Pump up the Vols!!

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Pump Up the Vols! 

Ahhhhh… Can you believe we are but weeks away?! It’s going to be here before you know it.

As ever there are lots of little logistical things that we’re going be asking of you in the coming weeks and especially giving you more and more opportunity to get involved.

Remember, at Nest there are only participants. There are no observers. We don’t sit on the sidelines. Even the shyest of Nestlings are no wall flowers. We all get involved. And if you aren’t already contributing directly to the event, here’s your chance!! Newlings, Oldies and everyone in between. All are welcome to share their gifts.

Now, you might be noticing a theme over the last few editions of Nest News and that is intentional. We want yo to see and experience the amount of work, the detail that goes in to the magic – all year round – gifted to you all by our Core Team. it’s not the fairies who come and do it for you. Setting up our Home, in our Glade ready for you all to arrive and Nest the heck out of Spring takes a very lot of effort.

Last week we heard from our lovely Edge of Chaos Leader, Sam. This week we have Amanda Connolly, our Chief Cat Herder to impart how you can get more involved!

And if you haven’t yet signed up for membership, remember we are limiting Memberships this year. if you want one, you need to get it NOW!

Contents for this week 

  • London Commune
  • Vol me up right nice!



So your Nestly involvement might start this Saturday with our next London COMMUNITY MEETING!!!

Details are rrrrlllyyy simple: Queen of Hoxton, 14 April 2018 at 14:00!

If you’re not a Facebook fan and aren’t on the group or Community Meeting event page, you can email our Community Ambassador Queen Nina Thunder to RSVP.

And now… over to Amanda!

~ Siren ~


Hey hey, lovely Nestlings! So it’s just under 10 weeks until we are back in our spiritual home, sharing love, laughs and whatever else floats your Nestling boats (or not, depending on the Edge of Chaos!) in what will obviously be our best year yet.
This is all entirely dependent on having folks that add to our collective experience. This is what we really need right now.

As is always the way with community events such as ours, we have some very busy people amongst our key contributors and some of our leads have needed to take a step back. So this means we have some holes we need to plug (calm down, Camp Crumpet!!). with the support of our lovely core team for you of course.

We’re now entering the critical run up to Nest and Volunteers are needed now more than ever. If you have some time on your hands over the next 10 weeks and realise it’s about time you did that participation stuff that we are always droning on about, take a look at our list of needs and drop us a line at Vols@burningnest.org.uk to get involved (well its rude not to right!).

We are actively, energetically, looking for people to contribute in these roles:
  • DPW co lead
  • Ranger lead
  • Co Ambassador for our Community Folks
  • Greeter Lead
  • Volunteer Lounge lead
  • Info booth lead
  • Procurement lead
  • Theme Camp Liaison
  • Glamorous Assistant of Getting Shit Done (administrative support)

It would be super fantastic if we could find some capable, enthusiastic and happy Nestlings to join our current Core Team to help walk us all down that last bit of the path to the magical world of Burning Nest 2018.

Don’t be shy – we Radically Include anyone willing and able to give it a go. Get in touch!