Hurrah for 2018!!

It’s finally here! Hope you’ve seen the start of the New Year off with a bang and now your Dry/Vegan/Dull January is out of the way, we can start to hatch some plans for MAX FUN!

The nights are getting longer and Spring feels like it might be on its way, so that can only mean one thing:

We officially have less than six months til Burning Nest!

New for Nest news this week:

  • Feedback on the Community Meeting
  • Deadlines approaching
  • The Glade
  • Low Income Memberships


The Community Meeting seems so long ago now, but we were delighted with how many people came and contributed and gave feedback. Thank you so much to all those who came in person and those who interacted online.

It was wonderful to see everyone engaging with the new style of Nest and, in particular, our move into an open space instead of the purpose built cabins in Wales.  And rather beautifully, the collective decision was made that to honour where Nest began, so we will still refer to our camps as Cabins, while instead of a playa – for want of sand, really – Nest will sit in a Glade.

Which brings me nicely on to…

Art Grants!

As you should all know from previous announcements, you’ve got just over a week to go to apply for grants over £800. Deadline is 8 February, so get your finishing touches done and ready to send in!

We’ve put some videos and photos in a cloud folder for all those applying, to give you a sense of space and terrain for your events, installations and Theme Cabins. Our person who organises these things, Paul, will be in charge of Cabin planning based on your applications, so the more detail and information you can include on the application the better.

Don’t forget, our theme for 2018 is Portals of the Multiverse…

Not Just Geography

The visit to the Glade in December went very well. Even though it was drizzly and cold, we really started to get a sense of how epic our new Home is. Some pictures have been released and they’re littered through this copy of Nest News so you can get excited too!

More excitement for you with community site visit! It’s open to everyone who would like to come and see the Glade for themselves.

Date for Community Visit to the Glade is 25 February.

Please look out for Nina’s announcements on the Burning Nest Facebook Group where we will be coordinating cars and drivers and attendees.

Last but certainly not least

As you may have seen from the Burning Nest group, we’re delighted to now have Low Income/Low Wealth and other subsidised memberships available for application, so please navigate to the Memberships Page on the Nest website, where you will find all the relevant information on criteria and how to apply.

We are delighted to be able to offer Low Income/Low Wealth memberships. As a community it’s our job to support and include each other, because we believe that everyone deserves to come to Nest, regardless of income. We offer this membership on an honour basis, so please do consider whether you’re able to contribute full price to ensure that those who really need to take advantage of Low Income memberships, can.

As for everyone who fits into our standard membership bracket, there are a very very tiny number of Super Early Bird memberships left and we’re releasing our next tier of memberships in the next couple of weeks, so if you want a cheapy cheap one, you better get in there quick!

Right-o, I’m off to do a little Spring dance! See you all at the Glade Visit or at Burning Pub.

~ Siren ~