We need you to adopt a loo!

By February 22, 2022Nest 2022

This year we’re very excited to announce that we’ll have composting toilets on site for the first time! If you’ve used them before, you’ll know that they smell much nicer than standard chemical portaloos, and are also way better for the environment. Plus, nothing beats the refreshing morning breeze on your bum!

We’re looking for people to adopt these loos – to decorate them, and keep them tidy over the course of the event. Our Nestlings are usually very clean, so this isn’t the daunting task you’d have at other, less friendly events.

This is a chance to turn the smallest room into something big and beautiful – think posters inside, lighting, even music? Something to read while you ponder the meaning of life? A mirrored disco ball?

You can adopt a loo as an individual, a group or even as a theme camp – if you’d like to, please contact DPW today!

Some inspiration…

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