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By March 29, 2023Community, Nest 2023

So you’ve clinched a precious Nest ticket for 2023, or you’re anticipating one of our delicious future ticket releases… and now you’re wondering how to get involved next!

Well, lucky for you, you’ve found our four part series on How To Maximise Your Burning Nest Experience (Or Any Burn, For That Matter!)

We’re firm believers that you get out what you put in. Here are four excellent ways that even first time burners can get involved:

  1. Bring a Theme Camp

  2. Make Art

  3. Offer An Event

  4. Volunteer


The icing on the cake of any burn experience is workshops, parties, and events! This is an amazing way to contribute any of your skills and talents, hidden or otherwise, that don’t necessarily fit into any of the other categories. Or maybe they do, and you’ve simply got more to give! Either way, we’re here for it.



Literally… anything. As long as it’s not going to endanger other Nestlings or infringe on their right to consent, you can pull forth any form of ridiculousness you like.

Here are some events we’ve loved from previous burns:

  1. Workshops to build your skills – leatherwork and poi spinning, for example

  2. Illegal Vibrator Racing (a Kiwiburn classic)

  3. Sounds baths (oosh, so delicious – you literally feel like your brain has been washed)

  4. Dance parties (high levels of bass encouraged)

  5. Sparkle Pony Shaming and Support

  6. Breathwork and guided meditation

  7. Kitty kat cafe (hint: no actual cats involved)

The list goes on – but meeting up with other Nestlings who are interested in the same events as you is epic. If it wasn’t enough that you both chose Nest, you also both chose *this* crazy thing! Sounds like you’ll be great friends.



Another great question – look at you go!



We’re glad you asked! There are two routes: independently or with (some) Theme Camps.

Anybody can host an event anytime at Nest. In that case, use the general submission form: Note: The Point is a public space available for different kinds of events! Timings will be allocated on a first come, first served basis so get your events in soon!

If you want to run your event at a particular Theme Camp, you have to communicate with them first! Many camps have their own events sign-up process. Some camps have more formal applications: 

Other camps may be open to hosting events as well. Learn more about them and contact them directly from the Theme Camps page.

Depending on the camp, either they will upload your event for you, or you will still have to use the general submission form. 


Firstly, did you read the inspirational list of shenanigans above?! Nest is a place in which “if you can dream it, you can do it” applies… but it’s also a do-ocracy. Which means if you want to see it happening in the world, congratulations – it’s up to you to make it work! Even if you’ve got an idea, and no idea how to execute it – never fear. Our Facebook group is a wonderful place to drop a shout-out and see who else might want to join you in bringing your vision to life. Don’t be shy!



Once more for those in the back 😉 We’d love to see your events and be able to share your plans in our What Where When guide! The submission deadline is April 20th 2023. Press the “Submit” Button below for the application form.


Note: If you’re offering some sort of amazing immersive experience, sometimes you could even apply for an Art Grant to help bring your dream to life! Art grants are technically closed for 2023 but there may still be funding available. And definitely bear this in mind for your 2024 shenanigans!

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