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April 2018

The Final Countdown!

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De-de-der derr-der-derr-de-derrrr!

Waaaah. It’s all too much. Too much to think about and prepare!! Let us help you.

At this point in the proceedings, there are two key things: What to bring, and where to hang out when you get there! That’s what this Nest News is all about.

Contents for this week 

  • Preparation

Planning & Preparation

Big piece of prep for Burning is always what to bring. Invariably, we must pack out what we pack in, however we do that. Here’s some advice from our LNT Lead, Stacy:

Leave No Trace (LNT) is one of the core principles of every Burn event. We each take personal responsibility for our impact and true LNT means that Burners leave only foot prints, for the long-term survival of our event and both the immediate and wider environment.

LNT starts with what we bring and how we get there, but intrinsically is about how we behave on site and beyond. We don’t leave MOOP – or Matter Out Of Place. Anything that isn’t in your tent or attached to you can be considered MOOP.  Our LNT team has some top tips for reducing your impact before, during and after Nest.

Make travel as sustainable as possible by taking public transport, organising a coach, ride-sharing, or even cycling to and from the site! You could even meet some Nestlings en route and make new friends!

Remove all excess packaging from everything you buy (food, supplies, tools) before you pack it. Reducing packaging is one of the best ways to avoid MOOP at Nest. Compostable containers are better; re-usable containers are best. You will be expected to take any excessive amounts of rubbish home with you. You absolutely must not dump it when you leave the site.

Bin bags, your own cup and bowl, portable ashtrays. Ensure you pack bin bags for trash and recycling and some way to get food waste to the compost zone. Bring your own cup and bowl: disposable cups, plates and cutlery are one of the biggest sources of trash at festivals. Burners make sure they always have an easy-to-carryreusable cup with them to use anywhere, anytime. Be responsible for your cup and keep with you for those surprise gift shots and margaritas! Cigarette butts are the most common MOOP item. Buy or make a portable ashtray (a mint tin, for instance) to collect your cigarette butts and ashes. Never, ever drop butts.

Glitter in any format, feather boas or sequinned items – basically anything that can fall off your clothing. Burners love to be glittery, but these little pieces of plastic, almost impossible to recover in full, are the worst offenders of MOOP and contaminate the local environment. Even biodegradable glitter will last a few months on the ground, and we want the site to look like we weren’t there the day after the event. If you’re an experienced Burner, set an example for newer members and express your beautiful selves using paint, costumes, your words and actions.

At Nest
Do a daily MOOP sweep of your tent area. If you are with a theme camp, do a regular line sweep of your camp with your camp-mates making sure you cover the whole area, and picking up all MOOP. Nothing is too small. If it wasn’t there before you arrived, it must not be there when you leave (or at any time in between). In camping LNT, we call this “making your tent bomb-proof”!

Key rule is: Never let MOOP hit the ground. Clean as you go. MOOP attracts more MOOP. When you see trash on the ground, pick it up and take it with you. Be the change you wish to see! Encourage your co-participants to do the same. Don’t be afraid to let someone know they’ve dropped rubbish or used the wrong bin – we are all here to help each other.

LNT for Life
Consider your impact while at Nest, on the way home and in your default life. How can you change your actions to lower your carbon costs, reduce waste, compost more, and encourage others to do the same? Oooh. Deep.

If you have any questions or you want to volunteer, please contact your LNT Lead Stacy or fill out the volunteer form. Each theme camp must have an LNT liaison – and you must get in touch with Stacy asap, so don’t delay.

Room Service! 

So OMAFG, a HUGE number of Cabins/Camps have registered to come to Nest this year. Seriously we are all spoilt for choice. Because there are too many to tell you about on Nest News by the time Nest actually arrives, we will be doing a big overhaul of the Cabin Page on the website to fill you all in, so to speak. I know i promised this last week – it’s taking a while because there’s SO MUCH to share. Pls bear with.

