchen etc. Applications are now open, no experience necessary. If you have a passion for logistics, are highly organised, but not afraid to get hands-on when needed, DPW want you!

Leave A Better Trace (LBT)

This year, we are supporting more LBT initiatives. We welcome you to propose your own as well! Some ideas include a Burner Bus from London, long-term natural loo solutions, more integrated LBT communications, community MOOP sweeps and more! Click this box to reach out by email and join the team!


Burning Nest 2024’s Consent Team will build on the success of 2023’s team to continue to improve consent awareness, education, reporting and incident management at Nest.

Applications not yet open.

Department of Propaganda (Comms)

Our Comms Circle is vital in transmitting information from Nestlings to Core, and from Core to Nestlings! If you have an interest in social media, marketing, customer service or creative writing, we want you for our Comms Circle.

Experience of WordPress and Mailchimp would be great, but enthusiasm and the ability to learn are just as important. Click this box to reach out by email and join the team!


We need some help planning and designing our space! If you have a flair for decorating and some ideas on how to best use our Glade to its full potential as part of the Arts Circle, get in touch.

The Point

The Point is a dynamic, pivotal location in the Burning Nest experience! You can support it and make use of it in different ways. Maybe you’ll help organise, build, and strike the physical structure of The Point for use as a community space, info resource, and location of events. Make it practical, comfy and incredible. Maybe you’ll bring a party or event or piece of art to the space!

Click this box to contact Tish and the team in the Community Circle.

Anything else?

We are always looking for capable, knowledgeable people to join us at Nest HQ. Maybe you have experience from running other Burns, or you have a particular set of skills that could help our event run smoothly? If so, get in touch!