The Nest at the End of the Tunnel

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The Nest at the End of the Tunnel! 

Weeeellll, you can tell we’re merely weeks away, can’t you? [err, that’s 6 weeks, Siren, not 10 – J]. Everyone is getting super excited and all the facebook and engagement action going on is just making us all beside ourselves!!!

The number of New Nestlings (or Newlings, if you will!) is incredible and we’re all so looking forward to welcoming you all to our Glade!

So, a LOT to cover in this one. Pay close attention!

Contents for this week 

  • Mini memberships (and others!)
  • What?! Where… WHEN. 
  • Cabin me on
  • Write on Community Meeting 

We are Faaaammmilleeee!!! 

Did you know that with if you’re bringing your rug-rats to Nest that there are some super things we’ve put in place to help? Firstly, under 12s go free – YAY! However, they do still need a membership – mainly for head count, insurance and health and safety things. Please email our shrieking harpy of a families lead, Jackdaw, at with the names and ages of your attending small ones. 

We also appreciate that the change in date for this year means some families are finding it a challenge to get there for the whole week. We are thinking there might be a good amount of families that would just like to come for the weekend. If this is you, please drop Jackdaw an email with your interest and we can look to releasing a special Weekend Family Membership to help! Don’t forget we have a whole HEAP of special access and supportive memberships available to help get yo ass to our Glade!

As for the rest of you, don’t forget we are CAPPING MEMBERSHIPS at 490. We will sell out. There are fewer than 120 left. If you don’t have one, well… what are you waiting for??!!

Eventing shout outs! 

You wanna bring some fabulous art, a mesmerising event or workshop, or have a great community project to share? We LOVE you for it!  If you’ve applied for a grant, we should have your details already, but for those who are doing this under their own funding, we still want to hear about YOU, so we can tell everyone else!

If you’re running an event, there is nothing to stop you running it under a tree, in your tent, on a grassy knoll or whatever part of our beautiful site calls to you. However, if you want a dedicated space, we recommend the following:

Details are being added to the Theme Cabin page of all the teams who have registered so far. You should contact those Cabins or Camps you think will best suit your workshop. For example, if it’s transcendental meditation, we recommend Panriavia over Camp Crumpet. You can also email help with identifying and facilitating a place that will work for you.

Another idea might be Centre Camp itself. Separating the theme camps from the open art space, Centre Camp provides standing room for up to 50 people. It’s completely covered and dry, including protection from wind, access to power and lighting as well as a stage for performances. You’re invited to make this a welcoming space with activities and workshops, performances, and your own presence and creative flair. Use of the space will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Again, email Programming to get a spot here.

When you have the go-ahead from your chosen space, make sure the programming team has all the details by 1 May to get into the ‘What, Where, When’ guide! And if you need a location for your art pieces, for the duration of Nest, please fill in the questionnaire ASAP for that and inclusion in the guide!


Theme Cabin reggo opened a couple of weeks ago and we are quite overwhelmed by the amazing response. So far we have 10 cabins signed up and a few more to come.

The story so far:

  • Intergalactic Häus of Mojo
  • Camp Flim Flam
  • The Kinema in the Woods
  • Family Camp
  • Les Sauvages
  • Psychedelephant
  • Cwtch
  • One Foot in the Rave
  • Panravia
  • The Flamin’ Merkin

We’re updating the Theme Cabin page on the Nest Website over the next couple of days.

You can also find lots of info for each on the Facebook Group, so do head there to hook yourself up!


A huge thank you to everyone who came and participated in our London Community Meeting, be it in person or online. We are all so lucky to be part of this beautiful, kind, crazy and dynamic community. We got through a LOT and hopefully everyone left feeling valued, heard and most importantly EXCITED!! Actions and notes have been written up by our lovely Em. You can find them in our shared Nest folder along with some other key documents that we promised would be shared with the wider community.

There was a lot of discussion on the way key decisions are made and how we want to progress as a community in future years to support the creation of Nest. Some super suggestions came out of the discussion, especially around engaging the whole of the community in the frameworks we create to facilitate Nest and also pushing more of activity out to community level and away from Core Team members and the vast majority were in agreement that is is a very positive move.

To realise our collective evolution, we all recognised that better infrastructure is needed, so as part of the six month review that we have kicked off, we’ll be looking at how to improve  to communal discussion, through a platform such as Loomio. This was well received by everyone on Saturday so steps will be taken to facilitate once Nest 2018 is done.

SO! This brings me nicely to my favourite drum to bang – as we are all equal participants, the idea for managing more activity at community level is something we can start with NOW. We managed to recruit a few more volunteers for key roles at Nest 2018 at the community meeting, but there are still lots of other things that everyone could do to contribute.

Maybe you could look to arranging community transport – or Hippy Bus as we like to call it!. Volunteering at the event, to be a greeter, or ranger, or Welfare or loo person; devising and registering your workshops, submitting your theme cabin info and actively showing new members where they can apply to be part of your camp, whole cabins signing to be on rotation for the Vols Lounge this year… the list is literally endless. For those, like me, who are passionate about having more community involvement at an intrinsic level, here is your chance to step up and be a part of that exciting challenge! There’s no such thing as a bad idea – get on it.

And that’s enough for this week! Told you it was a lot, didn’t i?! If you’re experiencing issues or have feedback, please reach out to me for impartial and non-judgemental engagement about anything:

SO CANNOT WAIT to see you all in a brief few weeks in our BEYOOTIFUL Glade! (That’s 6 weeks, not 10!). Come and join in with all the huge excitement and online fun on the Burning Nest Facebook Group.


~ Siren ~