Instead, here’s a teeny precis for some of them, just to whet your appetite…

Intergalactic Häus of Mojo 
A cosmic dive bar on the edges of Neo-Orleans. A relaxing space during the day, with music in the evening. Not accepting new members at the mo but Mojo will be an great space for anyone with accessibility requirements and they will be hosting workshops.
Camp Flim Flam
Here to provide Nest 2018 with immersive theatrical experiences. Be transported from the constraints of material reality to the theatrical possibilities of imaginarial realms. The Flim Flammers will bring you a series of morphing, shape shifting characters and experiences. Accepting new members and family friendly, Flim Flam are your go-to for day time delights.
The Kinema in the Woods
A lovely chilled space for people to experience a pre-millennial life-style when television only had three channels and VHS was considered an advanced technology, with a nice cup of tea and a biccie for anyone dropping by to chat … Remember those times? 
Flight Academy
Our super brilliant family friendly home of excitement. We’ll have disco, storytelling, puppet theatre, Fairy Camp, foraging walks, mini costume camp. Inflatables for the water and general amusement. More of a chilled out cabin, open to all with the caveat that there will be children. We’ll also have hot drinks and Mom snacks. What’s not to love?
A wonderful fluffy centred place. Tea service, Cuddle puddles, Yoga, meditation, sharing circles. Definitely accepting new members and will be lots of super workshops and activities going on here.
The Flamin’ Merkins
The best margaritas you’ve ever tasted. Ever. You don’t need to know anything else.You can also find lots of info for everything on the Facebook Group, so do head there to hook yourself up!We are still actively anticipating wider community members step up and do wider community things, like organising hippy buses from major cities as but one example, or maybe thinking about the little things that will grease Nest’s wheels that the Core Team don’t have capacity for. There is no such thing as a bad idea. Get on it, please.

Whoop whoop it’s gonna be amazing! Come and join in with all the huge excitement and online fun on the Burning Nest Facebook Group.

Smouldering Snogs!

~ Siren ~



The Nest at the End of the Tunnel

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The Nest at the End of the Tunnel! 

Weeeellll, you can tell we’re merely weeks away, can’t you? [err, that’s 6 weeks, Siren, not 10 – J]. Everyone is getting super excited and all the facebook and engagement action going on is just making us all beside ourselves!!!

The number of New Nestlings (or Newlings, if you will!) is incredible and we’re all so looking forward to welcoming you all to our Glade!

So, a LOT to cover in this one. Pay close attention!

Contents for this week 

  • Mini memberships (and others!)
  • What?! Where… WHEN. 
  • Cabin me on
  • Write on Community Meeting 

We are Faaaammmilleeee!!! 

Did you know that with if you’re bringing your rug-rats to Nest that there are some super things we’ve put in place to help? Firstly, under 12s go free – YAY! However, they do still need a membership – mainly for head count, insurance and health and safety things. Please email our shrieking harpy of a families lead, Jackdaw, at with the names and ages of your attending small ones. 

We also appreciate that the change in date for this year means some families are finding it a challenge to get there for the whole week. We are thinking there might be a good amount of families that would just like to come for the weekend. If this is you, please drop Jackdaw an email with your interest and we can look to releasing a special Weekend Family Membership to help! Don’t forget we have a whole HEAP of special access and supportive memberships available to help get yo ass to our Glade!

As for the rest of you, don’t forget we are CAPPING MEMBERSHIPS at 490. We will sell out. There are fewer than 120 left. If you don’t have one, well… what are you waiting for??!!

Eventing shout outs! 

You wanna bring some fabulous art, a mesmerising event or workshop, or have a great community project to share? We LOVE you for it!  If you’ve applied for a grant, we should have your details already, but for those who are doing this under their own funding, we still want to hear about YOU, so we can tell everyone else!

If you’re running an event, there is nothing to stop you running it under a tree, in your tent, on a grassy knoll or whatever part of our beautiful site calls to you. However, if you want a dedicated space, we recommend the following:

Details are being added to the Theme Cabin page of all the teams who have registered so far. You should contact those Cabins or Camps you think will best suit your workshop. For example, if it’s transcendental meditation, we recommend Panriavia over Camp Crumpet. You can also email help with identifying and facilitating a place that will work for you.

Another idea might be Centre Camp itself. Separating the theme camps from the open art space, Centre Camp provides standing room for up to 50 people. It’s completely covered and dry, including protection from wind, access to power and lighting as well as a stage for performances. You’re invited to make this a welcoming space with activities and workshops, performances, and your own presence and creative flair. Use of the space will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Again, email Programming to get a spot here.

