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October 2022

Help us create Nest 2023!

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We may make it look like this event of ours runs smoothly and without any hitches whatsoever (cough), but we couldn’t do it without our various teams (we call them Circles) of devoted volunteers. They work before, during and after the event to make sure it all runs smoothly, collaborating every step of the way to share their talents as needed. 

This year, we have a few vacancies we’d like to fill as soon as possible:

Arts Circle – Pretty self explanatory, but everything Arts! Including assigning of grant funding, Art placement, Site Decor, Creating the Programme, Wristband design and anything else you can think of!

Cat Wrangling/Vols – The beating heart of Nest. Volunteer Recruitment for all event team Circles. Plus Rangers, Build and Strike humans, Cooks,and anyone else that needs volunteering at short notice

Comms Circle – Nest’s official talking heads Includes compiling information from Event team Circles and Sending Nest Emails to keep the community informed and involved, Keeping an eye on our comms channels. 

Community Circle – Involves organising and (sometimes) chairing community meetings, ensuring and developing engagement and communication with the wider Nest community such as theme camps, families, accessibility. Liaising with other circles.

Department of Public Works (DPW) – A cornerstone that ensures the stage is set for the event, providing all the operational infrastructure – Toilets, placement, gate, structures, power and lighting, volunteers kitchen. First on site and the last to leave (and quite a lot of planning in the lead up). DPW are a passionate bunch that like nothing more than rolling their sleeves up, getting down and dirty with the hard work and having the most fun while doing it!

Edge of Chaos (EOC) – Safety Third! If you’re passionate about taking care of your fellow nestlings then the Edge of Chaos Circle could be for you. EOC takes care of Health and Safety, Burn Management, Hiring Security and Medics, Dangerous Arts planning, Insuring our Burn. Basically making sure that all the crazy things that make a Burn a Burn can happen legally and safely.

Event Link – Organising and chairing the All Circle Links meetings, Facilitating communication between departments, Making sure we’re on track with the  planning for the Burn.

Leave Better Trace (LBT) – The Leave No Trace principle with extra steps. Making sure we leave the glade in a better state than when we arrived. There’s lots of room to put your stamp on making Nest more sustainable in this department.

Tech Web and Ticketing (TWAT) – The backend of Burning Nest. Organising Ticket sales, ensuring our website is working and updated along with Comms, helping wayward volunteers turn their computer’s off and on again. That sort of thing.

Consent Link – Coordinates with other circles to support and facilitate the principle of Consent throughout the Burn.


If any of these sound interesting to you please follow this Link, fill in the google form and wait to hear back from our Cat Wrangling team.