Beautiful Nestlings!

Hope you’re all having a splendid week. We’ve got more spills and thrills for you in this week’s Nest News:

Contents for this week:

Community Meeting Details

So excited to be seeing so many of you at our Community Meeting. If you don’t know anything about it, check the Facebook event page and come along and share your thoughts, ideas and desires about YOUR Nest.

We are – as aaalllways – on the look out for people to support the facilitation of the meeting. We would LOVE people to get involved with the following areas. It’s not a community meeting without your community contributions!

Greeters. Exactly as it sounds: meeting folks at the door, and especially making sure first time Burners/Nestlings are welcomed. If you have those magical powers, make yourselves known.

Décor.  for sure it’s a Burn event without decor, but honestly it’s more fun with it. Think throws, cushions, and the decor that makes a space super tasty to be in. Can you help make our Community Meeting look and feel delightful?

Tea & refreshments.  Is there a theme camp willing to host the tea nook? You can offer whatever hot/cold beverages you can bring, and serve them however your theme camp might at Nest…? Could be great practice for Nest Week.

Transport. We’re bringing mattresses so people can opt to sit/sprawl on the floor while we chat. Can you help transport them from NW10 to Waterloo (and back again)?

Tranquillity space hosts. Sometimes, being around people is a bit much. Or maybe you need time to process a feeling, or focus on an idea. We’re looking for a couple of folks to host a space for such noble silence.

Build and Strike Crew. You know the drill. LNT, and all that. Let’s be sterling guests at The Living Space!

If you’re a newbie, this is the perfect way to get to know your fellow Nestlings, so don’t be shy – we would love to see you volunteer.

Art Grant Applications

For all you budding Duchamps, Emins and Hirsts, on 11 December we will be opening the first cycle of our Art Grant applications.

So start thinking about what you would like to make, do and contribute NOW!

Further details will be coming in our next Nest News.

New Site

Haha! You thought we meant our new location didn’t you?! Well, no – we mean our fantabulous new WEBSITE! 

Yes, that’s right our amazing Technical Nesters have been slaving away over a hot computer to bring us a brand new website platform… some things might look the same and some different, but one thing is fo sho, it will give us a much better centralised hub for all the information you will need to navigate your metaphoric journey to Nest, in one cosmic place.

Still the same URL and location, but with a different feel much more aligned to what you have all asked for. Your wish is our command!

Memberships Open This Friday

Dum-dum, derderder-dum-dum, derderder-dum-dum, dum-de-DUM!

Please listen carefully to this announcement. Your multi-pass to enter through the Portals of the Multiverse can be obtained in less than 1 parsec after 12:00 of your Greenwich Mean Earth Time; verily, as our single sun hangs directly over the western equator in the Anno Domini 2017.

You will not be permitted to travel back in time to catch one of those limited wormholes if you do not manage to fledge as a Super Early Bird.

In other words:

Super Early Bird Memberships
On LIMITED availability sale

12:00 (GMT) Friday 24 November

Don’t be late.

You CANNOT sign up for Membership without REGISTERING. So do that first.

See you on the other side for the Community Meeting!

Any questions, please consult the FAQ and if you don’t find the answer to your query there, drop it into this form, where it will make it’s merry way onto the aforementioned as a Frequently Asked Question in itself!

Love love love

~ Siren ~
Nest Central