All Year Round

We’re happy to say that the Circles who make up the big Burning Nest organisational family are ever-changing, evolving and growing. This means we’re always on the lookout for fresh blood – whether you’re an old hand at something, or always wanted to try it and think you could pick it (with guidance, of course!), volunteering with Burning Nest is rewarding and fun!

Our current vacancies are below (click on them to send an email), but if you want to lend a hand in ways not listed here, please get in touch with Clint at vols@burningnest.co.uk.


Temple/Effigy: Manage applications for temple and effigy, project manage teams, liaise with DPW on placement and health & safety, and coordinate pre-burn fire shows.

The Point: Embrace or reimagine The Point (formerly known as Centre Camp). Liaise with rest of the team to organise physical structure and placement, as well as organise it as a community space, info resource, and location for events.

Cat Wrangling (Volunteering)

Support: Supporting the Cat Wrangling link, whose roles include link role recruitment, recruitment of volunteers, fnugging (looking after our team during build/strike), info booth and more.

Info Booth: Infrastructure, design, organisation, set up and strike of the info booth at The Point.


Community: Co-Link Encouraging year-round community involvement through theme camps and other events, and overseeing camp registration process, as well as working with DPW on camp placement. Securing venues for all other events and ensuring all aspects of the Post-Nest Picnic are planned and permitted in advance. Also managing the Greeters Department.

DNC (formerly Department of Public Works)

The freshly-named Department of Nepotism and Coercion has a few vacant roles, and is also looking for tool donations, use of spare badass vehicles, and help with build and strike.

For more info, click this box!

Edge of Chaos (Legal & Ops)

For more info about the Edge of Chaos team and how you can potentially get involved, click this box!

Event Square

Procurement: Working with the finance link to facilitate and centralise procurement for the event.