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Welcome Home 💖

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And here we are. Last Nest News before Nest itself. Here’s where you get some sneak peeks of what is going down!! The Portal… wait, wasn’t that last year? What?!!! Where… Errr… WHEN?

Get IN

If you’ve got a membership, you will have had your secret instructions to get to us by now. If you haven’t, please email us! Getting in is through the Gate – hereafter known as The Portal.

Open 8am-Midnight, Monday to Saturday, it is the place to get zapped and RADICALLY WRISTBANDED. Even if you manage to materialize at a time when The Portal is dark, make sure you return to The Portal to be processed. If nobody appears to ever be there, maybe check you’re in the right field…. Do Bring the PDF from Quicket. Do make sure it has YOUR details on it. If you’ve had your membership transferred, person you got it from MUST ALLOCATE IT TO YOU via Quicket, not just forward you the email.

After Midday on Tuesday, vehicles will not be allowed past gate to drive down to the festival site. You will be able to park in the free camping car park space and carry items down to site. Exceptions to that rule include camp infrastructure vehicles, access vehicles, and theme camp camper vans. These exceptions will be issued with a pass and instructions to use a different entrance by The Portal Posse. There will be limited passes for vehicles to drop off infastructure – you may need to be patient.

Some Portal FAQs:

‘Will it take me to Narnia?’ No, no, wrong narrative. No turkish delight for you. Hop along to your library for some CS Lewis shit.

‘May I have a banana’ Probably

‘This looks like fun! Can I join The Portal Posse?’ Well actually, fuck yeah you can!!! We’d love to have you!!

Portal Vols! There will be lots of tools at The Portal for you to create memorable entry experiences for other Nestlings. To make the right life choices and Exist in The Portal, check out when you might take a ‘shift’ space on this handy spreadsheet and then email The Mistress Of The Portal with slot request to earn yourself a little space in Ms Puddles small, charred heart. No, special privileges of allowing your mates in sans wrist band do NOT exist in the Portal Posse. We are responsible (also we have legal shit to adhere to so.. you know).

GROUP BOOKINGS for shifts is wildly encouraged, get as many Nestlings together as poss FOR A MONUMENTAL GATE RAVE where you can positively engulf new arrivals with your vibes!!

Once you are.. err.. in

Well, what are you going to do with your time? They say Burners are divided in two: those who like to wing it and read this on the way back to default life to find out what they missed, and those with colour coded sharpies to plan everything to the last second… So, for you, Sharpie Penned freaks, here you are. SNEAK PEAK WWW GUIDE!

We have limited analogue versions to go around in the Glade, so in the interests of Immediacy download to your phone and then switch to aeroplane if that’s your thang. And as well as your WWW guide… here’s the Official 2019 MAP!

Getting Involved

So we’re still on the look out for odd volunteers. Rangers and LNT especially. Volunteering is literally the most fun you can have outside of Camp Crumpet, so please do do do sign up. Get those smug warm saintly feelings free of charge, by emailing Mands.

We’ll be having a Community Meeting to talk about how we are evolving and growing as a Community so don’t miss that. On Saturday at The Point.

AND if you want to do some other crazy shizzle, then actually, you can bring it to The Point. Yes, the WWW guide might be printed, but there’s still loads of opportunity to bring something to our central hub of activity.

You can exhibit art at The Pointed Gallery, the smallest to most enormous 2D art along The Point walls, or bring a last minute workshop – don’t be shy – bring what you have to make this YOUR community space in the Glade.

For interactive things, it’s a 12mx12m pointed pavilion for you to take over the gaps in the schedule. Check the programme and if you see a free slot, do a POINT TAKE OVER! Be random and spontaneous or share your plans on the board that day to make something happen. Only condition is if it’s during the day, make sure it’s ok for kids to see.

If you can dream it, then you can probably do it at The Point.

See you all there, you gorgeous Nestlings xxx

Not long to go now!

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Afternoon, glorious Nestlings! I hope you all have your memberships in hand, your packing lists are coming along nicely, and your transport options all booked in.

If this is your first Burn, we know it can all be a bit daunting. All the talk of radical self-reliance, consent, water supplies and principles can feel a bit much. But remember: you get from Nest, what you put in! So bring your talents, share your stories, and above all else – be excellent to each other.

All the information you need will be on the Nest website. We have a packing list available to give you an idea of what to bring – don’t forget your cup! If you have any specific questions, please reach out to us on the Facebook Group or Event page, or via email. Directions to site will be given closer to the event, via our mailing list, so please make sure you’re signed up to that!

Theme Camps are now LIVE!

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Ohhhh yes, dear Nestlings – you heard correctly! Our Theme Camp page is now up and running, showing you the details of every camp due to be at Burning Nest in 2019!

Have a browse, and if you’re looking for a theme camp to join, get in touch with them directly. Many are also offering space for workshops or performance – why not bring your talents to the masses?

Only a month to go…. we’re so excited to be back in The Glade! x

Join us for discussion on Loomio!