When you have the go-ahead from your chosen space, make sure the programming team has all the details by 1 May to get into the ‘What, Where, When’ guide! And if you need a location for your art pieces, for the duration of Nest, please fill in the questionnaire ASAP for that and inclusion in the guide!


Theme Cabin reggo opened a couple of weeks ago and we are quite overwhelmed by the amazing response. So far we have 10 cabins signed up and a few more to come.

The story so far:

  • Intergalactic Häus of Mojo
  • Camp Flim Flam
  • The Kinema in the Woods
  • Family Camp
  • Les Sauvages
  • Psychedelephant
  • Cwtch
  • One Foot in the Rave
  • Panravia
  • The Flamin’ Merkin

We’re updating the Theme Cabin page on the Nest Website over the next couple of days.

You can also find lots of info for each on the Facebook Group, so do head there to hook yourself up!


A huge thank you to everyone who came and participated in our London Community Meeting, be it in person or online. We are all so lucky to be part of this beautiful, kind, crazy and dynamic community. We got through a LOT and hopefully everyone left feeling valued, heard and most importantly EXCITED!! Actions and notes have been written up by our lovely Em. You can find them in our shared Nest folder along with some other key documents that we promised would be shared with the wider community.

There was a lot of discussion on the way key decisions are made and how we want to progress as a community in future years to support the creation of Nest. Some super suggestions came out of the discussion, especially around engaging the whole of the community in the frameworks we create to facilitate Nest and also pushing more of activity out to community level and away from Core Team members and the vast majority were in agreement that is is a very positive move.

To realise our collective evolution, we all recognised that better infrastructure is needed, so as part of the six month review that we have kicked off, we’ll be looking at how to improve  to communal discussion, through a platform such as Loomio. This was well received by everyone on Saturday so steps will be taken to facilitate once Nest 2018 is done.

SO! This brings me nicely to my favourite drum to bang – as we are all equal participants, the idea for managing more activity at community level is something we can start with NOW. We managed to recruit a few more volunteers for key roles at Nest 2018 at the community meeting, but there are still lots of other things that everyone could do to contribute.

Maybe you could look to arranging community transport – or Hippy Bus as we like to call it!. Volunteering at the event, to be a greeter, or ranger, or Welfare or loo person; devising and registering your workshops, submitting your theme cabin info and actively showing new members where they can apply to be part of your camp, whole cabins signing to be on rotation for the Vols Lounge this year… the list is literally endless. For those, like me, who are passionate about having more community involvement at an intrinsic level, here is your chance to step up and be a part of that exciting challenge! There’s no such thing as a bad idea – get on it.

And that’s enough for this week! Told you it was a lot, didn’t i?! If you’re experiencing issues or have feedback, please reach out to me for impartial and non-judgemental engagement about anything:

SO CANNOT WAIT to see you all in a brief few weeks in our BEYOOTIFUL Glade! (That’s 6 weeks, not 10!). Come and join in with all the huge excitement and online fun on the Burning Nest Facebook Group.


~ Siren ~

Pump up the Vols!!

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Pump Up the Vols! 

Ahhhhh… Can you believe we are but weeks away?! It’s going to be here before you know it.

As ever there are lots of little logistical things that we’re going be asking of you in the coming weeks and especially giving you more and more opportunity to get involved.

Remember, at Nest there are only participants. There are no observers. We don’t sit on the sidelines. Even the shyest of Nestlings are no wall flowers. We all get involved. And if you aren’t already contributing directly to the event, here’s your chance!! Newlings, Oldies and everyone in between. All are welcome to share their gifts.

Now, you might be noticing a theme over the last few editions of Nest News and that is intentional. We want yo to see and experience the amount of work, the detail that goes in to the magic – all year round – gifted to you all by our Core Team. it’s not the fairies who come and do it for you. Setting up our Home, in our Glade ready for you all to arrive and Nest the heck out of Spring takes a very lot of effort.

Last week we heard from our lovely Edge of Chaos Leader, Sam. This week we have Amanda Connolly, our Chief Cat Herder to impart how you can get more involved!

And if you haven’t yet signed up for membership, remember we are limiting Memberships this year. if you want one, you need to get it NOW!

Contents for this week 

  • London Commune
  • Vol me up right nice!



