Ticketing FAQ 2023

I can’t find my ticket? Where is it!?!?

First check your inbox and spam folders. Failing that read on: –

Head to quicket.com and create an account with the email you bought the tickets with (if you haven’t got an account already). Once logged in hover over your email on the top right and click “My Tickets”. Once there click “manage booking” on the relevant ticket that appears. Then on the right click View Ticket PDF. This is all you need alog with your ID to gain access to the festival.

What do I need to do with my ticket before the event?

You can either show your ticket on your smartphone or print them off before getting to the site.

Instructions on where to find your tickets can be found here.

How do I transfer my ticket to someone else?

If you wish to transfer your ticket(s) to another person this must be done via the Quicket website (the service you bought your ticket through).

Next to your ticket on the site you will find a link that will allow you to transfer to another person. A form will appear.

Fill in this form and you should receive confirmation that your ticket has been transferred successfully. Please note that if you are transferring a low income ticket to another person they will need to fill in the inclusion form.

I need to add parking/a carer/under 18s to my ticket, how do I add them after purchase?

Head to https://www.quicket.com/events/156433-burning-nest-2023/ and click the link in the note at the top of the page to be taken to the parking permits, add the relevant option and complete your check out! Ensure you are logged in on the account you made the order on. If you’re adding a carer ticket please ensure the account of the ticket holder who needs care is logged in. 

I can no longer attend the event, what do I do?

Sorry that you can’t join us :(. Unfortunately we can no longer offer a refund. Budgets have been allocated, materials bought and overheads are handed over.

You can however transfer your ticket to someone else. We are encouraging people to seek out those who are selling their tickets (rather than purchasing directly from the ticket page). The facebook group here has a thread for resale, or you can do a quick search to see if you can match up with someone who is looking to buy your ticket.

You can transfer it using the instructions under the first question on this page.

Can I speak to a human for help?

Sure! Please email us at ticketing.burningnest@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.