Art Grants


Grant Types


Large or small, we want to hear if you’ve got an idea you want to bring to Nest, but don’t have the funding for.

In a change from the last couple of years, we’re looking at art projects separately to theme camps, so any application for funding of art that sits outside of ‘infrastructure’ should be applied under this section.


Workshops and activities are a really important part of Nest, and we want to encourage as many as possible.

If you would like help with the cost of any materials you need for these, please make a community project application.


We loved how many new Theme Cabins were created last year, and we want to see more!

We’re happy to support with modest applications for decor/infrastructure that will support your theme camp offering a great experience to the rest of Nest.

Available Funding

This year we are holding two cycles of funding applications.

Cycle 1 ended on 8 February.

Cycle 2 is currently welcoming applications and ends on 25 April for anything under £800.

Applications requesting in excess of £800 were considered in Cycle 1. We will not consider projects over £800 in Cycle 2.

We will accept applications after 25 April, but we cannot guarantee there will be any funding left, so please help yourselves and get your applications in early.

As with last year, there is no hard and fast rule for what percentage of the total cost of the project Nest will contribute (previously it has been 75% at most).

The application will ask you for the total cost of your project and the amount you’re asking Nest to commit. Please remember that we only have a finite amount of money, so our response might be that we prepared to fund less than your application requests. Don’t let that put you off applying – for very deserving projects, we’re happy to give 100% of costs if needed. Please be clear about why you need 100% funding on your application.

In addition to the three areas of grant allocation offered in Cycle 1, we’ll also be offering grants to transport art that has already been created. This can include the transport of musical instruments for performances.

In order to be more inclusive of people who might otherwise face barriers to attending/bringing art to Nest, in Cycle 1 we’re ring-fencing chunks of the grant funding pot for people from specific groups. Therefore you will be asked if you identify as a person of colour, someone with a disability or from the LGBTQ community. We’re also offering these groups the opportunity to apply for transport costs, which we don’t offer more generally.


  • First of all, you must have a completed Burner Bio.
  • Populate the application form and submit.
  • After submission, we may have some follow up questions to your application.
  • Follow up questions may include health and safety or logistical questions. If we don’t get responses to these we may not be able to offer a grant.
  • Art grants will be paid after Nest 2018 is over, apart from in exceptional circumstances – get in contact if that’s you.
  • Please make sure you keep all your receipts! We will email everyone for these once Nest is done.



Cycle 1 runs from now to 8 February and welcomes any applications.

Cycle 2 runs 8 Feb – 25 April for anything under £800.

If you are requesting in excess of £800, you must apply in Cycle 1. We will not consider projects over £800 in Cycle 2.


We aim to communicate decisions for Cycle 1 the week of 12th Feb.

If you need a decision before this for production reasons please contact and we can talk.

We aim to communicate decisions for Cycle 2 the week of 30th April.