So your Nestly involvement might start this Saturday with our next London COMMUNITY MEETING!!!

Details are rrrrlllyyy simple: Queen of Hoxton, 14 April 2018 at 14:00!

If you’re not a Facebook fan and aren’t on the group or Community Meeting event page, you can email our Community Ambassador Queen Nina Thunder to RSVP.

And now… over to Amanda!

~ Siren ~


Hey hey, lovely Nestlings! So it’s just under 10 weeks until we are back in our spiritual home, sharing love, laughs and whatever else floats your Nestling boats (or not, depending on the Edge of Chaos!) in what will obviously be our best year yet.
This is all entirely dependent on having folks that add to our collective experience. This is what we really need right now.

As is always the way with community events such as ours, we have some very busy people amongst our key contributors and some of our leads have needed to take a step back. So this means we have some holes we need to plug (calm down, Camp Crumpet!!). with the support of our lovely core team for you of course.

We’re now entering the critical run up to Nest and Volunteers are needed now more than ever. If you have some time on your hands over the next 10 weeks and realise it’s about time you did that participation stuff that we are always droning on about, take a look at our list of needs and drop us a line at to get involved (well its rude not to right!).

We are actively, energetically, looking for people to contribute in these roles:
  • DPW co lead
  • Ranger lead
  • Co Ambassador for our Community Folks
  • Greeter Lead
  • Volunteer Lounge lead
  • Info booth lead
  • Procurement lead
  • Theme Camp Liaison
  • Glamorous Assistant of Getting Shit Done (administrative support)

It would be super fantastic if we could find some capable, enthusiastic and happy Nestlings to join our current Core Team to help walk us all down that last bit of the path to the magical world of Burning Nest 2018.

Don’t be shy – we Radically Include anyone willing and able to give it a go. Get in touch!


Safety Third

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CHAOS!! (or not)

Hello my lovelies, and welcome to the sunshine!  Aren’t we all glad it’s back? We’ve got a special comms from our Edge of Chaos leader Sam today, but a couple of things here before you go…

Now, because of the Health and Safety aspect to Nest on our new site we are limiting Memberships this year. And now, we only have 130 left!!! if you haven’t got yours, you need to get it NOW!

Starting with the Edge of Chaos team below, we are also starting to ramp up for Volunteering, so if there’s something you would like to do, or want to find out more, you can via the website. 

And that’s it from your Siren. I’ll hand over to Sam!

Remember if you misplace this email, you can find everything on the Nest News page of the Nest website. We also stay in touch through the Burning Nest Facebook group.

Contents for this week 

  • Pay attention, you’re at the Edge of Chaos

Welcome Mr Edgy!

Hello my lovelies, and welcome to the sunshine!  Aren’t we all glad it’s back? We’ve got a special Salutations fellow Nestlings! I’m Sam/Mas the Edge of Chaos Director for Burning Nest. Which basically means I’m the friendly face of Nest to the powers that be at the council. Most importantly, however, I’m the friendly face of Civically Responsible Burning to all of you lovely people.

My mission is to make sure everyone has the safe and fluffy Burn they deserve.

This role means I straddle the line between Radical Self-Reliance/Expression and Nest’s legal obligation to look after all of you during the Burn. I’m certainly not here to dictate a load of rules then whip you into submission (*distant disappointed mewlings from Camp Crumpet drift on the wind*). However, we can expect some limits on our otherwise radically free existence for the event to go ahead legally and safely for everyone. Most importantly, respecting reasonable limits means that Nest can continue to go ahead and be an island of insanity and sanity on this lovely site for many years to come!

The idea I want to put across here is that safety at Burns is everyone’s responsibility not just the core team’s. Radical Self-Reliance is one side of the coin, but Civic Responsibility and Communal Effort highlight our responsibility to each other when co-creating Burns and ensuring their future.

Our new home is beautiful. It’s a giant playground to explore and there’s all sorts to discover over the course of the week. There is, however, some hazards/hippy traps. Namely, two large lakes and some waterfalls. The potential for aquatic fun is huge, there are also obvious risks. The exact policy on lake usage/swimming isn’t established yet, so stay tuned. All I want to say here is be safe! Look after each other and when the guidance around the lakes is published please listen to it. It’s to keep everyone safe, Nest legal and insured, and the site owner on our team.

