Spring spring spring!

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It’s finally Spring!!!  

YAY! The blossoms are coming out on the trees and the daffodils are poking their jolly yellow heads into the murky sunshine. Thank the Goddess!  This can only mean one thing, however… this is the season for NEST! Can you believe it’s less than four months away…?!

If you haven’t got your shit together yet, don’t worry – there’s still time and this week’s Nest News will give you all you need to know about sorting your Membership and transfers.  We’ve also got a special write up from Paul from DPW on what we’re planning for the site!

Remember if you misplace this email, you can find everything on the Nest News page of the Nest website. We also stay in touch through the Burning Nest Facebook group, where in due course you’ll be able to find info on things like THEME CABINS!

Contents for this week 

  • Shipping times
  • Site-tastic


Date data 

As we approach show time, there are a lot of dates to be aware of, including key Membership purchase dates and transfer window.

The easiest way is to list everything in one handy breakdown over the next couple of months.

Further information and other key dates will be released closer to the Nest, but for the time being this is what you need to know, in chronological order:

Art Collaboration Workshop 
17 March in London. Full details available on the Facebook Event. Any enquiries, or if you want to share your stories of making art at Burns, or to RSVP, drop an email to the Mysterious Mr Jones nsoudry@gmail.com

Temple and Effigy Design 
Deadline via this handy online form: 19 March

Key Membership Dates
Early Bird Membership Purchase CLOSES Sunday 1 April (if there are any left by end of March!). Early Bird will automatically switch to Standard No Bird on Monday 2 April, so if you want an Early Bird, you need to move quickly.

For those of us who are feeling flush this spring, please consider gifting a little extra and become one of our Starship or Flagship Members. At £135 and £150 respectively, these memberships still give incredible value for what it is to be at Nest and you get the FREE BONUS PRIZE of that lovely warm glow, knowing that your contributions will really make a huge co-creating difference to Nest.

Membership Transfer Window 
This OPENS 10am Monday 2 April to transfer your membership to someone else on a self-service basis. Your transferee MUST have a Burner Bio. You will not be able to transfer your membership without both of you having one, so get yourselves organised now!

Community Meeting
Our next London Community meeting is scheduled for 14 AprilFormal event info is available on Facebook, but for you anti-social media peeps, we will confirm timings and address in the next Nest News.

Art Grant Second Cycle
Second cycle for Art Grants up to £800 is open and submission deadline is 25 AprilAll detail can be found on the Nest website

Starting this week and continuing over the next three months, we will have guest spots from each of our Community Leaders so you can all see how bloody hard we work at this and maybe decide that you’d quite like to get involved yourselves. Oh yes, volunteering will start in earnest soon, Nestlings!

So, I’m handing over to Paul now who has a lovely write up on the site following the Community visit – please pay attention, Cabin Leads, as you will need this info to complete your Theme Cabin registration, which will be opening VERY SOON. Make sure you get all your little ducks in a row for that!

Sunny love

~ Siren ~


Hello everyone! I’m Paul Phare and i’m your lead for the Department of Public Works (DPW) at Nest this year.

DPW is all about providing infrastructure for the festival, including power, lighting, water, waste disposal (LNT).  We also co-ordinate Build and Strike.  2018 is the second year I’ve been involved in this role, though this year will be the fifth Nest I’ve attended.

Two weekends ago, myself and the DPW team attended the Community site visit along with a lot of Nest participants, co-creators, Cabin Leads and other assorted Nestlings.

The DPW team includes Nathan (co-DPW lead), Mason (Build Lead), Xavier (Workshop Lead), Stuart (Mapping) and Charlie (Lighting Lead).  We were also joined for the visit by Tara my faithful Border Collie.  We stayed in Bristol on the Friday night and drove to site verrryyy early on Saturday morning, which some of us managed better than others, judging by this cheeky pic.

I think we can all agree, the site is absolutely stunning and the weather couldn’t have been better for the visit.  In many ways it’s very similar to the last site, with a big house, lakes and forest, but what makes this site better is that it lends itself naturally to Cabin placement.

One of the issues we had last year was circulation around the festival whereas this year it seems more obvious where things should go.  After a good wander around the site we headed back to join the Community Meeting that was being held in Bristol and reported back to everyone there.  Since the site visit Stuart has put together a very good map for us which is a useful tool in helping fine tune the placement of Cabins and help us organise the kit we need to put on an amazing festival at this exciting new location. We will be sharing this with everyone as soon as we can so you can really start to visualise this year’s Nest.

Now, over to you Nestlings: it would really help our huge task if the Cabin leads could fill out the camp registration forms within the next few weeks. What we need to know especially, and things you can start to plan for now:

– How much space you need; even a rough estimate would be great.
– What your electrical need will be – if you’re planning to be raving all night, or have spectacular light displays – we need to know as early as possible to support you.

Very pleased to be back on the Leads team and look forward to working with all the Cabin teams and DPW volunteers this year!


Don’t forget if you delete this by accident, ALL the info will be on the NEST NEWS page on the Burning Nest website and keep checking back to get the most up to date info there at any moment.

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