Whaaattt? Already?!

Darling Nestlings

Oh how we’ve missed you all.  We can’t believe it’s been almost six months since our amazing week in Cornwall! But that can only mean one thing… we are six months closer to when we do it all over again!

Contents for today’s message:

Talk to us

Communications – you want them to start earlier and be more joined up. No problem. They start now. You’re reading it!

You can actually help us with this: if there’s a Nestling – be they past, present or future – who isn’t on the mailing list, get them to sign up so they don’t miss out. Simples! Which brings us nicely to….

You also want all the info in one place – we agree. So a beautiful, easy to navigate, brand spanking new website is on its way. It will be updated regularly and contain all the answers to burning questions you have including things like theme camps and grant funding, as well as Nest policies in areas like safeguarding, generators, drones, and water supply, to name but a few.

Sign me UP!

YES – you want us to make it easier for you to sign up to volunteer. YES – we are so keen to get you all on board ASAP. So, we’re kicking this off NOW. We’re recruiting across all areas of volunteering so if you fancy Rangering, Welfare, Leave No Trace – get ahead and get involved now by emailing the Volunteer Team.

There is also still space on our Core Team for new community members interested to spearhead elements of event logistics, administration, community outreach and the arts. What are you waiting for?!

Site update

We appreciate people weren’t happy about us withholding the location. We hear you. There were a couple of very good reasons for this.

Mainly we knew that Boconnoc wasn’t going to be our Forever Home, so we had be cautious to protect the venue from any impact. We’re also keen to protect you all when you’re there and want to make sure we avoid gatecrashers at a new site.

And there it is, as above, sadly Boconnoc was only ever a stepping stone for our lovely community. Finding that magickal, special place for our Nest to permanently reside, has been a key objective for the Core team over the last two years and we’ve been looking for somewhere permanent – like our sister events Microburn and AfrikaBurn have secured. But these things do take time. We really appreciate your patience and support.

We’re very excited about feathering our new site and there will be a big announcement very soon when we have the final agreement in place. The eyes are being dotted and the tees crossed, even now as you read… or should that be the tees dotted and the eyes crossed…? Can never remember…

Onwards, HO!

So here we are on our way to Burning Nest 2018! There’s going to be more awesome news coming, but the best news so far is that….

… EARLY BIRD MEMBERSHIP FOR 2018 OPENS SOON!! Stay tuned, Nestlings, as Membership sales for you Super Early Birds will launch in a mere few weeks time. More information on prices, low income and family memberships is to follow in the coming weeks. Get your reddies at the ready!

Any questions, thoughts, appreciation, propositions (of any nature…! ARF!), head over to the Facebook Page in the first instance… OR – much excite – you can now email yours truly, the Comptesse du Comms, your straight talking, ever loving in her own squawky, hypnotically tuneful way: Siren.

Lastly, it gives all of us in the Nest Core team such great pleasure to say:


Lots of hot, hot love
Siren ~
Nest Central