Art Grants

This year we want your BIG ideas.

Overzealous, grandiose and terrifyingly ambitious pipe dreams.

To support you, we have a bigger and better budget this year which we hope will get more ambitious projects off the ground and into our Primordial Wonderland at Nest 2019.

We’d like to encourage people to help support another project if their own application isn’t successful. This way we hope to build a strong community and network of artists collaborating to create bigger and better things each year, together.

You can also find some helpful info on resources such as makerspaces on the above link which we hope you’ll find useful.

Of course, we still want to hear about any and all of the smaller, more intimate pieces you’ve been dreaming about: the ideas that make Nest the incredibly special space that we love.

Grant Types


Large or small, we want to hear if you’ve got an idea you want to bring to Nest, but don’t have the funding for.


Workshops, activities, walkabouts and community engagement projects help bring our community together at the event and we’d like to support as many as possible.

If you would like help with the cost of any materials you need for these, please make a community project application.


We love you guys and we really want more of you, but this year we are asking you to be as resourceful as possible and try and get everything you need for basic infrastructure from fundraising and camp fees. This will allow us to allocate more funding to art projects this year. Don’t let it stop you applying though as we want to support as many ideas as possible. We can’t fund basic infrastructure (such as domes/tents/kitchen items), but we encourage you to apply for decor of public spaces, art projects and community projects.

Available Funding

This year we are holding two cycles of funding applications.

Cycle 1: 11th December to 31st January 2019 (ended)

Cycle 2: 1st February to 29th March 2019 (currently open)

We ask anyone with big projects costing in excess of £800 to apply during cycle one so we can give you the go ahead with enough time for your creation to be realised. Any projects that may need more time can be considered on a case by case basis and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please be aware that you may not receive 100% funding – most projects do not. Each project will be assessed individually. If you feel like you need 100% funding, please be clear on why you feel it is necessary.

After you’ve submitted your application, we may have some follow up questions, such as health and safety or logistical queries. If we don’t get responses to these we may not be able to offer you a grant. Most art grants will be paid after Nest 2019 is over, aside from in exceptional circumstances – get in contact if that’s you. So please make sure you keep all your receipts! We will email everyone for these after the event.

More info on the decision-making process can be found here.

More info specifically on what we do and don’t fund can be found here.

If you have a question about art grants that isn’t covered here or in our FAQs then contact


Please complete and submit this application form 




Cycle 1 from now to 31st January  

All applications welcome. Any applications for projects costing over £800 are encouraged to be submitted early.

Cycle 2 from 1st February to 29th March for any project costing below £800


Week commencing 4th Feb: we aim to communicate outcomes for Cycle 1 applicants

Week commencing 1st April: we aim to communicate outcomes for Cycle 2 applicants

If you need a decision before these dates for production reasons, please contact


So, what are we looking for? What will improve my chances of getting a grant?

A good application will have a thoroughly researched budget with a realistic breakdown of costs, a thorough description and if appropriate accompanying visuals to portray their idea, and a well-thought out plan for how they will make sure it succeeds. It will also show serious planning of Leave No Trace and health and safety issues. We also consider things like: is it interactive or participatory? Does it stand out, is it something unique? Is it good value for money?

See more information on our decision-making process here

Can I bring art to Nest even if I didn’t apply for/receive a grant?

Of course! Yes please! Look out for announcements later in the year for registering art.

How much of a project’s budget will Nest fund?

There is no hard and fast rule, but we very rarely fund the full cost. In the past we have often funded between 50% – 80% of costs, but a lot depends on the number of applications in comparison to the budget available.

What are the requirements to fulfil my end of the bargain if I’m funded?

Finish your art and bring it to Nest! Keep RECEIPTS for everything purchased towards the project so you can send them to the Finance Lead in order to get reimbursed.