Bring a Theme Camp

So you’ve clinched a precious Nest ticket for 2023, or you’re anticipating one of our delicious future ticket releases… and now you’re wondering how to get involved next!

Well, consider this the first in our four part series on How To Maximise Your Burning Nest Experience (Or Any Burn, For That Matter!)

We’re firm believers that you get out what you put in. Here are four excellent ways that even first time burners can get involved:

  1. Bring a Theme Camp

  2. Make Art

  3. Offer An Event
  4. Volunteer

Applications for theme camps are closing on the 15th. There is still time to start your application! Just fill in what you can so far, plant your flag and open up a conversation. 


A Theme Camp appears when a collection of humans get together to co-create their vision of a communal space that’s on offer for all Nestlings to enjoy. Amplify your wildest ideas with like-minded humans, and make an epic space in the process!



Theme camps are, among other things, mini venues that facilitate a lot of the goings-on at Nest. Want to host a workshop, throw a party, or play some music? You probably want a space to do that in. It’d be a pretty empty glade without Theme Camps!



Take inspiration from our existing camps:

Or check out offerings from other burns! Jump over to the websites for Burning Man, Afrikaburn, Nowhere or Borderlands to check out some of their previous camps. Kiwiburn alone had some 80+ camps this year, so there’s plenty of ideas to get your brain ticking.



Be the change you want to see in the world

Ever wished there was more dancing/snug space/food offerings/gremlin cave vibes that you could experience at a burn? Lucky for you, this is a do-ocracy – which means you’re responsible for making it happen! You can have exactly the experience you want to have. Just grab some likeminded humans and get creating!

Find a friend… and another, and another, and another…

Bring together Nestlings like you with similar passions and interests. We’ve got this “missed connections” spreadsheet, Facebook, WhatsApp and Signal groups where you can recruit fellow participants – even if you’re brand new. Put the call out and see what happens. 

Food, glorious food

Sharing a camp kitchen and/or meal plan is a great motivator for joining a group who plan to eat together. Plenty of people don’t like carting the kitchen sink to the burn; if you can delegate that job to only one person in your camp instead of everyone having to do it, it’s a win for Communal Effort and Leave a Better Trace.

Play that funky music

Maybe you’re a DJ, maybe you just really love a particular type of music and want to enjoy it in the Glade. This is a great way to make sure your tastes are represented, and facilitate that same option for other Nestlings.

You better WORK(shop)

Same goes here as for the music. If you think it would be amazing to have a zen garden space to host your breathwork, or a hookah lounge for your intro to shisha class, or a floor area suitable for your dance class/jiu jitsu bout/model train workshop, then you can explore what it would be like to have a purpose-built space.

Put your money where your mouth is

If you resonate with any of the above, banding together as a theme camp is a great way to split costs and spread the load on bringing your dream to life!


Placement A great placement spot according to your requirements. This may also include camping near your camp for your crew

Power Link in to the Nest grid. We can work on better, eco-friendlier power solutions together. Generators are not permitted. 

Sound A direct line to our sound lead who works collaboratively with you to ensure your parties don’t get shut down or cause our event licence to be revoked (this is very important! We have very specific sound requirements on our licence and the council does visit site to check!)

Advertisement and promotion of your theme camp to participants in newsletters and on our website for recruitment of camp members, as well as your events in the What Where When guide.

Support A direct line into other event leads such as LNT, Community, and Consent who can help you with making sure your camp plays a part in protecting and safeguarding our culture and principles, and how best to fulfill any other community agreements which are important to enable us to keep putting on the event and for your theme camp to be able to come back year after year.



Get your applications started before March 15th 2023.  It’s okay if not everything is finalised or you haven’t recruited all your members just yet – just get as much down as you can to let us know you’re keen, and reserve your spot on the Glade. Make sure to hit submit on the form! You can come back and edit later. 


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