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Here at Burning Nest, we take participation and community decision-making very seriously. This can sometimes be difficult on platforms such as Facebook, where algorithms often mean that important information is lost.

We are currently trialling a platform called Loomio, that enables communities to discuss, vote and make decisions, outside of a space designed to sell advertising.

If you’d like to get involved and have your say (we are currently running a trial, restricted to 100 members due to cost), please join up here! Simply click the “Join Group” button, and create a profile. You will need to be approved, but it should only take a day or so for someone to notice you and let you in.

The more involved everyone gets in using Loomio, the better it will be – if you have strong feelings on anything to do with how Nest is run, or want to offer advice or help, please join! There are Help topics available too, if you get stuck.

Much love x

What’s The Point?

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RIP Centre Camp… Long live The Point!

Centre Camp has always been the heart of Burning Nest – a place to meet, to hold events, to come together for the Cabaret! This year, we have a new name, and a renewed sense of purpose. Introducing… The Point!

The Point is where you can make your point. It is a pointed pavilion. You can point to it from the distance. It’s a meeting point. An info point. The point where our community’s and camps intersect.

The Point is YOUR space in the Glade. A buzzing hub of activity, yoga, workshops, talks, lectures, theme parties, fashion shows, discussions, activities, crafts, performance, entertainment, art, collaboration, games and much more – if you can think of it you can probably do it at The Point.

If you have grand ideas for The Point, please fill in this form, and tell us a little bit about your event!

Programme Applications Now Open!

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LISTEN UP THEME CAMPS 🌞🌈✌️ The form to submit any and all scheduling info you want to be included in this year’s WHAT?WHERE?WHEN guide is OPEN – submit your applications here! You may not have started thinking about scheduling for your camp yet but consider this your call to arms. Start recruiting performers, workshop-runners etc. now, schedule in slots and prepare to submit your full schedule by 23rd April – stick it in your calendar!

If you have any questions, OR if you’re an individual keen to put on some kind of scheduled spectacle but don’t have a camp to host it, please get in touch at and we’ll gladly help you out!

Much love,
Team WWW

Volunteers and Leads urgently needed! Can you help make Nest 2019 AMAZING?

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Hey all you lovely Nestlings! Not long now before the big event, can’t you feel it in the spring air? Let’s get excited, but before that… let’s get active!

Due to some personal crisises we’ve had folks drop out of key roles and we URGENTLY NEED YOU to help. Below is a list of ABSOLUTELY-NEEDED-TO MAKE-NEST-FANTASTIC roles. Don’t fret though, in your role you’ll have a load of fabulous and experienced peeps to back you up. So here goes;


LIGHTING LEAD – install lighting around the site along main walkways, also decoratively light up certain areas of the site. Working with Power Lead.

STRIKE LEAD – Co-ordinate the site clean up, and make sure outside contracted items, such as skips and loos, are picked up. Co-ordinate taking items back to storage, keep and inventory or items and return borrowed items


DECOR CO-LEAD – assist Decor lead with co-ordinating the beautification of public spaces, core infrastructure and other stuff, recruit decor volunteers and oversee them during Build. During Strike, separate reusable decor from perishables; catalogue & store for transportation. Great for someone with a creative eye who likes to improvise and ideally has some experience with rigging decor. Must be available on site for build and strike.

THE POINT LEAD – Lots of liaising, layout, events, physical structure. This would be a good role for anybody who is excited at the idea of making The Point a more interesting and well-used space – it’s a good opportunity for developing new ideas for using the space well.

You all know by now how Nest works I’m sure, WE NEED YOU! (Just think of that famous sign, with a feather boa and limited clothing, some LEDs obviously!) Please email to get involved, you know you want to!

Mands & Sarah
Cat Wranglers x

Spring Community Meeting: London

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Our Community Meetings are a chance to find out more about Nest itself, raise any ideas or concerns you might have, or to meet fellow Nestlings before the main event! Everyone is welcome, from first timers to seasoned burners – we guarantee you a warm welcome!

We’ll be holding our Spring Community Meeting on Sunday 7th April, from 2pm – 5pm, at The Apple Tree, Mount Pleasant (in between Farringdon and Clerkenwell).

We’ll also be livestreaming the meeting, visible as ever on our Facebook Group – so if you can’t be there in person, you can be there in spirit. Awwwww <3

Nest 2018 Financial Report

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The spirit of open, honest communication doesn’t just extend to the week we spend in the beautiful grounds of our Home in Devon. We also like to share exactly how every penny that makes Nest, is spent by the volunteers who make up our year-round staff.

If you’re interested in the pounds and pennies, feel free to download our Financial Report for 2018, by clicking here.

If you have any questions or feedback about this report, we’d love to hear it – just head over to our Contact Page!


Art Grants Still Open!

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Just a reminder, the second round of art grands is STILL OPEN! You have until March 29th to submit your plan for your masterpiece – all the information you’ll need is on the Art Grants page.

Good luck!