Nest has been described as a “festival”, an “arts event” and an “experimental community”.

It is an event that brings together human creativity through art, music, workshops, performances and diverse people. It is an LNT and Consent-positive event. 

It is a 7 day TEMPORARY COMMUNITY INSPired by Burning Man that runs on 11 core principles.

Nest takes place 25-31 May 2016.

Part of the magic at Nest is there are no visitors, no spectators, only participants. The content of the event is determined by the participants who create it. Therefore, all are invited who wish to participate. 

The site is located in the Goytre Valley, Port Talbot, Wales. The site is equipped with running water and access to electricity. Exact location will be sent to membership holders. 

How can I participate?

NEST is created by you! Participation is mandatory for any member of the event. There are many ways to contribute, including taking a volunteer position, creating an art installation, holding a workshop, coordinating a performance, running a theme camp, and participating in Build and Strike. 

Please see the list of volunteer descriptions, and consider taking a lead role. Lead roles are an incredible way to get to know the community, learn new skills, and really make an impact at NEST.  

Where will I sleep?
Camping Option: 
Camping is free and is allowed in designated camping areas. You do not need to register to camp, as this will be the option that the majority of members will use. 

Bunkhouse Option
There are a number of indoor, bunkhouse options available, but priority will be given to those who are running a theme camp, and those who are coming with families. Remaining bunkhouse options will go on sale on a first come, first serve basis. Options range from about £10 to £50 for the whole event. More information will be posted shortly before options go on sale. 

How will I get there?
By Bus:
This is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to arrive on site for the festival. More information on the NEST bus will be posted, but costs will be around £15 each way, with multiple arrival and departure options. 

By train:
Take the train to Port Talbot and it is a 2 miles from the site. Taxi’s are available at the train station, but do not operate very late at night or very early in the morning. 

Will there be a communal meal plan?
We are still determining the feasibility of a communal meal plan. If the meal plan is available, priority will go to those who are running a theme camp outside of the cabin option. We will have about 200 -250 spaces available. Otherwise, people will be expected to supply and cook their own food. 


By Car:
We highly discourage you from driving to the site, and a Parking Pass is mandatory. Parking is extremely limited, and you may not park on the road or in the town below the site. Parking Passes will go on sale closer to the event.

How will I get my stuff there?
NEST Transportation: 
NEST will have it's very own infrastructure transportation option, available to those who need to get materials for projects or activities to site and back into London. More information will be posted. 

How do I purchase membership?

Please note that we do not sell "tickets" to a festival, we are encouraging people who wish to participate to purchase a membership. By doing so, you are agreeing to contribute to the creation of NEST as an event. 

If you want to buy a ticket to a festival, may we recommend Glastonbury or BoomTown? If you want to become apart of a co-creation space that facilitates our 11 Principles, the click the button below. 

The first wave of memberships have been allocated.

The Second and Final Wave of memberships will be released on Sunday, 7th February at midday (12:00 GMT). Low income and Scholarship applications will remain open until Thursday 4th February.

For details click below: