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Ticket drop next week!

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We’re happy to announce that the next drop of 300 tickets will be on 19th April at 7pm (UK time)!

Tell me more…

We’ll be releasing Standard, Starship, Thundership and Sparkleship tickets on Tuesday evening, from our ticket page here. You will also be able to buy Child tickets and Parking passes, and optionally donate to our Art Grants and Leave a Better Trace funds.

These funds allow us to offer more money to people bringing art or projects to Nest, and work on initiatives that will improve Burning Nest’s impact on our beautiful site. If you’re able to donate, please do! Burning Nest is not-for-profit, so every penny we raise get invested back into making our event better every year.

Inclusion tickets

If you have filled in an inclusion form but not yet bought a ticket, don’t panic. You will be contacted soon with a direct link to purchase your inclusion ticket. 

If you bought an inclusion ticket without filling a form in (naughty!), please contact us to provide your details. You must do this by 30th April or your ticket will be refunded.

Rollover tickets 

If you have a ticket from 2020 that you have not refunded, you need to claim it to be able to attend Burning Nest 2022. You will have been sent an email with a unique link and a code – please follow the instructions and claim your ticket by 30th April.

Any rollover tickets (both standard and inclusion) not claimed by 30th April, will be added back to the pot. You will not be refunded, and you will not be able to get in at the Gate with just a 2020 ticket!

Important ticket news for 2022

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Our tickets sold out in record time this year! If you missed out, all is not lost just yet.

  1. Unclaimed rollover tickets: we still have rollover tickets from 2020’s event, waiting to be claimed. If you purchased a ticket in 2020 and you have not followed the instructions in the email sent to you yet, please do so ASAP! The deadline for claiming rollover tickets is 30th April – after that, they will be added back into the ticket pool for resale. If you are unsure of whether you have a ticket, or have not received the email, please get in touch.
  2. Private resale of tickets: if you bought a ticket (either this year or in 2020) and cannot attend, you can transfer it to someone else within Quicket. Simply log in, click My Tickets to view your ticket, then Transfer Tickets. You can fill in the recipient’s details and the tickets will be safely transferred. The deadline for transferring tickets is now 30th May (increased from 30th April previously)If you want to resell a rolled-over ticket, you must claim it first.
  3. Possibility of increased capacity: we are currently in discussion with the local council to expand our capacity over the current limit of 500 people. This would allow us to release another wave of tickets all at once, and increase the funding available for art grants. To make this possible, we need an idea of how many people want to attend, but have not been able to buy a ticket yet – so we have created a way to register your interest. Please fill in the form here, and send this on to anyone you know who would like to attend!

Important inclusion ticket note

We have noticed there are a few Inclusion tickets that have been purchased without filling in an Inclusion form first. You must fill in a form so that we can assess your situation and decide whether we can grant you a ticket – we have a limited amount available each year. If you have purchased a ticket and not filled the form in or spoken to our Inclusion team first, please do so now – otherwise your ticket will be refunded to you and your ticket added back to the pool. The deadline for this is 30th April.

Ticket information for Nest 2022

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Are you excited?

We certainly are! It’s not long until tickets go on sale (12 noon UK time, 30th January, AKA this Sunday), but we have a few updates for you to make note of, before you steam ahead with your fistfuls of hard-earned cash.

What do I need to do before Sunday?

You need to make an account on Quicket, and bookmark the ticketing page on our website, so you can hit the big blue button at 12 noon.

What about Burner Bios?

We have decided to scrap Burner Bios this year, as we feel they are a bit confusing. They were intended to ensure that everyone attending Burning Nest was aware that it is not a normal festival (with a sponsored beer tent, and paid-for acts, and overpriced burgers in styrofoam boxes), and that lots of Radical Self-Reliance is needed!

We will still be asking everyone buying a ticket to read and agree to our 11 Principles, and it would be a very good idea to have a look at our Survival Guide, too. Why not do it in advance, now, like extremely eager beavers?

Rolled-over tickets

There are some important things to note, for Nestlings who kindly rolled their 2020 tickets over to 2022. Each one of you will be receiving an email soon, with a voucher code that will give you 100% off this year’s Nest ticket. Cool, huh? This will enable you to claim your rolled-over tickets easily, and also means that if you’d like to sell or donate your ticket to someone else, all you need to do is send them your code – it will only work once! 

Rolled-over ticket allocation will happen separately to standard ticket sales, so there’s no need to rush on Sunday. There will be an eventual deadline for this process though, so don’t wait until the last minute!

Inclusion, carer, child and parking tickets

If you’d like to apply for an inclusion or carer ticket, please fill in this form as soon as you can, so we can assess your needs. If you would like to bring a carer with you, please enter their details on the form too. Carer tickets are free.

If you are bringing Fledgelings with you, you can buy their tickets through Quicket as well – they can be added during the checkout process.

You can also select a parking permit as you check out – this covers both vehicles in our car park, and live-in vehicles. No pass, no parking!