Directions to Burning Nest

How to get here - for ticket-holders' eyes only!

Directions to Burning Nest

To keep our Nestlings safe and our Glade nice and private, we release address details and directions only to ticket-holders, just before the event.

Our Burning Nest Glade is in Chudleigh, Devon.

The address is below but DO NOT BLINDLY FOLLOW YOUR SATNAV. Look at the directions and photos below and make sure your end destination is correct, using the entrance next to Gappah Lane.

Exact co-ordinates are: 50.58589470098388, -3.5885923821937267

The gate address is:
Gappah Lane
Newton Abbot
TQ13 0AQ

Here is a Google Maps pin:

If you’re following a satnav, you can point it to Gappah Lane but do not turn down Gappah Lane! Continue on the slip road and the gate is just afterwards.

Driving instructions

This is the Gate you are looking for, just after Gappah Lane.

Do not deviate from these directions, as you will end up the wrong side of the estate and you will not be permitted entry there.

The Burning Nest gate off Gappah Lane

To get to Gappah Lane, you will need to take the A380.

The turn off onto Gappah Lane is on the Northbound A380 heading toward Exeter.

The sign to prepare you to turn off onto Gappah Lane looks like this:

Please bear in mind, the A380 has a central reservation which you cannot cross – it’s no problem if you’re already heading north from Plymouth.

If you are are coming from London or Exeter, you will need to head further south and past the turn off, all the way down to the Sandygate intersection and do a complete U-turn, to get onto the northbound lane of the A380.

See across for a Google Map representation. The long blue line comes down from Exeter, before pulling a u-turn and back up again the other side.

The turn off to Gappah, off the left hand side of the A380 is signposted as below, and the entrance to the Nest Gate is a couple of short moments’ drive after that.

outside Nest gate

Public Transport

The nearest train station is Newton Abbot or Exeter. You can check timetables and buy tickets via National Rail.

Coaches are available to central Exeter, which you can book via or National Express  or Megabus.

Local buses run from both Exeter and Newton Abbot, and the nearest stop to Burning Nest is ‘New Lodge’ – it is very close to the Gate.

From Newton Abbot station: Number 7 bus to “New Lodge” stop, at site entrance. (15 mins)

From Exeter Bus Station: Number 7 bus to “New Lodge” (35 mins)

The buses are run by Stagecoach. Check their website for other routes and timetables. Local buses may stop running early evening and you may need to use taxis if arriving later.

We’ve even found you some taxi numbers in Exeter and taxi numbers in Newton Abbot, just in case you get stuck.

bus stop nearest to Nest

Please do not share this information with anyone who is not a ticket-holder. We will have security on the gate at all times, and only ticket-holders will be permitted entry.