Community safety agreements for vehicles

As we’ve expanded our capacity for 2022, we’re laying the free camping field out a little differently this year. This year we will have vehicle access routes and toilet blocks in two locations, so we can all spread out and not have to worry about a long walk to the loo in the middle of the night. 

Live-in vehicles can still park in free camping, cars can still unload by tents and there is still a car park to pop your car back into. We have some community safety agreements below with regards to free camping and vehicles – please take the time to read and understand them, to plan out your stay: 

  • Please avoid driving vehicles during sleeping hours in Free Camping (10pm – 8am). Once vehicles are parked please avoid turning on engines, particularly at night when people are asleep.
  • Any vehicles camping in the main camping areas must be parked on the edge of the marked access routes facing outward into the access route so that they can pull forward safely without being blocked by tents.
  • Tents must be pitched 6m away from vehicles for mitigating fire risk and preventing carbon monoxide fumes from being inhaled by those in tents. This also applies to generators.
  • There is a car park for parking of vehicles, and we recommend that all non-live-in vehicles are parked here. Vehicles doing drop offs may only use the access routes and must not drive through the marked out camping areas.
  • Live-in vehicles can mix with the tents but must observe the safety advice provided above.

For any questions, please contact