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May 2023

Mobile Friendly WWW Guide

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What are you up to next week?

Yeah, sure we’ll all be hanging out on the Glade… but what specifically will you be doing? Where and when?

The What Where When Guide dropped last week. Ticket-holders have received an email (subject: “Burning┬áNest 2023: Glitch in Reality”) with a whole bunch of info, including a link to a password-protected page where you can download a mobile-friendly version of the WWW Guide. (If you are a ticket holder and can’t find your info email, send a note to

There will be physical copies available on site for most participants, but not enough for everybody to have one. Anyway, in the meantime you can get ahead on your planning, and see what activities you’re into!

A look inside the mind of one over-eager Nestling

By no means do you need to copy down every single listing in the WWW Guide that looks remotely interesting (even the ones that coincide with workshops you yourself are running!) That would be a bit much. On the other hand, if you enjoy that because it gives you a chance to process all the amazing events on offer next week, then now is your chance to do that ahead of the Burn! And you’ll end up with a personalised WWW Guide tailored to your interests. Don’t judge me!

Also, you can just use the digital WWW Guide directly. Or you can scribble on a physical copy picked up at Gate when you arrive. You do you!

Limiting your phone use at a Burn

I acknowledge that promoting a mobile-friendly WWW guide is a little bit at odds with the most recent post advocating for no phone use at Burns. A beautiful contradiction! How wonderful! The Principles are meant to be interpreted.

I will say that if you are carrying your phone to view the WWW guide, I advise you keep it on Airplane mode and use it for functional purposes only. Don’t get pulled out into the default world, people who aren’t at the Burn or the faceless internet.

See you soon on the Glade!

I look forward to sharing my workshops with you (acro, partner dance and rope — see if you can spot some of them flagged in the above list!) and joining you at yours and other peoples’!