Now for the fun stuff. Do you want to look after your fellow nestlings, play with a radio and ambulate for a few hours during the Event? Then you’re in luck. We need Rangers, Perimiter Ninjas, and Fire Marshals to be the sober voice of reason when everything else is melting. We have a training workshop on site developed by Brad, a Black Rock Ranger, so it’s the good stuff.

If that sounds like your cup of char, or if you just want to get in touch with me then email or and we’ll have a chat.
I can’t wait to see you all in June!

Damp English hugs,


All the things!

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All of the themes!

As promised from last week’s mail-out, we’re ramping up your news bulletins in the final stretch to Nest.

In addition to our next site visit on Sunday, there are a few key things following on from last week, so pay close attention!

Remember if you misplace this email, you can find everything on the Nest News page of the Nest website. We also stay in touch through the Burning Nest Facebook group.

Contents for this week 

  • Site-tastic
  • Art Dates
  • You’re cabin me on
  • Memebership-iddy-do-dah 


Site Visit #2 

Following the success of the visits in late February, we’re hosting another crew and community site visit on Sunday 25 March.

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet the Nestlings, get a few key people from your theme camp, your installation and your free camping crew together to scope out the site. Some of the core team (Leads from DPW, Edge of Chaos, Community Embassy) will be joining us, so you can ask questions as you go.

Pro tip: this is also a good event to bring new folks who you think would make banging good Nestlings. If you would like to come, do RSVP via the Facebook Event Page ordrop Sam an email.


Art Dates Updates 

We’ve extended the deadline for the Temple and Effigy design. This is to ensure that everyone who has expressed an interest has sufficient time to get these to the Nest Art Team. If you’ve already submitted something and want to resubmit, or submit another idea, or your first idea – you’ve now got til 29 March. You can submit via this handy online form!  

Art Grant Second Cycle
Second cycle for Art Grants up to £800 is open and submission deadline is 25 AprilAll detail can be found on the Nest website

We now also have a Nest Arts Tech Wiki! It’s a wondrous place full of advice and resources relating to making art for Nest.  It is a work in progress, but will be added to by our Artist Tech Support Lead, as well as anybody who has information to add that they think will help out Nestlings bringing art. Get involved!


Now we turn our attention to your home during the Burn, Theme Cabins! So what is a Theme Cabin? According to Burning Man it’s a ‘camp site that artistically represents an idea ro concept and is designed to create an interactive experience for participants’. At Nest we believe they’re an opportunity for experimentation and community living, for you to channel your radical self-expression, in particular how Cabins might tie into our theme: Portals of the Multiverse!

Last week we promised all you Cabin Leads that we would be opening Theme Camp registration very soon. And here it is!Do try to get as much of this info to us as soon as possible. It will help us allocate you the spot that you want in the Glade and support you with everything you’ll need, like power.

We can also help by giving you a shout out on Nest news to attract any prospective Cabin-mates and visitors who might want to join in with your special cabin experience. Nothing like getting everyone excited for what will be in our Nest!

Before you fill out the form, do make sure you read up on Theme Cabins on the Burning Nest website.


Finally, another quick round up on memberships. We are delighted that we have now had almost three quarters of our membership allocation purchased and so many Nestlings, old and new will be participating in what might be the Best Nest Yet.

We do have to restrict numbers for insurance purposes, so if you’re still on the (trash)fence about coming, better make a decision soon – and remember you can transfer your ticket to anyone that has a Burner Bio when the transfer window opens on 2 April.

I mean, who would want to miss out?!

Don’t forget if you delete this by accident, ALL the info will be on the NEST NEWS page on the Burning Nest website and keep checking back to get the most up to date info there at any moment.


~ Siren ~

Nest Central

Spring spring spring!

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It’s finally Spring!!!  

YAY! The blossoms are coming out on the trees and the daffodils are poking their jolly yellow heads into the murky sunshine. Thank the Goddess!  This can only mean one thing, however… this is the season for NEST! Can you believe it’s less than four months away…?!

If you haven’t got your shit together yet, don’t worry – there’s still time and this week’s Nest News will give you all you need to know about sorting your Membership and transfers.  We’ve also got a special write up from Paul from DPW on what we’re planning for the site!

