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Colonel Mustard here!

I’m coordinating a project called “InCluedo” to help groups of Nestlings make their needs known to a broad audience, to avoid having conversations often (or worse, not having needs met). Our priorities include people with access needs resulting from mobility issues, Neurodiversity and medical issues. We also want to feature other groups who could benefit from a platform (eg parents), as well as groups underrepresented at Nest (eg older Burners). Burning Nest is for everyone; help us make you feel welcome and inCluedo-ed!



Colonel Mustard: Hi “Bob,” thanks for joining us. Could you tell us a bit about your access needs?
Bob: Thanks! I’m basically fine, but walking is difficult for me. After about 5 minutes, I want to be sitting down. I enjoy Nest a lot, though!
CM: Sorry to hear, but glad you’re making the most of it. Has Nest been generally accommodating?
Bob: Yes, for example they did a good job of providing transport to the Effigy and Temple Burn areas, since I couldn’t walk that far, and they had disabled toilets (I had a radar key and you could get one from Welfare).
CM: Are there any things Nest or camp leads can do differently?
Bob: One thing camp leads can do is consider having an inclusion lead, in the same way they have LNT leads, just so someone is thinking about how to make the space accessible for everyone. Another, and I know this is a big ask, is for more raised seating around camps. That would really make it easier for people like me.
CM: Cool! Thanks for your suggestions, really appreciate your time!
Bob: Cheers

Note:  Centrally located Accessible Camping is available to anybody who needs it! Ask where it is at Gate when you arrive.



Colonel Mustard: James, thanks for joining us. I’m keen to hear what would help neurodivergent people! Could you give us some of your needs?
James: Explaining things clearly is great! Say you run a breathwork session. I’d love to know before joining whether it’s beginner-friendly or targeted to experienced people.
CM: The What Where When Guide will say if there are any specific requirements for an event, or experience needed. If it doesn’t say, you can safely assume that in the spirit of Radical Inclusion, Immediacy and Participation that you can just turn up as you are! What else would help you?
James: At events, you often get people loitering and chatting. I have trouble focusing if there’s sound nearby from people chatting or from music at nearby camps. Would love it if event spaces are quiet.
CM: Got it. What else can people do?
James: I struggle to understand body language and social cues. Neurotypical people should know not everyone understands situations implicitly. If you clearly explain the rules, maybe by writing them down ahead of time, it will be much easier for me and other people to make sure everyone is comfortable.
Also, in my ideal world sessions would start on time.
CM: I hear you! I agree re: explaining rules clearly, I’ll try to do that in my events. Anything else?
James: I’m also sensory prone to the point where even strong cologne can cause me real discomfort. I know it’s hard, but if we could get quiet in the camping areas, I’d be much happier!
CM: thanks, James! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

Note: Although Freecamping a relatively quiet zone as it is predominantly a camping area, this year we have introduced a ‘Quieter Zone’ in Free Camping for those who want peace and quiet. Ask about it at Gate!



Colonel Mustard: Sarah, thanks for joining us! You’ve taken children to Burns before?
Sarah: yes, we’ve done a lot of Burns, including four with our two year old!
Colonel Mustard: I’m impressed! Is Nest a good place for families?
Sarah: Definitely! Our 8 and 9 year old had a lot of fun. The Nest Olympics was a great family friendly event. So was the pub quiz. And we loved the circus crew.
Colonel Mustard: Any suggestions for Families coming to Nest?
Sarah: Let’s have an area in Free Camping designated family-friendly. It’ll be nice to be together.
Colonel Mustard: Any suggestions for theme camps?
Sarah: More soft drinks! People are doing a lovely thing if they set up a bar with alcohol. If it also has soft drinks or juice, it’s even nicer for us.
CM: Cool, thank you! Anything else?
Sarah: Yes, I’m the Family Lead in the Community circle this year. If you have questions about children at Nest, feel free to reach


Thanks for reading! This post will grow and grow as more Burners share their stories with me. Please get in touch with me, Colonel Mustard, at to be featured (anonymously if you like) in this post!

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