Ticket Sale Dates

Please note: only 1 ticket is allowed per registered attendee. If you have somehow managed to buy more than one ticket the other attendee will also have to register. Contact if you have any further enquiries. Thank you. 

First Wave (Closed)

  • Sunday, November 26th at 1:00 PM GMT
  • 500 Tickets
  • You must have a 2024 Burner Bio to purchase your ticket to Burning Nest. Burner Bios will go live on the Quicket page along with tickets .
  • One (1) adult ticket per Burner Bio, plus children’s tickets.

Second Wave (Closed)

  • Thursday, January 18th at 7:00 PM GMT
  • 400 Tickets
  • You must have a 2024 Burner Bio to purchase your ticket to Burning Nest. Fill your Burner Bio on the Quicket page.
  • One (1) adult ticket per Burner Bio, plus children’s tickets.

Final Wave (Open)

  • Monday, April 1st at 4:00 PM BST
  • Remainder of tickets released
  • You must have a 2024 Burner Bio to purchase your ticket to Burning Nest. Fill your Burner Bio on the Quicket page.
  • One (1) adult ticket per Burner Bio, plus children’s tickets.

Inclusion Tickets

  • 10% of tickets are reserved for Low Income Inclusion and Carers.
  • Every Inclusion Ticket application will be anonymised and reviewed by a team against a standard set of criteria including employment status, income, and some other factors. Please see the FAQ below for more details on the full process.
  • The Inclusion Ticket form will close in Spring 2024.
  • A waitlist will be created if needed.
  • Successful applicants will receive an inclusion code by email to buy a unique ticket with.
  • Inclusion codes are valid for a fixed period. If they are not used they will be cancelled and issued to the next applicant on the list. We will send out notifications of deadlines after time has passed without claiming.
  • Inclusion tickets may not be transferred directly. Contact the if you wish to have your ticket refunded and passed to the next person on the waiting list.
Apply for an Inclusion Ticket


Burning Nest is in the process of reviewing its governance & organisation.

This year, all Nestlings have the chance to opt in to becoming legal members of Burning Nest Ltd., which comes with certain rights and responsibilities. Learn more about memberships. Tick the checkbox in your Burner Bio during registration to opt in to becoming a member of Burning Nest Ltd. You can update your Burner Bio at any time on the Quicket website.

Note: unlike in past years, tickets and membership are not the same thing.

Ticket Types

Each Burner may purchase one of the following:

  • Adult Ticket: £170
  • Adult Ticket + £55 donation: £225
  • Adult Ticket + £105 donation: £275
  • Low Income Inclusion Ticket: £90 (with approved application)

You may also purchase one of these if applicable:

  • Parking Permit (Also serves as a Live in Vehicle Pass): £30
  • Carer Ticket: £1 (with approved application)

You may purchase as many of these as needed:

  • Child Ticket (aged 14 or under): £1
  • Child ticket (aged 15-18): £60

Ticket FAQ

I can’t find my ticket? Where is it!?!?

First check your inbox and spam folders. Failing that read on: –

Head to and create an account with the email you bought the tickets with (if you haven’t got an account already). Once logged in hover over your email on the top right and click “My Tickets”. Once there click “manage booking” on the relevant ticket that appears. Then on the right click View Ticket PDF. This is all you need alog with your ID to gain access to the festival.

What do I need to do with my ticket before the event?

You can either show your ticket on your smartphone or print them off before getting to the site.

Instructions on where to find your tickets can be found here.

I need to add parking/a carer/under 18s to my ticket, how do I add them after purchase?

Head to the event page and click the link in the note at the top of the page to be taken to the parking permits, add the relevant option and complete your check out! Ensure you are logged in on the account you made the order on. If you’re adding a carer ticket please ensure the account of the ticket holder who needs care is logged in. 

I can no longer attend the event, what do I do?

Sorry that you can’t join us :(. Unfortunately we can no longer offer a refund. Budgets have been allocated, materials bought and overheads are handed over.

You can however transfer your ticket to someone else. Please use the ticket resale thread on Facebook.

You can transfer it using the “manage booking” instructions under the first question on this page.

How do I transfer my ticket to someone else?

If you wish to transfer your ticket(s) to another person this must be done via the Quicket website (the service you bought your ticket through).

Next to your ticket on the site you will find a link that will allow you to transfer to another person. A form will appear.

Fill in this form and you should receive confirmation that your ticket has been transferred successfully. Please note that low income tickets cannot be transferred.

Can I transfer my low-income ticket?

No. There is a waitlist for low-income tickets. If you can no longer attend Nest, please contact to  allow it ticket to be allocated to the next person in the queue. You can resell your low-income ticket under “My Tickets” -> “Manage Booking” -> “Request a Refund” and the team will allocate your inclusion ticket to the next person on the list.

