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January 2022

Join the Edge of Chaos!

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Edge of Chaos (Health & Safety/Licensing / Legal & ops) Needs YOU!?!

Seeking Gods/ Goddesses and general Heavenly beings of co-ordination to help keep us all legal and compliant during the Nest event this year.

Do you know your booze licensing from liability? Insurance from Indemnity? Want to help us insure an effigy burn (seriously, this IS a thing)? Fancy helping us chat to the council, medical folk and assorted ‘grown-up official type folk’ to allow us all play (safely) this Summer?

It may seem an oxymoron in multiple of multiple ways, yet we need organised burners to help us organise to disorganise!

We have an experienced Edge of Chaos team, ready to show you the ropes and pass on their knowledge – so you’ll be supported every step of the way.

If all this sounds interesting, please get in touch!

Ticket information for Nest 2022

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Are you excited?

We certainly are! It’s not long until tickets go on sale (12 noon UK time, 30th January, AKA this Sunday), but we have a few updates for you to make note of, before you steam ahead with your fistfuls of hard-earned cash.

What do I need to do before Sunday?

You need to make an account on Quicket, and bookmark the ticketing page on our website, so you can hit the big blue button at 12 noon.

What about Burner Bios?

We have decided to scrap Burner Bios this year, as we feel they are a bit confusing. They were intended to ensure that everyone attending Burning Nest was aware that it is not a normal festival (with a sponsored beer tent, and paid-for acts, and overpriced burgers in styrofoam boxes), and that lots of Radical Self-Reliance is needed!

We will still be asking everyone buying a ticket to read and agree to our 11 Principles, and it would be a very good idea to have a look at our Survival Guide, too. Why not do it in advance, now, like extremely eager beavers?

Rolled-over tickets

There are some important things to note, for Nestlings who kindly rolled their 2020 tickets over to 2022. Each one of you will be receiving an email soon, with a voucher code that will give you 100% off this year’s Nest ticket. Cool, huh? This will enable you to claim your rolled-over tickets easily, and also means that if you’d like to sell or donate your ticket to someone else, all you need to do is send them your code – it will only work once! 

Rolled-over ticket allocation will happen separately to standard ticket sales, so there’s no need to rush on Sunday. There will be an eventual deadline for this process though, so don’t wait until the last minute!

Inclusion, carer, child and parking tickets

If you’d like to apply for an inclusion or carer ticket, please fill in this form as soon as you can, so we can assess your needs. If you would like to bring a carer with you, please enter their details on the form too. Carer tickets are free.

If you are bringing Fledgelings with you, you can buy their tickets through Quicket as well – they can be added during the checkout process.

You can also select a parking permit as you check out – this covers both vehicles in our car park, and live-in vehicles. No pass, no parking!

Join the big volunteer family!

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We may make it look like this event of ours runs smoothly and without any hitches whatsoever (cough), but we couldn’t do it without our various teams (we call them Circles) of devoted volunteers. They work before, during and after the event to make sure it all runs smoothly, collaborating every step of the way to share their talents as needed. 

This year, we have a few vacancies we’d like to fill as soon as possible:

Arts: Handling the all-important Art Grants, beautifying our site, designing the handbook, and lending their arty skills to newsletter and website design too.

Department of Public Works: On-site logistics, theme camp placements, power and lighting, toilets… these are just a few of the tasks handled by the DPW team!

Edge of Chaos: If you feel a deep kinship with Hermes Conrad, and know how to bridge the gap between Burner chaos and Council bureaucracy, we want you! EOC deals with licensing, sound management and insurance before the event, as well as overseeing Rangers, medical and security teams at the event.

Leave A Better Trace: Going one better than “Leave No Trace”, we want to leave our site in a better state than when we found it. For this we need some dedicated volunteers both before and during the event, to help with our environmental goals.

Memberships/ticketing: Whatever you want to call them, we need someone to help us manage our memberships! Answering queries, processing refunds, and liaising with our Gate Team to help co-ordinate people on-site.

If you’d like to know more about any of these roles, please contact us via this form.

Memberships on sale 30th Jan at 12 noon!

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Even though the weather is cold and rainy, we have some news to (hopefully) lift those January blues. Nest HQ has been hard at work these past few weeks, planning, plotting, and blowing the cobwebs off the great engine that makes this whole event work. 

We are very happy to announce that membership sales will be open next Sunday 30th January at 12 noon!

As in previous years, you will need to log in to Quicket and fill in your Burner Bio for 2022. Even if you have attended in previous years, you must do it again this year (we will be advising how in the next couple of days)! 

Nestlings with rolled-over 2020 memberships 

If you chose to roll your membership over in 2020, you do not need to buy it again this year. That includes parking tickets, so sit back and bask in the knowledge that your generosity not only helped us limp through to 2022, but that you don’t need to set an alarm for next Sunday! 

If you’re unsure whether you have a membership from 2020, please get in touch with us at, and we can check for you.

Prices and capacity

We know these are two topics on everyone’s mind – how much, and how many? We have decided to keep standard memberships at £130 for 2022, the same as in 2020, and will be releasing two waves of memberships – one on 30th January, and another later on.

We may have the ability to increase our capacity this year, pending approval from the local council. However we would like to throw this decision out to everyone, and get your feedback – please join the conversation on Loomio to have your say.

Full details of all membership prices, and how to apply for an Inclusion, Carer or Starship membership, will be updated on our website shortly.