Be Excellent to Each Other

[TW: sexual assault, but with but with an optimistic perspective and solutions-focus. No graphic descriptions.]

This article is an edited version of a piece written by a Burner. A survivor of sexual assault. 


A safe community

Every Burner at Nest should co-exist as equals in a state of freedom. All should feel safe, knowing those around them have the full intent to cause no harm. If harm occurs by accident or by ill intent, that they will be supported. It will be reported. Those who cause that damage will be held accountable. Nobody will be left alone in the moment, or in the days, weeks and months afterwards, to clean up damage. Our community supports each other with strength, dignity and fearless, powerful love. 

The Consent Team is here to help, but it is not up to them to bring about this reality on their own. We as a community must work together to make this a reality. 

Assault and violence – whether verbal, physical or psychological – will not be tolerated. See the Code of Conduct for details about acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. 


Avoid triggering trauma and crossing boundaries

So many people have had direct experience of violence in their lives. In particular, over two thirds of people who are not cis-gendered male, and not white have experienced some form of abuse or assault. 

Some people live in a state of vigilance as a survival mechanism. Vigilance is the root cause of so much stress, anxiety, depression, illness, loss and sadness. It is exhausting. It seeps into relationships, friendships, family, the workplace. It impacts the ability to feel, to connect, to love, to work, to grow, and to be happy. 

What might seem like a small small action (a light touch, or a tap, or a step into someone’s personal space, or a hug that lasts too long) could trigger someone, and reinforce their need for vigilance.


Be excellent to each other

Take your actions with awareness. Hold a desire for another person to live their best life. Don’t hurt other people, whether through maliciousness or carelessness. Do your part to bring about this vision of a safe community at Nest.

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