Hurrah for 2018!!

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Hurrah for 2018!!

It’s finally here! Hope you’ve seen the start of the New Year off with a bang and now your Dry/Vegan/Dull January is out of the way, we can start to hatch some plans for MAX FUN!

The nights are getting longer and Spring feels like it might be on its way, so that can only mean one thing:

We officially have less than six months til Burning Nest!

New for Nest news this week:

  • Feedback on the Community Meeting
  • Deadlines approaching
  • The Glade
  • Low Income Memberships


The Community Meeting seems so long ago now, but we were delighted with how many people came and contributed and gave feedback. Thank you so much to all those who came in person and those who interacted online.

It was wonderful to see everyone engaging with the new style of Nest and, in particular, our move into an open space instead of the purpose built cabins in Wales.  And rather beautifully, the collective decision was made that to honour where Nest began, so we will still refer to our camps as Cabins, while instead of a playa – for want of sand, really – Nest will sit in a Glade.

Which brings me nicely on to…

Art Grants!

As you should all know from previous announcements, you’ve got just over a week to go to apply for grants over £800. Deadline is 8 February, so get your finishing touches done and ready to send in!

We’ve put some videos and photos in a cloud folder for all those applying, to give you a sense of space and terrain for your events, installations and Theme Cabins. Our person who organises these things, Paul, will be in charge of Cabin planning based on your applications, so the more detail and information you can include on the application the better.

Don’t forget, our theme for 2018 is Portals of the Multiverse…

Not Just Geography

The visit to the Glade in December went very well. Even though it was drizzly and cold, we really started to get a sense of how epic our new Home is. Some pictures have been released and they’re littered through this copy of Nest News so you can get excited too!

More excitement for you with community site visit! It’s open to everyone who would like to come and see the Glade for themselves.

Date for Community Visit to the Glade is 25 February.

Please look out for Nina’s announcements on the Burning Nest Facebook Group where we will be coordinating cars and drivers and attendees.

Last but certainly not least

As you may have seen from the Burning Nest group, we’re delighted to now have Low Income/Low Wealth and other subsidised memberships available for application, so please navigate to the Memberships Page on the Nest website, where you will find all the relevant information on criteria and how to apply.

We are delighted to be able to offer Low Income/Low Wealth memberships. As a community it’s our job to support and include each other, because we believe that everyone deserves to come to Nest, regardless of income. We offer this membership on an honour basis, so please do consider whether you’re able to contribute full price to ensure that those who really need to take advantage of Low Income memberships, can.

As for everyone who fits into our standard membership bracket, there are a very very tiny number of Super Early Bird memberships left and we’re releasing our next tier of memberships in the next couple of weeks, so if you want a cheapy cheap one, you better get in there quick!

Right-o, I’m off to do a little Spring dance! See you all at the Glade Visit or at Burning Pub.

~ Siren ~









Holiday Love

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Cosy Nestlings!  

The nights have almost drawn all the way in and the Yuletide holidays are right around the corner… Our first Community Meeting for Nest 2018 is but hours away

We’re going to be taking a break from our regular communications over the festive period so for our last proper Nest News of 2017 we’re going to leave a flavour of the season and reconnect us all with what it means to ‘Nest’.


Our community is incredibly special. It’s built on the foundations of values and a set of principles we share with Burners from all corners of the world. We love how connected everyone is becoming through the facebook group – please visit to ask questions and keep in touch. It’s growing at a delightful rate, so to maintain your online safety and happiness we’ve created a set of guidelines to help you support each other in your interactions.

The other thing we’ve done is start putting all the Nest News pieces on our website, so you can refer to previous information and have everything in one place, whenever you need, immediately. Helpful, right…?

So, I’m a bit tardy with this weeks message; apologies for that. Life can get in the way and, as you know, Nest is run and created by volunteers. Which brings me nicely onto…



There’s lots of excitement about Nest itself already and in the New Year, we’ll be ramping up the encouragement for you all to collaborate, join in, participate and give of yourself to make this amazing event happen all over again. You’ve got a few weeks over the holidays in between mince pies to think about what that might look like.


A lot of you have been asking about Gifting and transferring of memberships. We are pleased to announce a formal process for this is being hatched so you can manage direct transfers and gift membership.

All information will be with you as soon as it’s up and running. Please bear with us.

Our end of year traditions are synonymous with Gifting, something that we Burners inhabit naturally. So when you’re at Nest, what will you bring? Rather than MOOPy stuff, why not use this wintery break to warm your cockles with ideas of what your gift to Nest and everyone there will be. Art? Music? A camp? Workshops? Vegan bacon…? All of the above?!

Radical Self-Expression

And for you new to Burning Nest, or burning altogether, we’re radically inclusive so you will not be left out in the cold. Maybe you have some Self-Expression you want to create and contribute? Perhaps you are a Sculptor and you want to exhibit your work in a breathtaking setting? Are you the lead singer of an awesome new band and you need a free stage and a very appreciative, supportive audience? A daring choreographer, with a troupe of dancers and a penchant for fire? All are welcome and it doesn’t matter if you’ve not been before. We can’t wait to see what you’ll bring.

The incredible amount of funding raised through membership so far means we’re able to open applications for Art Grants of over £800 on 11 December. Deadline for application is 8 February. We will provide full guidance on the Art page of our website in preparation for the application start date. Get thinking now.

Radical Inclusion

Every single one of you is crucial to creating Nest; we simply cannot do it without each and every person. It is through inclusion that we will make Nest warmer and better and brighter than before.

We’re keen to share our community with a good amount of Newbie Nestlings for 2018. In particular we welcome families and we are always excited to have those who bring experiential brilliance, radical thinking and amazing hugs. So current Nestlings, do you have friends outside of our community who would love Nest as much as we do? Let’s welcome them! There are still a few Super Early Bird memberships left – the perfect way to entice new folks!

Communal Effort 

Our membership subscriptions have shown us that a lot of you are very keen for next year’s Nest. We’re so thrilled so many of you are coming to the Community Meeting in London TOMORROW and we’re even more thrilled that for the first time we have regional Community Meetings being scheduled and new Burning Pubs springing up around the country – Nest and our sister Burner events are truly becoming Home for everyone across the UK.

All of us at Nest Core are buzzing from the whole community’s early enthusiasm. We’ve got some incredible new Core Team and Event Support Team members and the organisation doesn’t rest just with us. It’s a tremendous privilege to be part of creating Nest and January will mark six months til we’re all in our Home again together. Our early Participation drive is very important – we haven’t actually got long left!

It’s time to start building our Nest once again. And that starts with all of you. <3

See you either in person or via live stream at the Community Meeting tomorrow!

Toasty love

~ Siren ~