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CHAOS!! (or not)

Hello my lovelies, and welcome to the sunshine!  Aren’t we all glad it’s back? We’ve got a special comms from our Edge of Chaos leader Sam today, but a couple of things here before you go…

Now, because of the Health and Safety aspect to Nest on our new site we are limiting Memberships this year. And now, we only have 130 left!!! if you haven’t got yours, you need to get it NOW!

Starting with the Edge of Chaos team below, we are also starting to ramp up for Volunteering, so if there’s something you would like to do, or want to find out more, you can via the website. 

And that’s it from your Siren. I’ll hand over to Sam!

Remember if you misplace this email, you can find everything on the Nest News page of the Nest website. We also stay in touch through the Burning Nest Facebook group.

Contents for this week 

  • Pay attention, you’re at the Edge of Chaos

Welcome Mr Edgy!

Hello my lovelies, and welcome to the sunshine!  Aren’t we all glad it’s back? We’ve got a special Salutations fellow Nestlings! I’m Sam/Mas the Edge of Chaos Director for Burning Nest. Which basically means I’m the friendly face of Nest to the powers that be at the council. Most importantly, however, I’m the friendly face of Civically Responsible Burning to all of you lovely people.

My mission is to make sure everyone has the safe and fluffy Burn they deserve.

This role means I straddle the line between Radical Self-Reliance/Expression and Nest’s legal obligation to look after all of you during the Burn. I’m certainly not here to dictate a load of rules then whip you into submission (*distant disappointed mewlings from Camp Crumpet drift on the wind*). However, we can expect some limits on our otherwise radically free existence for the event to go ahead legally and safely for everyone. Most importantly, respecting reasonable limits means that Nest can continue to go ahead and be an island of insanity and sanity on this lovely site for many years to come!

The idea I want to put across here is that safety at Burns is everyone’s responsibility not just the core team’s. Radical Self-Reliance is one side of the coin, but Civic Responsibility and Communal Effort highlight our responsibility to each other when co-creating Burns and ensuring their future.

Our new home is beautiful. It’s a giant playground to explore and there’s all sorts to discover over the course of the week. There is, however, some hazards/hippy traps. Namely, two large lakes and some waterfalls. The potential for aquatic fun is huge, there are also obvious risks. The exact policy on lake usage/swimming isn’t established yet, so stay tuned. All I want to say here is be safe! Look after each other and when the guidance around the lakes is published please listen to it. It’s to keep everyone safe, Nest legal and insured, and the site owner on our team.

Now for the fun stuff. Do you want to look after your fellow nestlings, play with a radio and ambulate for a few hours during the Event? Then you’re in luck. We need Rangers, Perimiter Ninjas, and Fire Marshals to be the sober voice of reason when everything else is melting. We have a training workshop on site developed by Brad, a Black Rock Ranger, so it’s the good stuff.

If that sounds like your cup of char, or if you just want to get in touch with me then email or and we’ll have a chat.
I can’t wait to see you all in June!

Damp English hugs,