Remember if you misplace this email, you can find everything on the Nest News page of the Nest website. We also stay in touch through the Burning Nest Facebook group, where in due course you’ll be able to find info on things like THEME CABINS!

Contents for this week 

  • Shipping times
  • Site-tastic


Date data 

As we approach show time, there are a lot of dates to be aware of, including key Membership purchase dates and transfer window.

The easiest way is to list everything in one handy breakdown over the next couple of months.

Further information and other key dates will be released closer to the Nest, but for the time being this is what you need to know, in chronological order:

Art Collaboration Workshop 
17 March in London. Full details available on the Facebook Event. Any enquiries, or if you want to share your stories of making art at Burns, or to RSVP, drop an email to the Mysterious Mr Jones

Temple and Effigy Design 
Deadline via this handy online form: 19 March

Key Membership Dates
Early Bird Membership Purchase CLOSES Sunday 1 April (if there are any left by end of March!). Early Bird will automatically switch to Standard No Bird on Monday 2 April, so if you want an Early Bird, you need to move quickly.

For those of us who are feeling flush this spring, please consider gifting a little extra and become one of our Starship or Flagship Members. At £135 and £150 respectively, these memberships still give incredible value for what it is to be at Nest and you get the FREE BONUS PRIZE of that lovely warm glow, knowing that your contributions will really make a huge co-creating difference to Nest.

Membership Transfer Window 
This OPENS 10am Monday 2 April to transfer your membership to someone else on a self-service basis. Your transferee MUST have a Burner Bio. You will not be able to transfer your membership without both of you having one, so get yourselves organised now!

Community Meeting
Our next London Community meeting is scheduled for 14 AprilFormal event info is available on Facebook, but for you anti-social media peeps, we will confirm timings and address in the next Nest News.

Art Grant Second Cycle
Second cycle for Art Grants up to £800 is open and submission deadline is 25 AprilAll detail can be found on the Nest website

Starting this week and continuing over the next three months, we will have guest spots from each of our Community Leaders so you can all see how bloody hard we work at this and maybe decide that you’d quite like to get involved yourselves. Oh yes, volunteering will start in earnest soon, Nestlings!

So, I’m handing over to Paul now who has a lovely write up on the site following the Community visit – please pay attention, Cabin Leads, as you will need this info to complete your Theme Cabin registration, which will be opening VERY SOON. Make sure you get all your little ducks in a row for that!

Sunny love

~ Siren ~


Hello everyone! I’m Paul Phare and i’m your lead for the Department of Public Works (DPW) at Nest this year.

DPW is all about providing infrastructure for the festival, including power, lighting, water, waste disposal (LNT).  We also co-ordinate Build and Strike.  2018 is the second year I’ve been involved in this role, though this year will be the fifth Nest I’ve attended.

Two weekends ago, myself and the DPW team attended the Community site visit along with a lot of Nest participants, co-creators, Cabin Leads and other assorted Nestlings.

The DPW team includes Nathan (co-DPW lead), Mason (Build Lead), Xavier (Workshop Lead), Stuart (Mapping) and Charlie (Lighting Lead).  We were also joined for the visit by Tara my faithful Border Collie.  We stayed in Bristol on the Friday night and drove to site verrryyy early on Saturday morning, which some of us managed better than others, judging by this cheeky pic.

I think we can all agree, the site is absolutely stunning and the weather couldn’t have been better for the visit.  In many ways it’s very similar to the last site, with a big house, lakes and forest, but what makes this site better is that it lends itself naturally to Cabin placement.

One of the issues we had last year was circulation around the festival whereas this year it seems more obvious where things should go.  After a good wander around the site we headed back to join the Community Meeting that was being held in Bristol and reported back to everyone there.  Since the site visit Stuart has put together a very good map for us which is a useful tool in helping fine tune the placement of Cabins and help us organise the kit we need to put on an amazing festival at this exciting new location. We will be sharing this with everyone as soon as we can so you can really start to visualise this year’s Nest.

Now, over to you Nestlings: it would really help our huge task if the Cabin leads could fill out the camp registration forms within the next few weeks. What we need to know especially, and things you can start to plan for now:

– How much space you need; even a rough estimate would be great.
– What your electrical need will be – if you’re planning to be raving all night, or have spectacular light displays – we need to know as early as possible to support you.

