Important ticket news for 2022

By February 19, 2022Nest 2022, Tickets

Our tickets sold out in record time this year! If you missed out, all is not lost just yet.

  1. Unclaimed rollover tickets: we still have rollover tickets from 2020’s event, waiting to be claimed. If you purchased a ticket in 2020 and you have not followed the instructions in the email sent to you yet, please do so ASAP! The deadline for claiming rollover tickets is 30th April – after that, they will be added back into the ticket pool for resale. If you are unsure of whether you have a ticket, or have not received the email, please get in touch.
  2. Private resale of tickets: if you bought a ticket (either this year or in 2020) and cannot attend, you can transfer it to someone else within Quicket. Simply log in, click My Tickets to view your ticket, then Transfer Tickets. You can fill in the recipient’s details and the tickets will be safely transferred. The deadline for transferring tickets is now 30th May (increased from 30th April previously)If you want to resell a rolled-over ticket, you must claim it first.
  3. Possibility of increased capacity: we are currently in discussion with the local council to expand our capacity over the current limit of 500 people. This would allow us to release another wave of tickets all at once, and increase the funding available for art grants. To make this possible, we need an idea of how many people want to attend, but have not been able to buy a ticket yet – so we have created a way to register your interest. Please fill in the form here, and send this on to anyone you know who would like to attend!

Important inclusion ticket note

We have noticed there are a few Inclusion tickets that have been purchased without filling in an Inclusion form first. You must fill in a form so that we can assess your situation and decide whether we can grant you a ticket – we have a limited amount available each year. If you have purchased a ticket and not filled the form in or spoken to our Inclusion team first, please do so now – otherwise your ticket will be refunded to you and your ticket added back to the pool. The deadline for this is 30th April.

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