How can I be sure a ticket transfer is legitimate?

Be wary of scammers. Remember that every Burner can only purchase a single ticket, so beware anybody selling multiple tickets. Tickets should be resold at cost. Please report anybody trying to turn a profit on ticket resales. Ticket transfers should use the Quicket transfer system. Avoid using other systems, as they may be scams.

Can I speak to a human for help?

Sure! Please email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How are inclusion ticket applications processed?

In 2024 we’re introducing a new process for assessment and awarding of inclusion tickets. We feel that this improves the fairness & impartiality of the process, ensuring that reduced price inclusion tickets are available for those in financial hardship who would not otherwise be able to attend Nest. We have very much followed practice at other burns in developing our new process, being particularly influenced by the processes at Microburn & Nowhere.

Our new process uses a team of people to assess applications, rather than one person as previously.Once an application is made via the google form this is reviewed by theticketing lead who then removes all names, camps, locations or other identifying information before passing on the anonymised submission to a team of 3. The ticketing lead then plays no further role in assessment of applications beyond that of communication between the team & the applicant.

The team of 3 assessors, having no knowledge of who submitted which application, then reviews each application making a choice of ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or ‘More info’, passing this back to the ticketing lead along with their notes on the application & any further info needed.

Our team of assessors all work to a set of guidelines – which for obvious reasons will not be made public – but which we feel are fair and comprehensive. Ensuring all applications are assessed on the same basis,to the same criteria, but giving scope for the 3 assessors to exercise their judgement.

Where there is unanimity between the 3 this decision stands, where there is some difference of opinion the application is discussed and a consensus arrived at. More info may also be required following this review.

Once more info has been obtained, if needed, a final decision is reached and passed to the ticketing lead who then communicates to the applicant,with a Quicket ticket code, if successful, and further details of how to claim an inclusion ticket.

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Photo credit: Casey Horner


The acquisition of the ticket and/or the entrance to the Burning Nest event (“the Event”) implies the acceptance and confirmation of the following conditions, as a Participant of the same:

1. Disclaimer

Art installations, theme camps, vehicles, events and performances are not owned or operated by Burning Nest Ltd and, therefore, you assume any risk of injury or loss associated with or derived from these or from events that may occur in relation to them, exempting Burning Nest Ltd from any claim derived from said risk.
Participant releases Burning Nest Ltd, its workers, directors, members, employees, volunteers, representatives, agents, contractors and subcontractors, and other participants from all liability for damages, losses, liability and expenses, in connection with or resulting from its participation in any program, event, activity or service at the Event. The Participant also accepts that these conditions will be interpreted broadly in order to provide an exoneration of liability to the maximum extent possible in accordance with what is permitted by applicable law.

2. Remember that

The Participant agrees to read and abide by these conditions, the rules contained in the survival guide, the principles of participation, as well as to comply with local and national UK laws.
Commercial sale is prohibited, as are any types of firearms, solid fuels, fireworks, rockets, and other explosives.
This is an event THAT LEAVES NO TRACE. Before your departure, you will be asked to contribute by spending at least an hour cleaning up the site, in addition to cleaning up your own camp.

3. Right of Admission

Minors under 18 must be accompanied by their mother, father or guardian. If the Participant is accompanied by a minor to the event, he is accepting the contractual terms and conditions on behalf of the latter, as well as being the sole and exclusive person responsible for the minor, exempting Burning Nest Ltd from any liability while he remains at the Event.
Access to the Event is a revocable license that may be terminated at any time. Any conduct contrary to the Burning Nest Code of Conduct or the law will not only lead to expulsion from the event without the possibility of re-entry to it, but will also be reported to the competent authorities. Burning Nest Ltd declines all responsibility in these acts.

4. End of the Event ahead of schedule

The ticket price will not be refundable including the termination of the Event earlier than expected due to inclement weather, force majeure, government regulation or other conditions beyond the control of Burning Nest Ltd.

5. Inability to attend

Should any participant be unable to attend Burning Nest the ticket price will not be refundable.

6. Privacy

To protect Participant’s rights of privacy and free expression, the use of images taken at Burning Nest (for other than personal use) without Burning Nest Ltd’s prior written consent is prohibited.

7. Health and safety prevention

The Event will act in accordance with the current regulations issued by the Health & Safety Executive & Teignbridge District Council on health, also putting into practice any other extraordinary prevention and security measure that it deems appropriate in accordance with the principle of protection of the participants and local communities.

8. Burning Man

Burning Man is not a producer or organizer of the Event, and Burning Man accepts no liability arising out of or in connection with the event.

9. Updates

There is the possibility that we contact the Participant by email or regular mail in order to send them news and information about Burning Nest Ltd and related events. Likewise, there is the possibility that these conditions must be updated in the future. Check out the final version of the Nest 2024 Survival Guide.