Very pleased to be back on the Leads team and look forward to working with all the Cabin teams and DPW volunteers this year!


Don’t forget if you delete this by accident, ALL the info will be on the NEST NEWS page on the Burning Nest website and keep checking back to get the most up to date info there at any moment.

Nest Central


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I was so sorry to miss the community site visit at the weekend, but i hear it all went down very well! The weather may be affecting various services but I’m staying cosy warm to bring you this installment of Nest News!

So, I’ve had a few people asking about how we communicate and keep everyone updated. Turns out we need to spread the word that all Nest comms are included on the Nest Website!! Which means if you miss any of the emails or you delete one by mistake, you can find them on the Nest News page.

Make sure you navigate your way there whenever you need to keep up to date on all things Nest. We also stay in touch through the Burning Nest Facebook group and soon will be getting you all excited on Twitter too! Ooooh!

Contents for this week – a particular focus for all you arty types:

  • Effigy me!
  • Granting you
  • Collaboration station
  • Transfer window

I’m a Burning effigy…! 

Yes yes, i’m a secret Robbie Williams fan… 

However, this one is about all you master carpenter and creators, because applications are now OPEN for Temple and Effigy designs!! You can apply via this handy online form Please get them into us by 19 March and be a phenomenally key part of what will be the best Nest yet.


Cycle Two for Art Grants!

Where else do you have the freedom to totally let your self-expression run wild, like you do in our Glade? Nowhere!! –Oh, wait…!!

Ummm… anyway, as well the Temple and Effigy, our second cycle for Art Grants are now open.

All detail can be found on the Nest website and please be sure to get your applications in by 25 April for grants of up to £800.


Inspirational Collaboration Workshopational! 

If you have ever wanted to make art for a burn but not known where to start.. If you think you don’t have the skills, or find the idea a little scary or intimidating…  If you have a project you want to make but need collaborators… If you’d like to join an existing project, or meet other people and come up with something completely new…

This is the event for you!

We’ll play some games and get creative. We’ll imagine what art can be, from the massive to the tiny, from the physical to the conceptual and beyond. We’ll have new ideas, build confidence and create collaborations. And we’ll be inspired by some great art from burns gone by.

The Workshop Sensational will be held on 17 March in London. Full details available on the Facebook Event. Any enquiries, or if you want to share your stories of making art at Burns, or to RSVP, drop an email to the Mysterious Mr Jones

Last but not least… 

I can’t possibly get through a mail to you without mentioning memberships or badgering you to get one if you haven’t already! So here it is. There are a few key points… Pay close attention.

Our Low Income Low Wealth membership applications are open and we’re very pleased to have received applications! We’ve got some super new guidance on these special memberships, so make sure you read up before you apply. We’ve also got our other memberships available – those specifically for carers, support people and other key folk as part of our Inclusion and Accessibility programme. Take a look at the dedicated site page for all info on how to apply.

For everyone else who is privileged enough to opt for our regular memberships, more very important info. Super Early Bird memberships have gone and we’re now into the next tier of Early Bird. They are VERY limited. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. And in fact, once we release the next tier at the beginning of April, ALL memberships will automatically turn into No Bird, which are the most expensive. You have a month. Get yours quick!

Now, transfers… When we switch to No Bird at the beginning of April, we will open the Transfer Window. Think of it like the Premier League of Membership Transfer… If you need to transfer your ticket to anyone, for a gift or to off load your purchase you will be able to manage this yourself via Self-Transfer, provided you BOTH have a fully completed Burner Bio

Memberships Recap:

  • Accessibility and Inclusion applications are OPEN
  • Low Income applications are OPEN
  • No Bird tier (the most expensive) will be switched on at start of April
  • You only have a month left to get a discounted Membership
  • Transfers will be available from beginning of April
Let’s do this!

Gosh. So much info! We’ll be bringing more news to you next week, with the first of our spotlight pieces on each Nest department and what each of them do to bring you to all the funzies at Nest.

Don’t forget if you delete this by accident, ALL the info will be on the NEST NEWS page on the Burning Nest website and keep checking back to get the most up to date info there at any moment.

I’m off to defrost me wings.

Frosty snogs.

~ Siren ~

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